A Tale From North Korea by Alan Svejk

After largest possible publicity, the (in)famous movie “The Interview” is out, and after watching it, it is the good time to summarize events, and to attempt to find a truth in this unbelievably complicated international affair.

The movie raises really mixed emotions in any viewer. Some quite funny scenes are combined with shocking images and events, when you can only stare in complete misunderstanding. The authors went really far, not only with the plot of the movie, but many jokes and references are, let´s say, indecent, strange and far behind a line. But it was the original purpose, without any doubt, to bring some shocking value for immense publicity.

It seems, that in the end, the real winner of this strange affair is North Korea (DPRK). Because it raised worldwide interest about this unknown and strange country, and the world will be inspired to think, how to normalize relationships with DPRK, so the world peace can be preserved. And that puts DPRK into quite anadvantageous position for negotiations.

This affair will also help DPRK to raise in the rank of world importance. Their well-known persistence and isolation aroused an idea for a parody by “The Interview” filmmakers, but in reality, it makes DPRK stronger. People will laugh at first, but when people laugh to somebody, they show that they accept it as a fact, as a part of their reality. This limits any hostility from the Western world.

There is even a theory, that this movie had one more purpose, to normalize relations between United States and North Korea. Although the movie is controversial, it brings many scenes of surprising ability to find a common speech and understanding between these two nations and citizens. And to improve international relations is always a good thing.

One thing is sure – DPRK is now practically stronger, and will play more substantial part in world events. They will be more motivated to communicate with the world, and maybe this was the plan – to break their isolation by provoking with this movie, and bring them to (peace) talks.

Regarding that infamous “Sony Hack”, there are many theories. I personally don´t believe that DPRK would participate in this, and the reason is simple: their large military force is specialized in Unconventional Warfare, and their analysts definitely heard of so called “Streisand Effect”. It means, that more you try to suppress something in the public space and present media world, the more interest of public it generates.

The right right response to a movie like this would be always conducted only by Public Relations (PR) means, and nothing else. it seems, that the U.S. security apparatus just wanted to redirect the blame, that their Cyber Protection measures failed. And it was really easy and even expected, to blame DPRK, who could have a motive. But that is how “Black Flag Operations” work – you make a carefully manufactured action, which points at a possible (and desired) culprit, and the accusation by a third side is easy then.

These “easy” accusations are always very dangerous, and the U.S. (FBI) made a questionable move, to openly blame DPRK for this hacking affair. This is simply not good for international relations. It´s an international insult. It doesn´t help to anything, it only worsens the tensions between states (… that is why I suggested in a previous article, that the UN Female Cyber Security Task Force should avoid any accusations of cyber attacks, to avoid possible negative consequences).

It looks as an inside job by a dismissed employee. Others think, that Sony made this as a largest publicity stunt in human history. Well, where is the truth? It is always memorable, to do something big, and they could totally rule the media for weeks. So in the dimensions of publicity, they earned something.

The basic rule of crisis communication is this: if something like that Sony Hack happens, it is the best approach, to look for something positive, beneficial and good, an opportunity, how to use that apparently bad situation to your advantage.

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