Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain): Preventing The Fall 1492

What could and should had been done, in order to prevent final Fall of Granada in 1492, in strategic and tactical sense?
What mistakes happened in effort to stop the invaders?
Why didn’t the reinforcements and relieving armies from other Islamic countries arrive?
Why was the last Emirate at Iberian peninsula left to collapse by worldwide Ummah?
Why all of the Spanish Muslims thought, that it’s only temporary situation, even acepting Christian faith oficially, to become crypto-Muslims?
Was the Oran Fatwa (easing the Islamic beliefs and rules, eroding the faith) good, or bad? Could its author be Christians, to subverse the Muslim community, and assure them, that all the concessions are only temporary, even luring Muslims to leave their faith, to become corrupted?
Was the two rebellions of the Moriscos (1499-1501, 1568-1571) provoked by Christians? Why didn’t the uprising hit all of the former Al-Andalus, and only fragment of Muslims started fighting, including Granada? And were those uprisings good move, or strategic mistake, giving Christian oppressors reasons to eliminate Islam from those lands completely?
Could this complete erasing of Islam be prevented, together with final expulsion of Moriscos?
Shouldn’t Muslims leave, right after the fall, becoming a part of the latter most terrible humiliation of Islam?
What important lessons should contemporary Muslims take from this sad event, so they won’t repeat the same mistakes, likes ancient Islamic predecessors?

Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain): Past and Future of Spanish Islam
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