Alexandra Pianka: The Emirati Fashion Supermodel. Slave of Allah. Pike of Islam. Dubai Emirates UAE Middle East Persian Gulf VIP Social Elite Celebrity Star Beauty Woman Muslim Hijab Deception Asia

Only two women can be called supermodels of the Middle East region: Alexandra Pianka, and her main competitor and archenemy, even in love, Marketa Korinkova Maryam.

And Allah, the Best of All Planners, created destiny for both of them.

Alexandra Pianka: Princess of Dubai

Alexandra Pianka: Hijab Suits Her Well

Anger of Alexandra Pianka

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Alexandra Pianka

Alexandra Pianka: Reborn In Islam

Royal War For Alexandra Pianka

Alexandra Pianka: The Emirati Empress

Fashion Models Elite: We Live For Fame

Women Of Islam: Message Of Peace, Freedom, Destiny

Estrogen Mafia: Infidel Bitches Want To Rule The World

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