Women of Islam: Claudia Schiffer. Crimes of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel Haute Couture

January 15, 1994 – German female fashion supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER (*1970), a blonde elite with blue eyes and striking tall body, indeed a perfect creation of ALLAH, the Creator of All, the Most Glorified, the Most High, is at top of… Continue Reading

Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain): Preventing The Fall 1492

What could and should had been done, in order to prevent final Fall of Granada in 1492, in strategic and tactical sense? What mistakes happened in effort to stop the invaders? Why didn’t the reinforcements and relieving armies from other Islamic countries… Continue Reading

Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain): Moriscos (Muslims, forcefully converted to Christianity

Muslims from former Al-Andalus, forced to convert to Christianity and practice forbidden shirk, polyteism, after fall of Granada, the last Emirate at Iberian Peninsula, in 1492. Rebellions of Moriscos —

Violent Incident at Mezquita de Cordoba 2010

There is an ongoing war between Muslims and Christian criminals, regarding Mosque of Cordoba (Mezquita de Cordoba), located in Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus), which had also a violent chapter After infamous Recoquista, this mosque is literally unlawfully occupied by Christian forces,… Continue Reading

Islamic Practice – Infidels – Taqiya

In special and reasoned cases, it’s possible to relax the Islamic duties for any Muslim temporarily, if he or she is under risk of persecution, or imminent threat against physical integrity, welfare or general Islamic interests. However, these extraordinary measures… Continue Reading

Islamic Guidelines Regarding Forbidden Alcohol and Related Products

It’s forbidden for any Muslim: To consume alcohol, even by “accident”, when alcohol is contained in a food or drink without Muslims’s explicit knowledge (soup for example). It’s his or her explicit duty, to always check consumed food for presence… Continue Reading

Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus): Spanish Andalusia Belongs To Allah. Emirate of Granada Revival: Islamic Republic Granada (IRG). Morisco Alhambra Territory Ancient Mythical Muslim Andalusi

“… and expel them from wherever they have expelled you.” Surah Al-Baqarah (2:191), the holy Quran The territory of Spain, particularly Southern part (Andalusia), was once Islamic: for almost 800 years, called Al-Andalus. Now, it’s the will of Allah, to… Continue Reading

Crimes of Christians

Deviated faith of the past Crimes during crusades (mass murders and ransacking of Jerusalem and Constantinople) Crimes Against Muslims and Jews in Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus): breaking Treaty of Granada, forced conversions, seizing property, inquisition, expulsion —

Czech Muslims Against Illegal Armed Jewish Militia of Prague Old Town, Code Name SHALOM

– Jewish community in Prague, Czech Republic, consisting mostly of Israeli Special Forces veterans with wide combat experience of oppressing Muslims, including suspected participation in Israeli War Crimes (Palestine, Gaza), allegedly established their clandestine armed militia, code name SHALOM, located… Continue Reading

Islamic Female Martyrs: Brides of Death

– Wu Corporation controversy, when Chinese fashion brand “Woman’s Destiny” offered outfits called “Black Widow”, “Bride of Death” and “Shrapnel Dream”, designated allegedly for female suicide bombers as part of their fashion collection. But Chinese explained the incident as “mere mistake… Continue Reading