China warns the world: Don’t use The Device near our borders

Earlier today, under heavy attention of the world politicians, Intelligence services and press, the Chinese prime minister came with very sharp public statement to the grounds of United Nations headquarters in New York. In front of the gathered assembly of deputies of 157 countries, he issued a serious warning to the world, that China will consider any usage of The Device near her border as an offensive act, and they won’t tolerate such “unfriendly behavior” that will have “serious consequences for anybody, disrupting the peace of our people”.

This strong declaration could be perceived surprising, since China never expressed any official stance to The Device and related changes in global geopolitical map. However, the Intelligence community noticed very well, that immediately after the announcement of The Device, China started improving and reinforcing the relations with adjacent countries (ASEAN and Japan) very intensively.

Some voices even say, that the phenomenon of The Device served very well for Chinese foreign interests, although indirectly: China never expressed any interest in obtaining The Device, suggesting by this approach to the world, that they could own a similar invention, or they could be developing it already. Or was it just an ingenious tactics, to make the world uncertain about her intentions and plans?

Particularly Japan was always a big challenge for Chinese foreign politics, and the same applies on the contrary too. These two countries always felt to be endangered by each other, and their neverending disputes, concerning apparently insignificant, inhabitated islands between them, were just a top of the iceberg of their tense mutual relationship. Also their continuous increasing of defense budgets and military expenses clearly indicated, that some serious geopolitical issues in Asia were not resolved, endangering the world peace, stability and sustainability.

But The Device helped, in a strange way, to finally find a common interest between both countries. Although all security analysts predicted, that Japan will aspire to get The Device for their defense arsenal immediately, it never happened: Japan made a new deal with China quickly, concerning very wide mutual economic, military and even cultural cooperation, and “strong friendly bond between our two famous nations” was declared.

It seems, that when China successfully secured her borders by this deal, and she also fortified her influence in the region, she waited for an appropriate opportunity to make her strength and influence felt. And it came eventually: following the first operational prototype of “Avenger 3 PSY-DEW” anti-aircraft laser weapon system, developed in cooperation of several key U.S. defense companies and The Corporation.

“Avenger 3” is perceived as the most significant change in air warfare since the invention of jet engine. Laser armament was widely used by NATO for many years already (earlier versions of Avenger DEW, “Directed Energy Weapon”, equipped with powerful infrared laser, able to destroy onboard electronics of any airplane, in the distance up to 10 kilometers), but the third generation means a complete paradigm shift in all air operations.

The new PSY platform, developed by The Corporation, should be able to not only stop and eliminate all low-altitude tactical aircraft, but also to turn the military hardware and human assets against their original owner, and such possibility means immense security threat for any enemy.

In his speech, the Chinese prime minister appealed to the present NATO chairman, that “it’s not wise to play with dangerous toys”, and he suggested to the assembly, that all PSY offensive weapons should be banned, because they bring “nothing good for the mankind” and “some lines shouldn’t be crossed”.

In reaction to this sharp statement, the NATO chairman said: “We understand your legitimate concerns, and we agree, that this issue should be discussed more. Let’s sit to a round table during upcoming UN Security Council’s meeting and discuss it. We all want peace, and we will do everything possible to maintain it.”

After the big applause, both men shook hands with sincere smiles, and this spontaneous event, even proof of friendship and cooperation, calmed and relaxed the atmosphere in the hall. “Now we believe, that the future of the mankind can be sustainable, if personalities like these two men influence our shared matters,” the prime minister of Portugal said on behalf of all present politicians and countries. In any case, the Chinese dragon is awoken, and the world has to count with Chinese interests.

Security analysts perceive this event as an efficient effort of China to block The Corporation’s influence in Asia, in fact a matter of economic warfare. “China uses the classical strategy of soft power and ‘divide and conquer’: by separating NATO from The Corporation, they can get enough time to construct their own technological miracles, to counter The Device, or even to surpass it,” the director of a top global Intelligence company commented.

But there is still one more player in the game, and a very powerful one: Russia. “The Russian bear plays the ball differently. I think that in this moment, they are negotiating with The Corporation to make a mutually advantageous deal,” an unnamed diplomatic deputy remarked. “We can be glad, that instead of fighting and clashes, the world players makes good deals, and we can live in peace.”

The question is, how widely are those negotiations influenced by The Device. It seems, that China and The Corporation are now the strongest worldwide players, using advanced strategy against each other. China has long tradition of military strategists, like Sun Tzu – and The Corporation allegedly copied many key concepts of Chinese psychological warfare school.

“I think that The Corporation is a front organization of NATO, made to counter the Chinese influence by using their own tricks against them,” a respected journalist wrote a very shocking opinion.

All participating sides denied this “completely silly, immensely absurd, foolish theory”, and refused further comments.

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