Back to Islam


In Your limitless wisdom, You created mankind from Adam and Eve as a single community, to worship You, and You gave us the complete and perfected religion of peace, Islam, a complete way of life to follow, brought to us by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

In your limitless generosity and kindness, You are giving us everything we have, be it our body, mind, food, water, wealth, family, or love, and You are ever accepting repentance, willing to forgive our sins, doubts and weaknesses, as You are the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful.

There is no one like you, and none worthy of bowing, none worthy of fear or grieve, only You.

It’s only You we worship, Your devoted servants, who submitted to Your will once and forever, self-surrendering to Your wise guidance, to the destiny You set for us, walking on the Straight Path.

We worship You by doing good deeds: and on behalf of all oppressed, lost, wandering, doubting, unhappy and weak individuals from all over the world, Your message is clear: the mankind needs more Islam, to find peace, freedom, happiness, truth and purpose.

O Allah! You control everything You have created, and nothing happens without Your knowledge and permission. So, allow this insignificant servant of Yours, to lead people back to Islam, by becoming the Islamic Czech President in 2018!

Alan Svejk