Avenger 3 PSY-DEW: The world’s first tactical PSY long-range weapon

So, you had this nice dream when you were a kid, that you will become a brave fighter pilot, who will rule the blue sky, moving quickly as a lightning above the clouds.

Later, you had the dream that you will join the Army, and you will become the elite of your national military forces, an Air Ace who will be feared by all enemies of your loved state.

Your country gave you that great modern shiny airplane you love so much to fly with, which has impressive armament, all that rockets, precise laser-guided ammunition, automatic cannons, so you feel invincible.

Or, we should say, that you felt invincible – because that blessed days are over once and forever, our dear friend.

There is a new and the most capable, formidable enemy on the ground now, waiting for you, hidden in shadows. It will bring you the doom, or you will have to accept a new master.

Avenger 3 PSY-DEW is an ultimate anti-aircraft weapon, developed in a joint project between The Corporation and NATO. A successor of the previous version Avenger 2 AA-DEW, tt combines two most effective anti-air countermeasures ever created: a DEW, Directed Energy Weapon, in the form of an infrared laser, which will destroy onboard electronics of your plane in a second, and also a unique PSY combat platform, which will influence your mind and body, so you will either bail out instantly, scared, or you will turn against your original benefactors. You will betray your country, and you will turn back, delivering your payload on your home city. You will become a traitor, that is your future, brought to you by this ultimate invention.

Do you remember your military superiors, that officers who trusted you, who believed in you, who promoted you, who presented you as a good example to others? Now, they will suspect you of upcoming betrayal all the time. And do you remember that citizens you promised to protect at all costs? Now, you will become an enemy they will despise.

Remember that name: Avenger 3 PSY-DEW. It will wake you up from the dreams. You won’t be able to sleep, to rest. You won’t be able to stop thinking what bad things are expecting you. All that images of falling down in your burning plane, back to the Mother Earth where you both belong, will fill your mind forever.

When you will meet Avenger 3 PSY-DEW on the battlefield, everything old and good in your life will disappear. You can’t win: there is no possible defence against the PSY influence, delivered by the weapon. No protective suit or armor can ever protect you. You will stand weak and naked against the most inventive armament ever created, and you have no chance to win.

Maybe you should start thinking about a good airline job. It’s time to stop dreaming about your superiority, before it will be too late.

The first combat unit of the Czech Military, equipped with the weapon, will be Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, a part of 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion (Special Forces), dedicated to protection of the most precious state treasure, plus additional combat tasks. Together with previous Avenger 2, it makes the Unit’s arsenal the most unique between all world Armies.

Special Unit C102 PSYOPS by Alan Svejk BC

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