Amwaj Jewellery, Ali & Sons, Al Dhaheri Family, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Luxury, Wealth, Diamonds, Fashion, Accessories. Main Media Face: Marketa Korinkova Maryam, The Islamic Princess

Amwaj Jewellry Co., LLC an Ali & Sons company, a Wu Corporation‘s subsidiary Managed by reputated Al Dhaheri family with 1000 years of proven aristrocratic background Abu Dhabi/Dubai, United Arab Emirates Master Jewellery Craft Arts of Middle East and Persian Gulf,… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (26): Love Means To Let Go

Love means everything for us humans, and everybody could tell interesting stories about it. About all that unforgettable moments, when your heart is beating wildly and you look into his eyes, so deep and attracting and magical, promising bright mutual… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (25): Burden Of Attachment

Why do the people suffer in life? It’s not the outside circumstances, which hurt us. We hurt ourselves, just by being attached to many things, values and people. Your freedom begins in your inner world, and only then, no outside… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (24): The Blonde Adversary

For us men, to cope with the consequences of present CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) trends and Women Inclusion is sometimes difficult. To compete with modern, educated, inspiring and shining females in the corporate world is real challenge, and it forces… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (23): Accept The Leadership

To change your position in the world, to become an active element, you have to change yourself, by accepting the position of leadership, and related responsibility for others. If you will continue to live just for yourself and your personal… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (22): Women In Psychological Operations (PSYOPS)

We all dream about eternal peace, both in our minds and the world. But you know, that this goal is hard to achieve. You are a balanced person, but others are not. The truth is, we live in the harsh… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (21): Women and Global Cyber-Security

Two of the United Nations priorities are women empowerment and global security. There is a unique opportunity for women, to contribute to the global security as never before: in the most actual matter of international cyber security and preventing cyber… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (20): Laws of Cyber Warfare

How can you protect your world and the future, facing new security threats in cyber space? The realm of Cyber Warfare combines several sciences together: Military, Psychology and Technology. Meet a new branch of knowledge. Law 1: Remember, you are… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (19): Women Are The Military Future

The present world brings many security challenges. But there is an overlooked asset, who can massively contribute to world peacekeeping: Women. In Security and Military, they can bring the ultimate advantages for preserving the peace and higher state and social… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (18): Female Assets In Security Branch

Like every other branch, even Security has tremendous professional opportunities for women, and the demand for female operators grows rapidly there. If you think about a new and highly satisfying career, where your special skills will be fully appreciated, don’t… Continue Reading