China will liberate the world from terrorist threat. Islamic State fears only the Eastern Dragon

As the Western world crumbles under unprecedented refugee crisis in Europe, plus Islamic State terror campaign, hitting the whole world hard and quickly changing the society into permanent state of fear, necessary militarization of the police security forces and growth of mass surveillance to prevent further terrorist attacks, one entity, that will enter the world affairs soon, is surprisingly omitted: the Eastern Dragon, China, is waiting patiently, in calm and peace, with massive military, to make things in the world right.

There are rumors in the Intelligence community, that there is only one entity that Islamic State really fears: it’s not the United States with their precision airstrikes, remotely controlled drones and Special Forces commandos, hitting enemies anywhere, it’s not Russia who entered the Syrian battlefield in large: it’s China, rumored to be No. 1 superpower already. And without any doubt, China observes the futile Western “War on Terror” that can’t be won, waiting for Western request for assistance, as the terrorist threat can’t be contained with current countermeasures.

But China is different. Free from political correctness, with stable and unified society, this superpower can turn the war into final victory, but Western security analysts know very well, that rise of influence of China can totally rewrite the world geopolitical map of power, influence and interests.

The U.S. President Barack Obama, ending his second term in the office, had a speech in the U.S. Congress recently, where he stated, quote: “It’s not the enemy who controls our destiny. It’s us. It’s our mistakes which make the enemy strong. We can defeat ourselves with our own bad decisions.”

This open statement is directly related with a deep and thorough investigation Obama ordered in December 2015, concerning a highly disturbing theory, that establishing and rising of Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL or Daesh) was directly influenced by the Americans themselves, particularly by a computer game, published by EA Games, called “Command and Conquer: Generals” and its instalment “Zero Hour” (2003), and one of the participating sides in the game, so called “Global Liberation Army” (GLA), with direct connections to the Islamic world and advanced terrorist strategy to achieve global dominance.

The most disturbing fact is, that there is a singleplayer campaing in “Zero Hour”, which runs through the following order: at first, a player can lead the U.S. forces, than, he can play as the commander of GLA, and in the end, he or she takes command of Chinese forces, called for helping Europe, as America pulled out from European battlefield, to protect their own borders, after terrorists sank their aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean sea, near Matala, Crete, and they were even able to infiltrate the U.S. borders in their bold raid into a toxin facility, in order to construct a new weapon of mass destruction.

The game ends with China liberating the Europe from terrorist threat, making new arrangements in mutual relations between Europe and China. After the last epic battle is won, the news presenter from Chinese state television announces with highly agitated voice, that “… this is for all of us a new day”.

China still hasn’t entered the current affairs directly, waiting for other participating sides to get exhausted in this neverending assymetric war of attrition, running since September 11, 2001: for the whole 15 years. After lost wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the NATO clearly confirmed that their options of defeating new, highly experienced terrorist enemies are limited. And there is only one entity that promises to make things right: China.

As the Western world becomes more and more desperate and citizens live in fear of terrorists taking battle into the European lands, it’s only a question of time when somebody will call for help, and there is no other entity, that could win this war, than China. Avoiding all conflicts and taking sides, China is a logical ally in future war against terrorism, fully capable of defeating the enemy. Moreover, this development was predestined in aforementioned computer game, and investigation is pending, whether the game designers and screenwriters were connected to terrorists somehow, supporting them with ideas and concepts, how to wage their holy war.

Usually, in any computer game, published in America, the Americans win in the end, as they allegedly represent freedom and truth. But not this time, not when Global Liberation Army impersonated the ultimate terrorist threat, following a similiar event in the real world, the Islamic State, calling for all Muslims to unite against all enemies of Ummah.

The future of China is bright: soon, the world will beg them to help. And they will help, but there will be a price to be paid: recognizing China as number one world superpower. In this moment, the world will be changed forever, and this future is set.

China is the future of the world not only economically, but also in the terms of desired peace and stability. If anybody can save the world from endless terrorist threat, it’s China. And this fact will be confirmed soon, as terrorists continue and intensify futher their ruthless unprecendented campaign, allegedly to liberate the world from oppression.

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