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VIP/Celebrity/Fashion Model Branding ★ Copywriting

“Discover Your True Self.”

Many courageous and talented young women want to become the social elite, celebrities. But this celebrity, fashion and media elite is like a fortress. That top people, closed group, will not allow any stranger inside their social networks too easily. They know and recognize each other. So to get “inside”, to become publicly recognized, to increase your Social Influence, needs a special measures and methods.

The basic need is a unique, striking personal brand. To build it, to step out of the crowd and get noticed, it needs a skill, proficiency and magic. Physical appearance means a lot, but there is more prerequisities: to have unique personal presentation, expression and promotion, the media material, forming the attractive background, making impression on the important people, fashion executives, modeling agency owners, scouts, media assets and business partners.

Remember: Increasing Social Influence means more life chances.
 A VIP can achieve more business success and find more fulfillment.
 It’s never too late to become the person you always wanted to be.

► Deep Marketing and Public Relations background allows to make a VIP from anybody, with creativity, ideas, emphasizing unique features, qualities of a person. The goal is persuade the society – some key individuals – that a subject is one of them. All people are evaluating others, VIPs and celebrities are no exception. Give them the right impression.

VIP Marketing ★ Public Relations ★ Public Affairs ★ CSR

★ Do you want to persuade and influence the public and the world, so they will prefer you and like you, your corporation, support your interests, including structures of power? Do you want to be seen, heard, respected and followed? ★

Then do it this way. Using wide media and advanced PSY means in effective coordination, you can show the world your good side, your uniqueness, your benefits to the public interest. This is what the people want to hear about you. Persuade them by not persuading. Give them something they will accept and like. Make allies from opponents. Build your corporate brand. Widen your business success, by acquiring wide public and even state support for your activities.

• Delivering positive message to public, getting attention, consent, support for a client
• PSY techniques: stimulating positive emotions, other view of issue, softening negative stance
• Counselling in Public Affairs, intelligence analysis, assessment of risks, public impacts
• Innovations to consistent utilization of Social Media in modern media communications
• Promoting of construction projects, corporations (CSR), political parties, military affairs, individuals (celebrity status, public recognition), social affairs (voluntary work)

► Municipal Election 2014: provided extensive support for several local subjects and one VIP individual candidate. Also, marketing projects in FCMG, Beauty, Fragrance, Jewellery, Fashion and Luxury Goods.

Journalist ★ Lifestyle ★ Relationships

• Sharing advanced information about basic life issues, how to be successful
• Suggestions of psychological techniques for satisfying relationships with others
• Developing original communication methods for influencing the target audience
• Researching social impacts of technology, deep understanding of new Social Media
• Artistic works, copywriting, advanced storytelling, using basic presentation methods

Psychological Warfare Theory for Military ★ INFOOPS ★ SPECOPS

“People will like the Military more.”

Rapid changes in modern warfare, switching to hybrid and covert means, including Psychological Warfare and Information Warfare, caught NATO PSYOPS military units unprepared.

Helping to get the lost ground back in EU, I wrote my life artistic creation, the novel “Svejk 2: The Army Elite”, an unique textbook of modern Psychological and Information Warfare for educating the Army and NATO structures in entertaining form, explaining new rules of media communication and importance of creative, artistic media content, raising emotions in target audience, including the importance of Women Inclusion, and the advantages of Female Military Assets. PSYOPS methods had to be revised, with new ideas to improve the effectivity of INFOOPS and SPECOPS media operations.

(I hope that this modest contribution to better NATO Unconventional Warfare knowledge will help me to get the highest Czech military medal for my Grandpa, a gallant soldier, who influenced the Czech history with his military valor and helped to establish our sovereign country in 1918.)

► Advantages of deployment of female operators in Military (PSYOPS, CIMIC, COIN), Law Enforcement (Anti-Terrorism) and Intelligence (HUMINT, Infiltration) operations.

Personal Fitness Trainer ★ Nutrition Specialist

• Leading clients to achieving their personal physical goals, understanding their dreams and needs
• Providing detailed instructions how to exercise and eat to gain strength, shape or to lose body fat
• Creating specific, precise exercise and nutrition plans, made directly for a particular client
• Careful approach to training to prevent injuries, checking of client´s basic physical abilities
• Team leader of 4 trainers, instructing for the compliance with company values (2000-2001)

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