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Although the modern military service is extremely demanding and often exhausting, the operatives and combat personnel of the Unit with creative skills, who stand on eternal guard of your safety, welfare and world peace against omnipresent terrorists, they always find a moment for writing some inspiring military poetry, to mediate the exciting military experience to the civilians.

Sponsored by Katerina Motovska, poor widow, nickname Princess of Swords, beloved Minister of Defence

An Angel

When Tomahawk missiles will fly by
When injured enemies will start to cry
Then we will fix bayonets, running forward
Who stays behind in the trenches, is a coward

Victory is sweet as your lips once tasted
And my special skills won’t come wasted
Remember me, reading news in your room
I will protect you always from eternal doom

Dancing between flow of hot tracers
Too late to change your dirty diapers
This is what Czech Special Forces are about
This is what makes our citizens home proud

My mother and lover is the Czech Military
She learns me to be both loving and scary
Honoring the tradition of our grandfathers
Changing the world using our willpowers

Send me to a distant land, I will go
Dry deserts or snow, time to show
What I was taught in the boot camp
Better with knife, than some tramp

I will pay with my blood for your eternal liberty
Assure me I won’t be betrayed by a filthy treaty
After my demise, sing a song about me one day
When the flute of my breath will stop to play

Fortune is a woman, transient as your beauty
Giving everything in life generously, in plenty
I once dreamed of a girl around twenty
Who brings joy, happiness and no pity

When I will have my body torn by high caliber bullets
When enemy will break me with propaganda leaflets
When I will have my neck severed by a tank track
When a RPG will switch my conscience to black

Remember me, the soldier who fell in a foreign land
Not an angel, but a female medic will hold my hand

(warning: all members of Czech Special Forces with possession of this extra unsanctioned verse will be extrajudicially punished and harshly reprimanded)

Shoot a volley of fire during my famous military funeral
Lies of my commanding officer, fake tears of my unfaithful gal
Affection and pussy of Katerina Motovska, it’s all I desired for
That’s why I fought and died in that filthy distant hole for

(Part of Operation FALLEN KING)

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS: The Military Conspiracy

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