Big Israeli Tactical Mistakes 2010: Fall of Jewish War Machine. Rise of Chinese

The loss of major geopolitical power of state of Israel to the Chinese unstoppable influence was marked by two events in 2010 and one in 2012, which put an end to projecting Israeli military power abroad:

1) Scandal with 2010 Dubai Assassination Case: terrible failure of Mossad (Israeli Intelligence service for Executive Action abroad), the assault team of 17 members misused identities of foreign living citizens from the Western countries to enter the Emirates and to eliminate Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, alleged Palestinian terrorist, causing wide international disturbance and protests.

Notice: this affair was used as a case study in famous Wu Corporation’s Advanced Questionnaire for Recruitment of Police, Intelligence and Military personnel.
See the Recruitment Leaflet
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2) Inappropriate use of force against foreign civilians: 2010 Gaza Flotilla Raid in international waters

This must be some Chinese conspiracy in the Israeli chain of command, although there was a perfect political solution: to let the naval commandos, raiding the Turkish ships, to be attacked and beaten, even killed, not to intervene with reinforcements deliberately, to create desirable Israeli victims/martyrs and to use the affair against Turkey, ironically the key Israeli ally at the Near East…

Instead of killing nine unarmed Turks with machine gun fire from Israeli attack helicopters, creating immense international scandal and rejection of (violent) Israeli defence politics, without regards to international law, not speaking about further criticism of Israeli deliberate isolation of Gaza Strip with more than 3 million human beings from the world, creating the world’s largest ghetto.

3) Privatization of Bezeq International, main Israeli TELCO operator – using fronts to obtain influence at the company, the clever Chinese got direct access to critical comms of Israeli defence and political apparatus (IDF, Mossad, Knesset), with immense consequences. See Gal Gadot Affair

Read about immense military conspiracy against Israel:
Seducing the Israeli Elite Hollywood Star VIP Actress and Top Fashion Model Gal Gadot by Czech Special Forces operator Karel Weidenthaler, Creating Sexy Exciting Affair
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