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There is really a substantial difference between real “A” class top fashion models as Alena Seredova, and the rest. All young pretty women would like to get to the top of fashion industry, which resides in the Middle East today, particularly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). They can talk about fulfilled dreams, which allow them to break all rules and too modest female expectations, and to taste the unique world that most of us will never experience. Alexandra Pianka is one of those blessed women.

The Middle East is a very strange, exotic place, but it will shape our worldwide future without any doubt. Many things are happening there today, and for any fashion model or another female professional, particularly flight attendants, to get into Dubai means almost a firm guarantee of star career, accompanied with plenty of money, respect, public interest, even prospects of very advantageous marriage with a rich mysterious sheik or a secretive businessman with very large glass house right on the beach of a classified Caribbean location.

No wonder, that almost nobody of the people who succeeded there desires to return to their home countries, because this place is really addictive with opportunities and fulfilled dreams of a bright future. Not to talk about Sheikha Mahra Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a real princess of Dubai with honorable, even royal ancestry, most suitable for very advantageous marriage.

Anyway, Alexandra Pianka goes her own way. Her social media presence is extremely low, almost none, because she maybe perceives this virtual world as fake and useless, loss of time, because that real stuff happens in reality. And Dubai, that is a reality of its own kind.

For example, you win an audition to play a main role in a video clip of a very popular Arabic (Lebanese) male singer, Ramy Ayach, particularly clip “Majnoun” (Crazy). Then, you just play your part perfectly, and then, you both can climb to the stars further.

It’s even a Hollywood production, with high costs and wide assistance of Dubai official municipality, who provided many unique spaces and another possibilities to create a really unique artistic work. But the female main role is always critical – and Alexandra Pianka really contributed here.

Alexandra Pianka - Ramy Ayach - Majnoun - رامي عياش - مج - Alan Svejk VIP Affairsنون 3It all begins with a tense atmosphere, where a lonely bodyguard (Ramy Ayach), located in a luxurious spacious apartment high in the skycraper, close to the night sky, full of lights of Dubai, receives a phone call form a mysterious female caller, and concurrently, another woman is in his imagination (Alexandra Pianka), just waking up in a white bed, and she looks both marvellous, sweet, innocent and also decisive, mature. She is a woman who knows her place, her mission and her life journey.

Alexandra Pianka - Ramy Ayach - Majnoun - رامي عياش - مج - Alan Svejk VIP Affairsنون4While he is listening to the woman in the telephone, who tells him in Arabic that she can’t sleep and she is afraid to see him tomorrow, the fashion model approaches him, and serves him very well, undressing him, so he can go for a swim into an integrated pool in this apartment. The caller begs him not to put down the telephone, but Alexandra ends the call ruthlessly, and then she disappears – she was only in his dreams, and he jumps into the pool, swiming as a top athlete, with very serious, even stone face of a real man.

Alexandra Pianka - Ramy Ayach - Majnoun - رامي عياش - مج - Alan Svejk VIP Affairsنون10And then the story actually begins. At the airport, where a beautiful, young, perfectly dressed woman with cute hat gets off a private VIP plane, and walks on her high heels towards a Bentley luxurious vehicle, waiting for her.

There, they meet, and the woman gives him one careful, innocent but concentrated sight. But it seems that she is married for some old man, or she is his daughter, who perceives her as a property, and this marriage has no love in it… but Ramy and she, they have some kind of a secret relationship together, in their minds only, who can’t ever get fulfilled, because of the rules. She belongs somewhere else, and he is just a gun for hire, let’s be honest.

Alexandra Pianka - Ramy Ayach - Majnoun - رامي عياش - مج - Alan Svejk VIP Affairsنون13Then, they ride for a party beside another pool, where many well dressed men and women, maybe real social and business elite of Dubai, meet for a well deserved glass of champagne and maybe some networking, to share their insights and plans for their bright future, serving for the welfare of the whole mankind. Ramy is a very observative and careful bodyguard, and when he notices something unusual around him, an unknown assailant directed at the fashion model, a part of a big conspiracy, he jumps into a bullet’s direction heroically, exactly as he is expected and paid for.

Alexandra Pianka - Ramy Ayach - Majnoun - رامي عياش - مج - Alan Svejk VIP Affairsنون17After this dangerous event, he grabs her arm and they start running away quickly, to protect her from any further possible harm, while some dangerous men in suits are pursuing them – maybe another guards, serving to protect her innocence, and hired by her jealous husband (or father, who has very particular plans with his daughter as a bride).

But the pair manages to slip away, and the fashion model, dressed in a stunning robe and shiny diamond necklace from Cartier, makes a commotion in the crowded Dubai city metro. But local citizens are used to many strange events there.

Alexandra Pianka - Ramy Ayach - Majnoun - رامي عياش - مج - Alan Svejk VIP Affairsنون27In the end, they both make it to a heliport on top of an impressive skycraper, and the phone rings, disturbing their private speechless session. She begs him not to pick it up with distinctive look in her eyes: she knows very well, who is the caller, and what he wants – but Ramy is too responsible, he can never go against his employer, he knows what kind of painful consequences it would bring to him and his loved family in a poor but cordial neighborhood somewhere in Lebanon, so he receives the call, pushing woman away.

A helicopter approaches and the fashion model, sad and disapponted of this missed chance to live a better life, full of love, is taken away, back to her old life in a golden cage, to her husband or father. Ramy is left alone, without his jacket he gave her, to keep her warm, so he remains just in a white shirt with a weapon holster, visible under his shoulder – and the whole story closes to a full circle.

Alexandra Pianka - Ramy Ayach - Majnoun - رامي عياش - مج - Alan Svejk VIP Affairsنون22But what Alexandra Pianka performed is really memorable. Although she probably let a surgeon to improve her chest with some desirable silicone filling, she is still a fashion model we dream about, about her love, even secretly, like Ramy Ayach did – and this guy could have any woman in Dubai, he knows that and the local women know that too, as he represents pure version of ancient masculinity, unhindered with some useless emotions, endless thoughts and doubts, living the life of purely decisive action.

Alexandra Pianka - Ramy Ayach - Majnoun - رامي عياش - مج - Alan Svejk VIP Affairsنون5This artistic work reminds us an important fact: we live too common lives and we often desire for “B” class people, doesn’t matter if men or women, we are too dependent on their favors, too much listening to false prophets as Anie, becoming their prisoners, ruled by endless fear. But we should think differently, and to look for the best for us, not just a temporary medicine for our loneliness and emptiness, which is a curse of the modern Western society. We should aim higher maybe, when we still have a time. Or to lose all pressure and let it all go, remove ego and self to something higher, and in that moment, everything we need will come to us?

Alexandra Pianka Fashion Model in Hijab V - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsThe only way to achieve this ultimate goal is submitting to Allah‘s will, accepting Islam. And for any woman, to become a Muslim, to veil her under the protection of hijab, a symbol of her devotion to Allah, morality and real freedom, is an opportunity to become the woman she always wanted to be.

When Alexandra Pianka presented a stylish Islamic fashion, anybody could see on these highly impressive photographs, that hijab only completes female natural beauty with moral values and the religion that is complete and perfected, that provides a life style of happiness, purpose and peace: Islam.

With Allah’s permission and blessing, Alexandra Pianka was granted so much female beauty, and He made this decision with a purpose: so she can show others, men or women from anywhere, what values to follow, what is the purpose of their life: to worship Allah not only during prayers, but also making good deeds, to walk on the straight path of Islam, in order to achieve endless advantages, gifts and mercy from Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, who brings real freedom and peace to all believers and hope for all infidels, that their sins will be forgiven, if they will give up their egos and return to the Path.

marketa-korinkova-maryam-islam-convert-czech-prague-europe-fashion-model-dubai-united-arab-emirates-uae-sheikh-al-maktoum-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsMarketa Korinkova, later known as Maryam, a Czech fashion model and convert to Islam, is the one, who introduced Alexandra to Islam, becoming her dangerous fashion modeling competitor in Dubai, even threatening to steal the main role in the described clip from her, as she had full support and even affection of Ramy Ayach, whom she allegedly met at a VIP party, and he was indeed enchanted by the woman, making Alexandra extremely jealous and angry, considering even her own coversion to Islam, as a proper countermeasure.

marketa-maryam-korinkova-sex-lies-emirates-special-issue-slander-gossip-magazine-islam-muslim-convert-uae-dubai-emirates-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIndirectly, this affair changed the life, fate and professional future of her, when she approached the alleged tabloid media enemies of Marketa, asking them, to damage Marketa yet more, in their planned and ruthless media campaign against the Czech woman in the UAE, called “Sex, Lies, Emirates”, to eliminate the rising social, business and religious influence of this Islamic Priness, admired by many VIPs of the world, taking opportunities away from hungry and obsessed Alexandra.

Alexandra Pianka Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Asian Warfare Fashion Supermodel Dubai UAE Emirates Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsBut this special service was not for free, and there is a rumor, that Alexandra Pianka, designated Asset A105, is an elite clandestine operative of the Special Forces of the Czech Military today, participating in a high-profile infiltration operation into the highest ranks of the Chinese Communist party (Asian Warfare department), residing in Shanghai, China. Possible connection with The Wu Corporation, and their fashion brand Woman’s Destiny, backed by the powerful Chinese and Saudis, even with possible participation of Israelis, the new principal military ally of the Czech Republic.

Women of Islam: Message of Peace, Freedom, Destiny

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