Ani Lorak: In the end, we’ll stay together again. But bitterness and pain of spoiled love will remain

In this complicated postmodern world, where all sacred values are slowly disintegrating into dust, as the Western society is crumbling to absurdity, there is hard to find a good advice for a modern female, struggling with her own demons and insecurity. Should I go to Dubai or Carribean first, so I can publish nice photos on Facebook to gain respect? Should I date a financial magnate, hungry for power and dominance, or a technological hipster prodigy, so soft and understanding, representing a pure postmodern man of the future? Is my style good enough? Am I the woman I should be, a woman that I am expected to be from others, to please them, to gain their love, respect and acceptance?

And in the end, only pain and bitterness often remain. An Ukrainian artist Ani Lorak (Karolina Miroslavivna Kuiek) knows it well already – even a great style of her glamorous dress, hair and appartment wasn’t able to save her from another big love disappointment. And in the end, she remains practically alone, again, although a man is lying just beside her, just with her thoughts and spoiled feelings.

This is the result of the faithless world we are living in, girl. And men are wandering desperately too. What is my mission, where could I find my place? I don’t know. Helping others to buy salvation? Making big money? Consuming pleasures mindlessly, before the end of the world will come? Who can advise?

Ukrainian women have high reputation as female leaders, although their public perception is slightly overshadowed by their Russian counterparts. But how much could they give to anybody, who can make them fall in love!

As youth, as female beauty, love is also often so volatile, transient. As our world, which disappointed us. All that dreams about connecting people with technology… the truth is, that there was never so much lonely people in the history of mankind. There was never so much ignorance, indifference and apathy. Can Ukrainian women change this, or anybody?

But at first you have to do something with your life, and only then a real love can come, otherwise you will sing Ani Lorak’s song “Medlenno” (Slowly) forever.

Alan Svejk -