Alexandra Pianka: The Emirati Empress. Royal VIP Elite Prize Woman. Queen Of Emirates. Princess of Dubai. Fashion Model Bahrain Female Illuminati Elite Faris Al Kooheji Prince Khalid Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa

When rumors of pending royal love war between two VIP men of Bahrain surfaced, it means Faris Al Kooheji, a wealthy Bahraini entrepreneur, and aristocratic Prince Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, confirmed successor of Bahraini throne, once the best friends, now archenemies, both fighting mercilessly for heart, body, pussy, mind and eternal affection of a German female fashion supermodel with deep Illuminati links, Alexandra Pianka, the dark wave of gossip, conspiracy theories and slanders hit the Middle Eastern public and media in full force…

All the high-profile journalists of the Persian Gulf tried to extract any direct statement from participating persons, even Qatari ARC News TV station, represented by Omar Bin Ghazali, their main journalistic asset, known to be more than inclined to allegedly radical Wahhabi ideology, suspected even to support various terrorist groups, like Global Liberation Army (GLA).

Whereas both aforementioned VIP Bahraini men denied to provide any answers, advised by their experienced PR specialists well, Alexandra Pianka, a sensitive and emotional woman, decided to speak with the Chinese BCTV News Beijing, the bullhorn of Chinese Communist Party (CPC), as the omnipresent Asians were steadily expanding their influence even at the Middle East…

So, it paid off generously, to be on friendly and cordial terms with the Chinese and their “unbiased” media, as they were not burdened with countless Islamic rules, never babbling about religion or politics, only about business, profits and mutual interest, and moreover, their local key reporter of Arabic peninsula, Sun Meiying, was also a female, who would certainly understand well, what Alexandra was coming through recently, being in the middle of brutal battle between two men, where not only her person, but also their manhood and respect of their families was at stake.

To meet with Alexandra, and to make the critical interview in pleasant, relaxed and calming conditions, so the elite fashion model will be completely open and honest, willing to release all secrets and insider information, the Chinese journalistic team arrived into The Address Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where the meeting was planned, consisting of three people only: Sun Meying herself, plus her executive assistant and also sound specialist, Lea Liao, together with Mei Yin Kang, a BCTV section chief, who would be handling a camera.

Lea and Mei were using cover as journalists too, but in reality, they were both elite Intelligence operatives of Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS), indicating, that the Chinese security apparatus perceived the affair as immense opportunity for China in many senses.

And no wonder: the defence capabilities of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), regarding so called Unconventional Warfare, were in direct stake, as the business company, owned by Faris and Khalid altogether, called Weapons For Peace, developed and manufactured critical defence armament, including the most devastating and feared state-of-the-art ordnance, called USP-PSYOPS, a weapon of mass persuasion, able to hit either single individuals, “persons of interest”, groups or whole nations, to influence the hearts and minds, just as the masterminds behind the scene wanted, so the world will submit to them.

The Chinese wanted this dangerous and illegal toy indeed, willing to pay any price for it: either by simple business negotiation, bribing, sending former friends against each other, inserting a wedge between them, or by stealing through espionage.

Anyway, the highest echelons of Chinese Communist Party expected only full success from their participating human assets, and returning with empty hands, regardless of reasons, was out of question: no complaints about difficult circumstances would be accepted, and even execution, or termination of employee’s contract with extreme prejudice, could be used as punishment, in case of a shameful failure.

Whereas Mei Yin Kang was participating in open negotiations with both Bahraini men, together with Ivona Selnikova, the Executive Director of Wu Corporation, which indicated interest for acquisition of the company, serving as a front for Chinese interests of global dominance, Lea Liao’s role was much more indirect, subtle and covert, to serve as a honey trap operative, if such special need would arise, as she proved her female qualities many times before, able to seduce any man, posing as a young, innocent Chinese University student, who liked to ask various older men for “counsel” during her “internships” in the most important business corporations…

And who could resist her, who could deny her? Lea was so cute, and unlike general Chinese women, really beautiful even in Western terms… for example, David Cohen, an elite corporate Jew, the main Mossad resident in Czechia, and one of her countless victims, could confirm that claim, and in full… when the privatization of Bezeq International, the main Israeli TELCO operator and his former employer, was in process, and Chinese wanted to grasp this extremely sweet cake, able to control all Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and Mossad comms in real time, using their All Seeing Eye global surveillance.

Anyway, it was Alexandra Pianka, who chose the place of the interview with Chinese journalist, and she revealed her reasons for this particular choice very soon, after the camera started rollling.

“My current affair, and the Middle East nowadays, seems to be full of witches,” Alexandra said with poisonous spit on her tongue. “Although witchcraft is strictly forbidden in Islam, from some reasons, hard to understand for me, the witches are operating here, and generally across Persian Gulf, completely openly, and in masses, literally.

Do you want some examples? That alleged Islamic celebrity, but rather a fraudster, as all that public rumors are claiming, and possibly even a VIP prostitute, who faked conversion to Islam, Marketa Korinkova, or Maryam, whom the locals are calling ‘The Islamic Princess’…

Not knowing, that six years ago, Maryam used this dark magic against my interests, to mess the mind of Ramy Ayach, who promised me the main role in his famous music video, ‘Majnoun’, and several scenes took place here, in The Address Hotel… but she ruined it all, deliberately, treacherously, when she failed, as she couldn’t accept, that Ramy didn’t choose her. So she made her dark revenge against me and him at least… so miserable, when you are not able to accept a defeat!

Later, her mother Ivana, also a witch, her teacher, married Amin H. Nasser, the President and CEO of Saudi Aramco, the second most powerful business company of the world, generating much power and wealth of Saudi Arabia… and make no mistake, it was not about love and sexuality, they both enchaned him with witchcaft, stealing much of the male power from him… as all his previous wives are reporting!

And now, this Petronela Lorencova came, hired by Faris for very probable crimes against Bahraini law, and she is the most reputated European VIP witch and tarot card reader, really dangerous, and she is not here merely for innocent tourism, that’s for certain… and many people in Bahrain are asking, why wasn’t she stopped at the border? Why was this allowed to happen… she can make so much mess in Bahrain… even in the VIP society, and it means Bahraini royal family!”

“But if all the witchcraft is merely a fraud, denied by all experts, including circles of top world scientists… how could Lorencova influence your Bahraini affair anyhow? Or do you want to suggest, that witchcraft really works?” Sun Meiying tried to remain unbiased and open-minded, but also asking important questions.

“As I said, those witches make mess from the minds of people, it’s about dirty mind games, misusing basic human psychology, not some supernatural powers,” Alexandra replied without hesitation. “Faris is losing in this fateful struggle against my future husband, and he uses all means to turn the result of the affair to his favor, so his manhood and respect won’t be damaged… and I should become the next victim of that witch… it was he, who activated her, who brought her here!

I don’t know exactly, what she plans to do with me… but I will find out, and I will take proper counter action.”

“Let’s talk about your relationship situation right now, for a moment,” the Chinese elite journalist suggested to change the topic. “I understand, that you will marry Khalid soon, as all that rumors are saying? Or do you want to keep the second doors opened as well, it means Faris, as an alternative? Whom of them do you really love, Alexandra?”

“If you ask me just now,” Alex inhaled deeply. “I am really not sure about my emotions towards any of those men… because I feel, that this all excitement is not about me in the first place… they simply love war, fighting and hunting, they enjoy it, and I am only a proxy for them. a side product…

Khalid stopped bringing bouquets of fresh flowers to me, as he always did, and Faris? He didn’t call me for a week, at least! I don’t say I would answer his call anyway, but… I know, that their interest is victory in war, not me, not my emotions, not my heart! And that is insulting…

You see, Sun, they are so different, but none of them is perfect: Khalid, an elite military officer, a ruler, the future King of Bahrain, as his father is planning retirement soon, releasing the throne for Khalid, his successor… Khalid rules his home and life with iron fist, whereas Faris, that modern effeminated sensitive man, full of empathy to my needs, offers different values and qualities…

But he simply doesn’t promise me safety and security, if Khalid decided to possess me once and forever, and to decorate his ‘Bahraini Alhambra‘ with me, as his royal prize woman… right now, I feel, that the best female choice would be to choose none of them, as there is no easy solution, you fight with two options, you can’t make simple decision, your mind and heart are advising you the opposite choices.

Indeed, I am pregnant now, and both Khalid and Faris can be the father… this is the only reason, why I am still staying in this mess, not running away from this filthy mud of complicated emotions and permanent stress. But as the father of the child is not known with certainty yet, I want to wait, and to keep the matter open, until there will be some… conclusion.”

“But Khalid challenged you to marry him as soon as possible, even under this complicated situation with the child, giving reason, that he want to take care of you under any circumstances, because he loves you so much… is he willing even to take care of the child, which doesn’t have his DNA? Which came from his competitor, and current archenemy?” Sun Meiying reminded the latest rumors.

“Khalid is a man of honor,” Alexandra replied firmly, defending her future husband clearly. “If he commited the sin of fornication with me, and it has consequences now, as God willed… for Khalid, the situation is simple: he believes, and absolutely, that the child is his… he doesn’t admit any other possibility… so he is doing, what a proper man should do.”

“And did Faris propose you as well?” Sun Meiying was curious further.

“He is that kind of modern, Westernized Muslim, living in the West, more than half of the year, in Canada,” Alexandra sighed. “He doesn’t perceive the marriage as necessary.”

It seemed as a complaint, and Sun Meying, together with viewers of BCTV News MENA (Middle East North Africa) programme, they all felt, that Alexandra deeply disagrees with the means, which Faris chose to conquer her, to steal her from Khalid’s current firm grasp… that she considered it even dangerous, with unforeseen consequences, as witchcraft is not regulated by law.

“So, what your next moves will be?” the Chinese woman wanted to know.

“Firstly, I will meet with that VIP witch bitch,” Alexandra replied, and her voice was more than decisive…. even dark.

And now, they meet face to face for the first time.

Whereas Alexandra’s pretty symmetric face is full of tension, Petronela is relaxed, like if she would know, who was coming, much earlier… maybe her tarot cards annnounced Alexandra’s arrival in advance? So it’s no surprise for her, although there was no prior arrangement between women, and Alexandra comes uninvited, using help of bribed receptionists of Four Seasons Hotel in Manama, the Bahraini capital?

So, the supermodel has no superiority, because of this unexpected move. If Petronela knows… and she seems to know everything. She is a top elite witch: very dangerous indeed, and even the highest echelons of European social, economic and political elites respect her, including Federica Mogherini, her exclusive VIP client.

For a few first seconds, both women exchange deep looks into their eyes, like if testing their spiritual powers, and their faces are so different: Alexandra is cold and detached, like a poker player, like a tigress, before attack… whereas Pertronela is smiling, relaxed, ready for anything, willing to accept all news and events, soft and not judging.

“I want to talk to you,” Alexandra says then.

Petronela pretends not to recognize her.

“My name is Alexandra Pianka,” the fashion model explains slowly, and very seriously.

“Ah, it’s you,” Petronela remembers suddenly, playing dumb with experience, but inviting the supermodel to join them with a friendly gesture, even offering her a cup of coffee.

And there is also the third woman, Iveta Klimesova, an elite corporate lawyer, a Lawfare specialist, working for the Chinese, and here in Bahrain, as main legal advisor for Faris Al Kooheji, later becoming his lover, expecting his child, getting impregnated by him deliberately, just as the Chinese wanted, as she was sent as their battering ram, able to influence the affair directly, from he inside, through this human asset… but clever Faris only saw his own opportunities, regarding Iveta, thinking differently, out of the box.

Alexandra ignores the lawyer, former elite fashion model from Czechoslovak Models agency… still, nothing in comparison with her achievements, real modeling stardom.

“I want to ask you, what do you plan to do with me, witch?” Alexandra asks then.

“It’s very simple, actually,” Petronela has no problem to reply even to this very direct question. “Faris paid me to executie a black magic ritual against you, and Khalid. So I collected your hair and body samples already… now just a couple of pentagrams, candles, spells… and my work here will be complete… and successful, God willing.”

“And what exactly will happen with me?” Alexandra tries to extract yet more information from the witch.

“Why should I spoil all the surprise and fun for you?” Petronela smiled maliciously. “You can still earn the most from all participants of the matter, as you are a woman of highest interest, positioned in the middle, between them all, very beneficially.

Anything you do, any move, any decision, will help you… you can’t lose, like one of them. And my spiritual powers will decide, who will win.”

“And who will win?” the supermodel asks with utmost suspense.

“You are asking too many questions, and I don’t know you,” Petronela rejects to reply this time. “I am not your servant, and you are not my client, to motivate me to answer your neverending questions.”

“But you accept new clients? What is the price?” Alexandra’s pretty face shines with new hope.

“Depends, what services you want… the black magic rituals are the most expensive, naturally,” Petronela explains without any effort to hide irony.

“I want a tarot card reading… for a start,” Alexandra states with certainty.

“So, if I understand it well… Alexandra Pianka herself, that big famous supermodel, the Princess of Dubai, the Queen of Emirates, and who knows what else noble titles… she is asking me, a modest European Gypsy witch, to do a tarot card reading for her… that is really funny,” Lorencova makes the summary of the situation, laughing loudly. “However, Faris didn’t prohibit me from talking to you… maybe I can even tell him, that I will secretly influence you, using my tarot cards, still working for him secretly, as a double agent… pretending to be your friend, to infiltrate your mind…

Witchcraft is not only cards and rituals, it’s also about mind games… just as you said in the TV yesterday…. the Chinese channel is quite favorite even here!

And I can collect extra money from you, to buy a coffee… not bad, it never hurts, to make some side golden coins, any woman is needy, you know… how much cash do you have with you?”

When Alexandra showed the content of her Louis Vuitton wallet, Petronela took almost all the money, except one 100 Emirati dirham (AED) banknote.

“So you can buy a coffee too… when I will be finished with you,” the witch explained her unexpected mercy. “But will you let me to finish my breakfast? You are not in so much rush? And meet my best friend, Iveta Klimesova… she is occasionally sleeping with your second suitor Faris, as you probably know… and she is too modest to share very good fresh news with you: she is pregnant… with Faris! Will you congratulate her?”

“I am only interested in your witchcraft skills, not making friends… let alone with some cheap sluts from Eastern Europe, marginal fashion models, or what,” Alexandra said strictly. “She will leave, I presume, as I paid for your services already?”

“She is my executive assistant,” Petronela laughed. “I need her to concentrate correctly… she is my secret medium, necessary to release my spiritual powers.”

But Klimesova rather left by her own will, not to be humiliated any more.

Two remaining women moved to a more discreet place in the hotel, into the lounge bar, so the tarot card reading could be executed.

“Usually, for a new client, I use only twenty-two cards of ‘Major Arcana’ for readings, to keep it simple and powerful, to earn quick and easy money, rather to provide a demonstration of my skills, to raise interest in them, so they will return for more,” the professional witch explained. “But in your special case, Alexandra, I will use the whole deck, it means full 78 cards, and you will select ten of them, for more precise prediction, regarding even your future… as you are certainly curious, how your affair will end.

It’s truth, that I am the one now, who can influence your affair very extensively, and you are giving me a perfect chance to turn the result, by entering my sphere of influence, so I can play with you, as I like, as I need… but God is certainly the best planner, and as I influence you, you can influence me back.

Who knows? Even a witch is just a woman… and there is a red button even on her, you find it, you push it, and she changes from a ruthless lioness to a tamed pet…

Maybe you approached me with ultimate trust in yourself, that you will be able to turn me to your side… you know, playing it like ‘women need to stick together, to help each other’, and so on.

It’s not decided in advance, who of us two will have the upper hand… maybe you have a witch inside you too, maybe you can be even more powerful, that me… it would a big mistake, to underestimate you.

Sometimes, those, who are strong, pretend to be weak, and weak pretend to be strong… as Sun Tzu recommends in his ‘Art of War’… interesting reading, even for a modern woman!”

“Agreed,” the supermodel acnowledged. “It’s true, that many things changed with me in last few years, and I am not that naive weak sheep, which the world likes to see inside me, a victim of male games for power, where my pussy and heart are only secondary achievements.

And now, I play my big game… unfortunately, stakes are too high. Not only I am pregnant, but Khalid also won’t let me go, just like that.

And I am not joking here… he presented his opinion very clear. I am under high pressure these days, believe me, witch… I pretend to be strong, but he is willing to go very, very far, in pursuit of his private interests… maybe even farther, than Faris.”

“I am well aware of that,” Petronela confirmed her full understanding of Alexandra’s personal situation. “This is the reason, why I didn’t send you away, because I understand, in how difficult situation you are. Here, no Police will help you, you have no rights in practice, once a man of power decides to possess you… and your family is too far, to help you… but Khalid would simply persuade them, that it will be in their highest interest, to give you to him, not to fight with him, as they would be only destroyed by him.

He is a ruler indeed, very dangerous, very ruthess, The Emperor… be in his vicinity, get many perks… but you are also risking your own neck.”

“And can you tell me something about Khalid? What is his weak side? What to do, to protect myself?” Alexandra asked with deep concerns, not trying to suppress or to hide them.

“Sorry, Alex… this question goes beyond our business contract… moreover, I never met him, I never came into direct contact with his bodily energy,” Lorencova denied such a request with an apology. “But you could help me, and I could help you in exchange: arrange a meeting with Khalid for me! Tell him, that I made so much impression on you, that I am really dangerous, even for him… he will certainly want to get to know me in person, to make his direct opinion about me.”

“You are playing with fire,” Alex commented this risky suggestion with very serious voice. “He is like a spider, and you want to enter his net? You don’t want to end like me, not being able to leave, to be a free person again… I would compare him to a male witch…

He operates not only with male power of control, dominance, authority, even violence… maybe some powerful witch is standing behind him, his grandma, aunt, or family friend… because even here, in the Islamic world, witchcraft is very widespread between women, although kept in strict secret.

But I never got to know Khalid’s secrets… he guards them well, in endless rooms of Bahraini Alhambra Palace… and he won’t be willing to meet you anywhere else, than in the Alhambra.

He rarely leaves it these days… you would be on his territory, his turf, where he sets the rules, where the worldly laws are not valid, where only his will decides… and he knows very well, how to use this ultimate advantage.”

“We will see, what the cards will tell us about him,” Petronela decided. “Let’s start with the reading. Firstly, let me to choose a card for you, your personal symbol…

And I don’t have a slightest doubt, that your personal card is The Empress: your own vision of your perfect future as Khalid’s wife, and he will be the only ruler of Bahrain soon, and you will taste the ultimate female feeling of power… and wasn’t it such ambition, which got you into all this mess?

Maybe you will be weak, and he will suppress and control you… but you can be strong, and he will share his power with you, you will be a balancced royal pair… he, The Emperor, and you, The Empress, not a submitted wife, who is afraid of him.

No, no! In the end, he can be even afraid of you, as the male essence Yang can never win over female Yin, which is superior, it’s even prior to Yang in the tarot deck… unless he uses a brutal physical force, to turn the chances to his favor.”

“This is, what Khalid can do indeed… and I am afraid, I am even scared,” Alexandra confessed. “He knows, how to spread fear and terror into your mind and soul… and if merely a demonsteation is not enough… well… he has also… physical means, like his private army, willing to obey any order.

Not he will be making his hands dirty with you… his devoted loyal servants will be glad to help him, having no mercy, no compassion, unlike God, and no regrets.”

“Certainly, such is the skill of The Emperror, if he wants to avoid unnecessary violence,” the witch was not surprised to hear this information. “It’s rather a virtue, than bad feature… but don’t think about him so often! You let him to occupy your mind too much! It gives him yet more power, than some army of slaves!

Instead, visualize yourself, see your card… you are The Empress, strong and balanced, YOU rule, you have the power, you are certain, and strong!

Concentrate on her, on you, not on him! See yourself as an alpha female, improved version of him.. and unlike him, she uses the power for good purposes, not for bad things. It’s a woman, who is a better ruler!

Now, choose six cards, one by one! After I will make their reading, have a deep breath, renew your concentration, and choose another four cards: those will reveal your future!”

When Alexandra followed the instructions, Petronela composed a cross from first six cards, putting last four cards to the right side, arranged in a line.


 Card 1:
Present Position


“This card is about your present life, what influences you, your conditions, in which you live and work… indeed, both Khalid and Faris are men of Strength, and you like to use their powers for your own interests, being a parasite behind them, paying with her nakedness, but smiling happily… they can uplift you very high in the structures of power, hardly to be achieved even as an Emirati supermodel, an Illuminati asset.

Just yesterday, I made a reading for Faris, and Strength was his personal card.. maybe it means, that Khalid is powerful, but Faris has an ace in his hand… maybe calling me, and you are feeling this new extra power from him… anyway, you are scared both of Khalid, and Faris, from different reasons… there are many options for you, when hiding behind those dumb lions.

In summary: your overall position is good.”

Card 2:
Immediate Influence

Wheel of Fortune

“Influences or obstacles, lying just ahead of you… in the end, it won’t be someone’s power, which will decide the game, it will be God’s will, as there is too many influences, fighting with and against each other here, and no certain stakes can be made, all is changing too quickly.. only God can make order in this mess, as He is the Best of Planners.

You are afraid, that you have no control of current events, yoi are just a small wheel in the structure, influenced rather by luck and fortune, than skills and personal energy… but why not to win in any situation? It’s just about being flexible, like a fluid, not rigid, accepting, not fighting.”

Card 3:
Goal or Destiny

The World

“Surely you want to rule The World, to use all opportunities, while you are still young and beautiful, while you still have all the powers… you made it so far, becoming an Emirati supermodel, but you want more, in your endless obsession… maybe you feel to be chosen by God, maybe you perceive all your past achievements only as the beginning of reach for the stars?

And maybe you want to surpass Marketa Korinkova Maryam, your main competitor and archenemy, who stole everything from you… you want revenge, to show her, that there is only one Queen of the Emirates, The Empress… literally, because it must be only you.”

Card 4:
Distant Past Foundation

Seven of Cups (=Debauch)

“What brought you here, where you are now… indeed, it was your debauchery, insatiable desire for success, fame and money… you let yourself to become corrupted with your dreams, and you had never enough.

The Taoists are saying: a wise person knows, when to stop. But you don’t know! For you, there is no limit… you want to consume it all, the whole world, all what life has to offer!

On surface, you seem so modest, like an angel, that’s your perfect mask… but inside you, there is so much of uncontrollable hunger, powerful vices and deep desire.”

Card 5:
Recent Past Events

Princess of Swords

“The most recent events, which are creating your future, are represented by Princess of Swords… she is a warrior indeed, operating with female essence as a weapon, not afraid to use knives, surveillance, ropes to enslave people, to break rules and laws, to use treacherous tactics, to strike from behind, using indirect approach and deception.

It can be the Chinese, but it can be also you, Alexandra: maybe you created all this game, it was your thought, your conspiracy!

It’s interesting, that Faris thinks the same… you all fools feel like the source of all power, the creator of this big game. But maybe it’s someone else: the Chinese?”

Card 6:
Future Influence

Eight of Swords (=Interference)

“The sphere of influence, creating future from the present, is about intervention, and also disruption. Too much interests will meet together, what seemed certain and firm, will come into ruin, and there can be unexpected winners.

But you will also lose something, becoming emotionally devastated. But it will be your sadness, creating new strength and resolve… maybe Khalid will play some dirty trick on you?”

Card 7:
The Questioner

The Justice (=The Angel)

“Your present attitude and position is defined by The Angel: you play that innocent pure creature, a victim of dirty male games, who only does, what is right, who has that moral code of behavior… but in reality, you are the mastermind.

Can I trust your allegedly honest feelings and fears, which you share with me, talking about powerful and dangerous Khalid… or is it just your pose, playing a weak, ignorant, suppressed Angel, who lets rats to play games around him?

Or is it about a creation of God, sent into the affair, to execute God’s will?

But you can never say any truth about woman… even I don’t dare to try to understand you.

Anyway, stick to this strategy, Alex. It works… at least for you, at least for now.”

Card 8:
Environmental factors

Ten of Cups (=Satiety)

“How you affect people, and how people affect you… you make men dreaming about a perfect woman, perfect wife, perfect relationship, perfect mother, fulfillment of life… they feel, that exactly you impersonate such ultimate values… that’s how you provoked them to start fighting for you, and only later, they discovered their secondary interests.

This card indicates, that you were indeed on the beginning in the affair… you promised them victory and happeiness in love, also satisfaction and balance… now it’s no wonder, that they perceive you as the critical person.

More than me, or anybody else… for them, I am merely a tool… but you, and Satiety, is the goal.

And they can provide for you, what you want, what you need, to be a happy woman, living in secure, stable environment… there is unity and harmony between you and them, common interests… perfect situation for all sides. You all can be winners.”

Card 9:
Inner Emotions


“Your hidden hopes, desires and dreams, even fears and anxieties, not only present, but also future.

You believe in harmony, in blending of essences… and that’s right, that is the right thinking of The Empress!

Deep inside you, there is modesty and temperance, a woman, who has enough, who is happy… and you will be happy, Alexandra. This is, what future will bring to you.”

Card 10:
Final Results

Two of Swords (=Peace)

“When all the influences will be culminated, what the result will be?

This war for you will end one day, like any war, and there will be peace, at least inside you… and you will be a good Empress, making Bahraini people happy.

Your future seems very good indeed, Alexandra. Lucky you.”


After the reading was finished, and both women watched the cards, contemplating, the witch repeated her request to meet with Prince Khalid.

“You will regret this,” Alexandra tried to warn the witch for the last time. “But if it’s your wish… I can fulfill it… and I will influence your own destiny.”

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