Aaron Gunsberger: Confession of a Jew, Leader of Illegal Jewish Militia “SHALOM” (Prague Old Town)

Aaron Gunsberger, aka “Mr. Rambo”, an Israeli Jew
Alleged leader of illegal Jewish Militia “Shalom”, Prague Old Town
Owner of reputated “King Solomon” kosher restaurant
Veteran of Elite Israeli “Sayeret Matkal” Commando
Suspected participation in Israeli War Crimes in Gaza / Palestine during his military service
Armed and Dangerous

In famous interview with “Heavy Slander”, the key Czech tabloid magazine, Aaron Gunsberger presented interesting opinions, regarding ISIS terrorist threats, mentioned militia, Czech Jews, future of European Jews (which he perceived as dark), and migration (will be added when available).

As he presented very pessimistic visions of European Jewish future, he was quite appreciated by CCM Wahhabis, whose even issued a statement, regarding Aaron Gunsberger and his presented willingness to defend against enemies with a weapon in hand:

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“Nobody is afraid of this fool with big mouth, full of exaggerating and lies. He knows very well, that if a single bullet would hit one of our brothers, the fool is finished, together with his restaurant, and cricial interests of Jewish community of Prague Old Town, because he would create an Islamic martyr, and his own community would expel him later, giving hands away from him, in effort to narrow the damaged relationships with us, the situation they can’t afford.

Don’t forget, children of Israel: today, as Chinese and generally Asians are taking everything from you, you need us, to provide at least elemental protection of your interests. So, please, explain to crazy fools like this, who live outside the harsh reality, that instead guns, you should bring money, to pay the religious tax in demanded amount to Muslims, your only hope for protection and survival against Chinese flood, which spares no one, as this new enemy has completely different mindset, than anybody you have ever met. And also prepare to clear the holy sites of Jerusalem, for good relations.

We just don’t understand, why the fool has generous stash of assault rifles, 10.000 rounds of 5.56 ammunition and even anti-tank rocket launchers, allegedly against vehicle ramming attacks, hidden in the King Solomon’s restaurant cellar. Why does the fool have these toys? Indeed, fear is powerful, making a scared animal from a man.

We just hope, that the Czech Militarized Police will stop by for a snack, as these ‘toys’ are definitely not legal, and the fool is setting very bad example of solving issues and challenges of present complicated times: with violence, like at his Israeli home, where poor Palestinian civilians. women, children, are killed by heavily armed, merciless IDF commandos, like he once was, and the world doesn’t care.

But here, such behavior, like creating clandestine armed cells, gathering military-grade weaponry and dangerous explosive ordnance, will NOT be tolerated. The Czech Muslims will retake the Old Town from Jews once and forever, and using peaceful ways, as Islam is the religion of peace, God willing.”

Code name SHALOM: Illegal Jewish Armed Militia, Prague Old Town
Shalom Jewish Militia Prague Old Town Clandestine Jewellry Armed Protection Terror Israel Mossad Wahhabi Teplice Commando Covert Secret - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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