A Lebanese wedding with special guests on horses. Outside modern Beirut, your dreams can become true

Maybe every bride dreams about a glamorous wedding in the modern Beirut city center, to show her happiest moment to the world, when she accepts a desired man as her companion forever. But a wedding on an empty field in the vast beautiful Lebanese land, with mountains on the horizon, it can bring unexpected surprises: and even here, far from fast flow of modern world and shiny Beirut, your dreams about happy life and future can become true.

A Lebanese bride could guarantee a sustainable future for any man. She knows, where to go, what to do, and how to take care of her family, because she had most certainly good example at home. And also, she knows, how to show you and prove you her eternal love… just for you. And then: your groom’s dream will be fulfilled too. Just make her happy forever, she deserves it.

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