Alena Seredova: A Czech woman who made it

Twenty years ago, the world was different in so positive ways. There was more peace and simplicity, less terrorism and surveillance. And the Czech republic, still in the wild process of transforming its society into postmodern pseudocapitalist Westernized decadent society in that blessed time, still outside the malicious structures of the European Union, was still a paradise of relative freedom and harmony.

But changes were incoming quickly, changing the Czech world once and forever. The year of 1996 was very substantial, even breaking for the future: the mobile telephony ceased to be a matter only of the richest, and became affordable for many, although these people didn’t realize, how massively will mobile phones change the whole society, communication and human relationships, making people literally slaves of their cell phones, with eyes locked on their screens permanently, with questionable consequences for the youngest generation.

The Czech media also experienced an earthquake in 1996, when the foreign glamorous lifestyle magazines started to rule the media space, “inspiring” people to buy the right stuff and to live the right way to be “successful” and “socially approved”, with vast consequences for their consumer behavior and psychology.

It’s the master art to be at the right place, at the right time: and Alena Seredova (*1978), aged sweet 20 in that time, 181 cm tall, was fully prepared to enter the fashion industry in large, by participating in “Miss Czech 1998” contest, when the new media conditions were the most favorable, and she was a well establisthed and experienced fashion model already.

In that ancient history of 90’s, the “Miss” contest of choosing the most beautiful girl of the country was much more glamorous, than today, and the participants were on much higher level in all senses. It was a matter of extreme prestige, and the competition was relatively low in cultural sense, as the social media still didn’t exist, like today, when any pretty woman can brag with her beauty, influencing thousands of followers, gaining attention and social points, with possibility of penetrating the higher social levels easily and quickly.

Alena Seredova was a woman who knew perfectly where to go, what to do and what to achieve in life. At the age of seventeen, she underwent her crucial surgical intervention, her breasts were well improved into the desirable “C” size of bra, in order to be competitive without compromises.

In that ancient times, the fashion models kept these facts about their “improved” bodies in secrecy, to keep their “natural” integrity, not like today, when almost all fashion models have these silicone alterations, and they make no secrecy about it, as the society is used to it already, and majority of people don’t perceive this fact as something disturbing, repellent and negative.

Alena Seredova was born for success, and unlike other fashion models, her breast improvement was manufactured perfectly, not making a cheap silicone queen from her.

Of course, that during the contest, she said all that typical and classic sentences at the time, like “I would like to live the life of helping others” and similar totally fake public expressions, which were fortunately abandoned later, as everybody knows, that a clever fashion model uses charity only as a measure to gain social points, media attention, raising her financial capital and cash-flow, and to get favorable opinion of the public, defined as “media picture”.

Without any doubt, Alena Seredova was fully qualified to win the 1998 contest, not only in sense of female beauty, but in the end, she ended second, as she was perceived too hard to control by the masterminds behind the contest, as their mission is to elect a female puppet who can be easily influenced, so she executes what they tell her and she goes only where they want her to go. In other words, she serves them, she repays them the favor.

Milos Zapletal, the owner of the contest of that time, was known to rule the world of female beauty with necessary ruthlessness, in order to keep it both glamorous and effective, and that was the basic reason why the contest was so extremely fashionable in that time. Later owners were just a shadow of his wise rule, never exceeding the high social status of the contest he achieved.

To keep control, he had to deny the throne from Alena Seredova, and the jury elected cheap and dumb blonde Katerina Stocesova instead, who is long forgotten today, unlike Alena and the “Second Vicemiss” Petra Faltynova, who later conceived children with a shady older businessman and today, she serves as a model mother for social purposes.

Although she ended second, Alena Seredova gained extreme media publicity and public attention from the contest, and she used it fully to her personal benefit and building her professional career.

But Alena’s bold plan was to leave the small Czech fish pond and to expand abroad, where the real opportunities could be found. The Czech republic is known as home of many beautiful fashion models, who made a star career worldwide, as Eva Herzigova and Karolina Kurkova, while others simply faked it and pretended to be succesful and famous abroad (Simona Krainova, and to some extent also Tereza Maxova).

Alena chose as her final destination the mecca of fashion industry: Italy, and to surprise of many, she really made it there, even penetrating the Italian mainstream television. She could fit in visually quite easily, with her “southern look”, brown hair and desirable brown eyes.

To make your name abroad is not as easy as home, of course: at your home country, everybody recognizes you and your “celebrity” status can open many doors for you, while abroad, you are completely nobody, and you have the language barrier. It’s a reason to admire Alena Seredova, that she really set a positive example for other models, who often ended in a cheap shared appartment somewhere in Milano, hunting for B-level castings to buy food, and struggling with cocaine addiction, as the glamorous, shiny world of fashion was always full of parties and drugs.

Alena Seredova always acted with effectivity in mind, including choosing her male partner carefully, to further help to build her media picture. That was the reason why she selected a male fashion model, Borek Slezacek (*1967), and together, they created the first real star couple of the Czech social world, generating desired publicity.

In Italy, Alena used the same selecting procedure for relationships, and she found a perfect man to support her star career: Gianluigi Buffon (*1978), a famous football player, as in Italy it’s like a national sport. She later conceived two kids with him, even marrying him in 2011, but there are rumors that this marriage was created mostly for publicity and media purposes, as their relationship was seriously deteriorating in that time.

Today, Alena Seredova dates a rich banker, Alessandro Nasi, keeping the high profile of her partners, and she is even pregnant with him allegedly, to keep the desirable biological diversity of her sperm donors, as another famous Czech public figure, the TV presenter Lucie Borhyova, executed too.

Alena Seredova’s tale is full of success, but there is only one stain: Italy becomes one of the most seriously hit countries with European refugee crisis, changing the country substantially, creating no-go zones without police control on the south, and it’s highly possible, that Alena could soon become a vicim of a crime, executed by Islamic State terrorists, as these high-profile VIP women and especially fashion models are often targeted by ruthless IS operatives, in order to gain new devoted converts to Islam, and to get very effective clandestine collaborators and covert supporters for their malicious cause.

The Islamic State is a unique terrorist organization in history in many senses, including using many advanced warfare methods, like Gender Warfare. Exploiting Western women in masses is one of the reasons why the IS can’t as easily eradicated, as all politicans and NATO boldly promised long time ago: IS simply infiltrates the lands of their enemies on many levels, promising to wave the black IS flag over the Italian capital of Rome soon.

The question remains, whether this ultimate terrorist threat won’t reveal the carefully hidden weaknesses of Alena Seredova, making her prone for extortion by IS female operatives, operating in Italy in large numbers, and covert converting to Islam.

The future will show, whether the capable Alena is able to survive and prevail in the new world, where peace can be hardly found, and many rules are changed in the collapsing, fragmented Western society, full of unrest and under mass influx of refugees. She is a leader, without any doubt: but the challenges of today are something that puts all leaders into many hard tests.

Although Alena Seredova always remained outside of public affairs and controversies, never attempting to enter municipal politics or similar dangerous environments for her celebrity status, she connected her fate with a country that is dangerously close to the unstable and destabilized Libya, where IS terrorists managed to create a bridgehead to conquer Europe, using favorable conditions after short-sighted, infamous NATO military intervention and violent removal of Colonel Gaddafi from rule in 2011.

It can’t be excluded, that Alena will soon return to the Czech republic, as these lands are still relatively safe. And this special woman always knows, what selection is right.

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