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Indeed, Dubai, the corrupted megapolis of wealth and luxury, where Islam is deliberately suppressed, to attract more elite infidels, so the whole Emirates can flourish, is the most competitive market in all branches, including fashion modeling, and many young shining women are coming there, thinking with great girlish naivety, that glamorous Dubai is a dumb tamed cow, which will provide them sweet milk of success and fame…

Because female beauty is a hard currency, valid everywhere in the world, securing access to the highest level of the society, including access to most VIP men, rich and powerful, which can provide you all the resources you need, as a woman, they can give you future of convenience, material security, luxury, eternal pleasure and happiness, if you are capable and clever enough, using your ingenious and resourceful female weapons properly, together with your striking physical features, like Dimples of Venus, Bikini Bridge or Pussy Gap.

But only few of them really succeed there, whereas the rest, failing through time, understanding the hard way, that Dubai is a treacherous bitch, who likes to take, they accept even menial jobs, including VIP hostessing (=understand, “better” version of prostitution, at least it sounds better), even merely cleaning of villas, mansions and residential suites of rich arrogant Emiratis, simply anything, just to be allowed to stay there, under the eternal sun, believing, that things will get better through time…

However, the whole MENA region has only two real supermodels to date: Marketa Korinkova, later known as Maryam, who became an unprecedented Islamic celebrity of Dubai, using her immense physical and spiritual beauty for da’wah, Islamic missionary activity, working for Islam, spreading fame, glory and salvation of Allah, backed generously by Amwaj Jewellery, an Islamic fashion accessory brand, as their main media face, with permission of Allah…

And Amwaj Jewellery belongs to powerful Al Dhaheri family with over thousand years of proven aristocratic history, they are even possible successors for the Dubai throne, if current ruler from Al Maktoum family would abdicate, voluntarily or forcibly, so it was the most wise and strategic step of Maryam, to keep close ties both to the Emir, and his enemies… and Fatima Al Dhaheri, the official owner of the brand, became very useful local female asset for Maryam.

Such are the rules of the game… and the second supermodel, nicknamed Princess of Dubai, an German Illuminati member, called Alexandra Pianka, whose previously stable reign was strongly jeopardized by incoming Maryam, whose star started to shine brightly, with help and blessing of Allah, and both young beautiful women became archenemies, as there can be only one Queen Of The Emirates

It was Alexandra Pianka, who reacted to this new competition with immense anger, resentment and denial, even asking Czech tabloid media, to release filth of slanders and lies against Maryam, to see her damaged, humiliated, even destroyed, forced to leave the UAE… but Alex strongly underestimated Allah, who really rules in the Emirates, who is the best of all planners, the best of judges, the best of deceivers, and indeed, He was watching her, as He knows, sees and hears everything.

His Compassion and Mercy are limitless, He is the best helper: and Alexandra Pianka needed help indeed, as she was a follower of Christianity, a deviated religion, she was commiting the most serious sin in Islam, association of other alleged deities to Allah, who is the only God… but Islam liberates you from all wandering in life, bringing you the light of truth, the words of God Himself, through the Holy Qur’an.

Although the corrupted, weak and feeble local Muslims of the Emirates, both male and female, made no pressure towards Alexandra, to become their new sister, as she could become a perfect weapon of mass persuasion for Islam… still, there was one real ambassador of Islam in Dubai, although not local, not of Arabic ancestry: Maryam, a convert, coming from similar cultural background, capable and educated in Public Relations, who understood Alexandra’s importance very well, and it was the will of Allah, that Alex will be submitted to Him, her Creator and only Lord.

Indeed, many are criticizing the Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, that he is too soft, friendly and tolerant towards infidels, that he exchanges Islamic principles for income into Dubai’s coffers and brain drain, so the local companies can obtain the best human assets worldwide…

That he listens to neverending demands of omnipresent Estrogen Conspiracy too much, that he tolerates unveiled women, not willing to cover their beauty with hijab, influenced by Devil, who reveal more and more of their soft velvet skin, provoking madness and temptation (fitnah) inside Emirati men, he is even shaking hands with those “modern” Westernized women, who chose most corrupted examples to follow, although physical contact between unrelated men and women is strictly forbidden in Islam…

But Allah had a different fate for Alexandra: Islam, so she could be reborn.

There was this nasty slander about Maryam, circulating between VIP circles of Prague and Dubai, that she converted to Islam on purpose, to have more professional opportunities in the demanding, extremely competitive Emirates… but when Alexandra heard about this, she was even inspired, imagining all the immense options she could obtain by this highly controversial step, which is irreversible, however… and if there wouldn’t be so much things, holding her back.

But these fashion models, they are so different women, they have so special mindset and thinking, willing to do just anything to win, and to defeat their competitors on fashion catwalks, including murder and many other very nasty things… even your beautiful VIP wife can’t be trusted, as Jan Motovsky could confirm… only if he would be still alive.

Conversion to Islam seems as a very innocent step in comparison, only by acknowledging Allah as the only God and Prophet Muhammad as His messenger… and you can always defend yourself, that the Muslims forced you, brainwashed you, a weak, fragile, innocent girl, who succumbed to their brutal pressure from all sides, you were drunk or drugged, when reciting the Shahadah, just to get rid of their insisting, because they allegedly told you falsely, that it means almost nothing, anyway…

And any fashion model knows well, how beneficial situation is, when you make a victim from yourself, obtaining support and tolerance from both sides, and both of them are trying to help you: Christian infidels, to save you from Islamic grasp, and Muslims, who want to keep you on the Straight Path…

Cold and ruthless, unlike sensitive Maryam, Alexandra was willing to pay any price for the worldly success, like forbidden rituals of black magic and female witchcraft, augmenting her breasts at GHC Clinic with proven Illuminati and Chinese connections, it means extremely powerful, omnipresent and dangerous Wu Corporation

But unlike modest Maryam, who went only one size up, regarding her female chest decoration, Alexandra invested much more into her silicone fillings, to possess full “C/D” (3/4) size cups, which can be considered as a “Queen Size”, heavy, perfect for large male palm, above average and highly impressive, in comparison with her slim body… and a small religious mistake, moreover, allegedly involuntary, how it should matter too much, if it can bring so many good things?

And Allah welcomes even selfish people, if their obsession leads them to Him, to get His immense rewards, perks and advantages, incomparable with anything the dunya can provide…

Anyway, Alexandra knew well, that she has to even spread these subversive Islamic rumors about herself actively, to create publicity, interest and controversy… never to comment the issue openly, never to make any open statement or definite answers, only slight indications and vague suggestions, to keep people in mystery and suspense, curious about her, both Muslims and infidels…

The local and world media noticed this matter well, and Alexandra made her best moves to show her nice face to both sides, so anybody could admire her, and her fame could yet rise… and Allah allowed this resourceful ambiguity, which only confirmed Pianka’s VIP social and professional position.

She went in her clever effort even so far, to cooperate with poisonous treacherous snakes with daggers, it means Special Forces of the Czech Army, an elite paramilitary formation, aimed at Civil Affairs, operating both home and abroad, which succeeded in hiring Alex as their covert high profile social asset, designated as Asset A105, intended to infiltrate the highest level of Chinese Communist Party (CPC) and possibly even feared Ministry Of State Security (MSS), being sent as a shining, first-class VIP modeling star into glamorous Shanghai, where the world fashion is really influenced, and even to execute feared honey traps there, luring most valuable and sensitive secrets from weak men, simply classic espionage

And possibly also to establish cordial, but beneficially indirect relations with North Korea, particularly Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of DPRK, who secretly supplied the Czech Military with critical components to construct their most devastating weapon of nuclear retaliation, called The Dark Sun, so the aggressive Poles won’t dare to cross the Czech national territory again…

Like they did three times in the 20th century, to steal the sacred land of Silesia, where Maryam was born: otherwise, a launch order will be issued without delay and mercy, as Katerina Motovska, current Czech Minister of Defence and Maryam’s friend and supporter, stated with utmost warning for the northern neighbour of Czechia.

And the best part came later, when Maryam, from reasons known only to her and Allah, be it revenge or just Islamic ingenious move, implemented Alex into her very original screenplay, called Royal War For Alexandra Pianka, which caused great controversy both in the Emirates, and highest VIP circles of Bahrain, particularly ruling Al Khalifa family, when it was presented to them, that their main competitors, it means Al Kooheji family, are willing to start a war with them, just because sons of both families, it means Khalid and Faris, decided to fight for this ultimate dove: Alexandra.

Although Maryam omitted the Islamic question from her work, everybody understood, that Islam is also the matter here: whoever from both men would be able to force Alexandra to acknowledge her new faith publicly, he would be considered as the real king and player, so both belligerents in love had many personal interests in the affair, not speaking about representing their proud families, either helping their fame to grow, or to fade, if they would lose.

And there was more, than mere artistic work, as Maryam stole Faris Al Kooheji from Alexandra, to isolate her from her important Bahraini asset: both women shared this VIP lover, whose influence far exceeded the borders of the Bahraini monarchy, as he worked in the most critical defence industry, where also interests of Wahhabi Qatar and Saudi Arabia were meeting.

Indeed, Allah is the greatest mastermind, the best of all players, and all these events could happen only with His permission. In the end, all participating sides had to understand, that there is only one Victor, it’s Allah, and their miserable feuds and lowly efforts are nothing in comparison of being a good Muslim, detached from this transient world, as the real rewards are awaiting you in the Paradise, where you can get only with your good deeds, and permission of Allah.

In the end, Alexandra was also a good servant and slave of Allah, who can use her as an Islamic Trojan Horse into the Asian ultra-infidel society… there are no borders and limits for Allah, as the Earth, heavens, stars and sun, it was all created by Him, in just one week of work.

It was Allah, who created Alexandra, who created even you, and there is no other choice for you, than to submit to His will, unlike those wandering unbelievers, eternal losers, who will burn in the Hell fire.

With Allah, there is always a great bounty, a lot of credit can be earned, by pleasing Him… today, you try to please many worthless rats, hoping, that they will help you, they will save you, they will give you, what you need, be it acceptance, love, affection… but these mortals are nothing in comparison with Allah, His love, and you only make a fool from yourself, being like those mortal fools, sharing their very sad fate.

All you need to do is to convert to Islam, and even such VIP assets like Alexandra Pianka or Maryam can be surpassed by you, if you worship Allah properly, being fearful only towards Him, as He loves people, who fear Him.

Islam gives you power and freedom at the same time: what Alex became, it was only His will and permission, not luck or hard work.

The question is: what you should become? Allah set the destiny for you already, and there is no way to avoid it: He is your only truly master, He controls your fate, not those foolish mortals and their actions.

Please Him, like Alex did, and maybe He will please you.

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