A Fairy Tale About Love by Alan Svejk

Today is the last day of the year. And it means, that also this article could be different, festive, not only professional… why not a fairy tale about Love?

A Fairy Tale About Love by Alan SvejkWe all deserve a better future, with fulfilled lives, happiness, balance between professional and personal life, meaningful personal journey… everything of that is possible. Did it come to you, already, or are you still patiently waiting?

A friend of mine was quite a courageous adventurer and explorer. He visited many rarely known places, spoke to many well-informed people, and that deep approach allowed him to become what he is: a Specialist. Whoever wonders today, where did he get his wide and unusual knowledge… the answer is simple, from many dark places, where many people wouldn´t dare.

He went there, personally, sometimes covertly. The wise books were not enough for him. He was so hungry to get an ultimate knowledge! To be better, than everybody else in the world… including Americans, and that allegedly supreme McKinsey assets!

But there is an ultimate price for an ultimate value. He didn´t know that time, how much he will have to pay for it.

He confesses, that he deliberately exchanged Love for knowledge. He admits, that he was really hungry, even selfish, and calculated too much. Instead of making a woman happy and getting something back, he roamed through the world tirelessly, lonely, thinking, that only if he will be the best in the whole world, only then, one day, a Queen will emerge from the fog, as a miracle, and she will show him the light in this darkness and wrong directions!

But he was so wrong. He became better and better in the professional field, yes, but she never came, or he missed her in his pride. It only persuaded him, that he is allegedly still not good enough to court her! A Queen is something, after all! She allows only the best of the best to her vicinity!

He didn´t know, who is she, how does she look, how to recognize her, where to find her… but he realized, that something must be done, to assure, that this future connection to be successful!

So, he had this foolish idea: he will make a tactical diversion, to conquer that still unknown Queen from the another side, and he decided to create an ultimate artistic creation. Something so amazing, that even she will open her arms to him, because it will persuade her, that HE is really SOMEBODY! An ultimate man for her and her noble aristocratic status!

How could she resist him then, he thought. It was so tempting and it seemed so easy and natural! But routes to the dark places always start in the middle of a lively town, full of happy people… and the beginning is always so easy! You start to create, the work goes flawlessly, everything is perfect… you are so optimistic, how easy is to conquer a Queen, if you are an Elite!

But then, one day, he stood in front of his half-done work. He looked at it, and he felt, that he is not the Creator anymore. That he no longer controls his work of art – but on the contrary, it starts to control him, his life, his emotions, his decisions!

But he couldn´t stop! Too late! He was still full of confidence, that he can do it! Who else could accept and accomplish this immense challenge?

Also, some bad feelings started. What if he loses his life work somehow? What if somebody steals it? What if his flat will catch fire, by accident? What if…?

He was completely overrun by overanalyzing! He loved his creation, his dreams, and himself. He couldn´t resist to hold it too tightly, even if the world advised to him, that he has to take the life lightly, or it will substantially hurt him! He succumbed to dangerous perfectionism.

He tried, really! To let go! To forget! To change his thoughts! To be positive! To be free of that bad feelings and doubts! But in the end… any day he spent relaxed and stole it for himself, sooner or later, a disturbing thought came: Who will finish this? When? How? And it must be done, everything is in stake!

How could he find a time or a space in his heart for Love in such dark times?

It was hundred times longer and harder journey, than he expected! He had to overcome many high and hard obstaces. He never imagined, how many difficult decisions he will have to do!

But in the end, one day, almost five years later, using the last remnants of his former strength… he made it! The work was finally done!

And believe it or not, she really came to him, eventually!

But he had to give her everything! Everything he had, everything he was so afraid to lose in the past… and with uncertainty of repayment!

But that is the way Love works!

So learn from the mistakes of my friend! Don´t forget to balance your career, dreams and ego, with love, partying with friends and enjoying the life! And lower your expectations! Instead of one big memorable project, create rather hundred of small ones!

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