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From “El Cid” movie (1961)
Yusuf ibn Tashfin (1061-1106)
Almoravid Dynasty, Morocco
(depicted by Herbert Lom)

“The Prophet has commanded us to rule the world.

Where in all your land of Spain (=Al-Andalus) is the glory of Allah?
When men speak of you, they speak of poets…
… music makers, doctors, scientists.

Where are your warriors?

You dare call yourselves sons of the Prophet?
You have become women!

Burn your books!
Make warriors of your poets!

Let your doctors invent new poisons for our arrows…
Let your scientists invent new war machines
And then, kill!

Infidels live on your frontiers.
Encourage them to kill each other.
And when they are weak and torn…
I will sweep up from Africa…
and thus the empire of the one God, the true God Allah…
– Allah is the one God – will spread.

First, across Spain.
Then, across Europe.
Then, the whole world!”

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