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The present world is a place of constant struggle between opinions, ideologies and religions. Every believer tries to promote his or her ideas and beliefs as widely as possible, to spread their power and influence. And the religion of Islam is no exception: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and other Persian Gulf states are most devoted for spreading the fame of Allah everywhere, so the Islamic world and Ummah can grow and rise, in order to make the world better, healthy and sustainable.

Saudi Arabia is known to use advanced Public Relations methods to achieve this sacred goal, and their latest effort of The Superior Woman appeals to many stressed Western women, like Monika Maresova and Katerina Valachova, who wander through the world and life without goal, full of doubts, fear and insecurity, but Allah brings them salvation, fulfillment, truth, protection, purpose, acceptance and destiny, if they accept His lead, ending their wasted part of life of sadness and sentiment of lost loves.

Examples always inspire the most, and Alexandra Pianka, called The Princess of Dubai, a fashion model with extremely high reputation in Persian Gulf, admired both for her beauty and deep respect to the Islamic Affairs, is one of the heavyweight assets, inspiring women to discover the Beauty of Hijab.

Alexandra Pianka Fashion Model in Hijab 3 - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsFor any woman, beauty is extremely important, and Alexandra Pianka fully confirms, that Hijab is not an obstacle of female beauty, but on the contrary, it emphasizes overall qualities of a woman, who is wise enough to hide the gifts, granted by Allah to her, in order to keep herself balanced and protected, not provoking the male aggressive energy around her, and thus causing unrest and undesirable excitement in the society, which can result in conflicts and violence.

By wearing a Hijab, a woman becomes a real social leader, who knows her place and purpose, who follows her destiny without doubts and distributes her gifts and blessings moderately, unlike Western women, oversexualized and aggressively promoting themselves by unveiling to the mere skin, to sell themselves and gain advantages of the decadent, corrupted Western society, which pushes them hard to be cheap and available, to satisfy lowest needs of distracted men.

But in Hijab, there is order, there is a clear message that such woman can’t be messed with and humiliated, as she is fully protected by Allah and other muslims, her brothers and sisters of Ummah.

Alexandra Pianka Fashion Model in Hijab 4 - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsBeautiful Alexandra Pianka wears Hijab with pride and she is an shining example for Western women, to accept Hijab as a natural and suitable part of their wardrobe, in order to respect themselves and to be respected by the society appropriately, and thus to make their life and vicinity better.

Hijab becomes a symbol of female balance and health, something more than a mere fashion accessory. Hijab belongs to a woman, as Allah demands her to be moderate, and following this wise lead, a woman has finally a firm ground under her feet, liberated from self-hatred and fear of men.

By keeping distance from her sexual energy appropriately and wisely, a woman acquires freedom and independence she desired for, and she can become a woman she always wanted to be.

Islam forbids worshipping of idols and false prophets, like so called celebrities: but a sister who serves Allah well always gets a proper appreciation and respect by the wide society and Ummah.

The people of the West, who reject and despise Hijab and Islam today, they don’t understand that Hijab brings desirable peace into exhausting Gender Warfare that destroys and disintegrates the Western society, and inspires women to adapt feminist ideas in order to get power and influence, when they feel oppressed by men, and they become hungry and obsessed with their own egos and career achievements.

Alexandra Pianka Fashion Model in Hijab 5 - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsAlexandra Pianka becomes an inspiration for the Western men as well, who will soon understand, which qualities they should search inside their potential female counterparts, what female features they should appraise and reject, in order to find a love they always wanted to feel.

But a Western woman as we know her today is not a fulfilled dream of anybody: she is not a guarantee of raising a healthy family and sustainable future of any relationship. She is too weak and insecure, too unstable and under heavy negative influence of corrupted Western tabloid media, which only spread more and more conflicts and warfare between genders, to force women to live a life of “freedom” without any boundaries, where she can do “anything she likes, sleep with anybody she likes”.

But this version of freedom only promotes aggressivity, consumerism, materialism, obsession and egoism in any woman, followed by doubts and overanalyzing, literally killing her ability of positive emotions and keeping her original female role in the society. And this is exactly what all that overeducated evil masters of postmodern Western social engineering projects wanted: to keep people insecure, atomized and prone to various questionable influences, thus making puppets from them, not free beings.

Only a woman in hijab clearly declares her promise to follow the lead of morality, avoiding such negative influences and being a slave of many dubious, decadent, even evil entities of the Western society.

If she wears Hijab, she follows Allah as the supreme and only leader, and there is nothing and nobody who can lead her away from light into darkness, who could enslave her and humiliate her.

Only wearing a hijab, a woman is complete.

Alexandra Pianka Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Asian Warfare Fashion Supermodel Dubai UAE Emirates Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsIn January 2013, Alexandra Pianka was allegedly recruited by Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation of the Czech Army, as one of their operatives, designated as Asset A105, codename PRINCESS OF DUBAI, for their Asian Warfare department, to be sent into Shanghai, China, to infiltrate Chinese luxury fashion industry, and highest ranks of Chinese Communist party in an clandestine operation, although she was suspected from conversion to Islam, and former membership in the Munich Illuminati lodge.

Read fascinating tale of a Czech fashion model and Alexandra’s competitor, Marketa Korinkova Maryam, who converted to Islam, and introduced her to the only complete and perfected religion: The Maryam Affair. Circumstances of Alexandra’s conversion to Islam are mentioned there.

Women of Islam: Message of Peace, Freedom, Destiny

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