Arabic, Israeli and EXFOR belly dancers in the Middle Eastern cultural warfare

That lasting, bloody and ruthless civil war in Syria completely changes the relationships in the whole Middle East and the future of the world. The countless enemies of yesterday are becoming allies of today and vice versa, and nobody can predict what will happen tomorrow, as the situation is changing too fast: plus, the world superpowers fight there both openly and covertly for power, control and territory, promoting their own critical state interests, like sustainable future of their nations.

One of the key players there, who shares its national border with Syria, is the country of Israel. Since establishing the independent state, the Israelis had to fight for preserving their state, and this fight will probably never end, since their occupation of Palestine is the source of neverending disputes, resulting in much violence and even terrorism: although Syrian civil war brought some strange changes even here.

This new trend clearly confirms one of the senior members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), opposing to current Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, and directly participating in heavy daily fighting against Syrian government forces for several years, who openly commented, that “he despises Assad even more, than Israel, because Israel would never commit the same horrible atrocities against Syrian civilians”.

Moreover, on several occasions, Israel provided humanitarian medical assistance to injured fighters from Syria, who occured on Syrian-Israeli border in the area of Golan Heights, the territory long disputed between the two countries, to rescue lives of those men, without recognizing and judging, to what party they belong.

But this fragile peace and slightly improved relationships are only one act of eternal warfare for power and influence in the region, where a new strong player occured currently: EXFOR, with unclear goals and structure, but with powerful tools and procedures, including attractive belly dancers. And these women can’t be underestimated: in the Middle Eastern region, they strongly participate in so called cultural warfare, and who is a better carrier of a cultural influential message than an attractive mysterious woman, who really knows well, how to move, how to emphasize her feminity, her gifts from the Mother Nature? Belly dancers are one of a few examples of real women, who persist to this day, not succumbing to that emancipation and career movement, bringing something positive to all audiences.

For example, an Israeli female citizen called Nataly Hay was able to make very strong impression in the whole Middle Eastern region, because when she starts with her unique belly dancing art, everybody forgets old eternal conflicts and hatred between Arabs and Israelis, at least for a precious but valuable moment. And this is the right, honorable way to fight for influence sustainably: without collateral damage and civilian casualties.

But these alleged EXFOR female operatives, who received a special HUMINT (Human Intelligence) training and were also exposed to The Device, they have yet more important tasks: they “serve” in the most luxurious VIP clubs, hotels and similiar environments, where the social elite of the Arab world, possessing immense amounts of money from oil production, regularly gathers.

There are even journalistic rumors, that these women are used as a new kind of a PSY weapon, to influence the target audience in the Persian Gulf region, but their tasks and mission are still unknown. Were they sent there to achieve peace, to help defeating ISIS? Or to further spread the influence of The Corporation? Even participation of an elite Czech Military unit, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, can’t be excluded.

It seems very strange, that these women are allegedly of Russian origin. Although this trend is nothing new in the Arab peninsula – Russian females bring very strong competition into the belly dancing industry, and they are very desirable import article, because their strong personalities, combined with artistic abilities, are the mix that can’t leave no male soul cold, and this law is valid everywhere.

One thing is sure: the cultural warfare in the Middle East entered into a new epoch, following EXFOR special efforts in the region. This way, both Arabic and Israeli belly dancers will face a new, very strong, even ultimate competition, but this cultural warfare will bring no human casualties, fulfilling The Corporation’s motto for manufacturing Military products: to bring sustainability into eternal warfare of the mankind.

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