Chef’s Rules: Man Cooking For Social Control Dominance Over Women. Not Becoming Unmanly Apron Loser. Superiority Gender Warfare Deception Test Submission. Matriarchy Estrogen Conspiracy

Male fools, you can also use cooking as a tool of social control and dominance, to try it, to test it, you will certainly like it, like the Estrogen Mafia and their Estrogen Conspriacy do, but to avoid losing your questionable manhood, execute it only under these conditions, not to become a bitch in an apron:

Never announce in advance to a bitch in advance, that you will cook for her
(making promises is dumb and unmanly, moreover, she will use it against you easily. To have control over woman, you need to surprise her, never announce your plans and intentions. To be submitted, she needs to remain in shadows and uncertainty)
Never obey pleas of a bitch to cook for her, claiming, that you are “a great chef”
(her flattering and sweet proclamations should always warn you. She wants to get an easy opportunity to hurt you, and you give it to her, by obeying her, but a proper man never obeys a bitch, never allowing her to influence his life and change his decisions)
Never show any disappointment or anger, if she doesn’t like the food, or rejects it, from whatever reasons, as she could use this move to hurt you deliberately, by hitting your sensitive spot, a favorite sociopath strategy
(women are always testing you, whether you have male integrity. So she can reject it, just to see your reaction, how you cope with rejection, how resistant you are, how much submitted you are to her)


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