Chinese woman: Real elite of the world affairs and creator of sustainable future

Right now, at this moment, there is 100.000 of young Chinese women and girls, roaming the streets of all substantial European cities. Travelling in pairs or alone, they are inconspicuous, silent, smiling but quite reserved, even cold to all foreigners, but completely balanced and knowing their mission and purpose.

It was the wise Chinese government who sent them here, to get wide personal experience, to see the distant Western world through their own eyes, to soak the culture and local conditions, to understand, to widen their perspective. China, current No. 1 superpower, standing united, ready and concentrated in our times of unrest, crises and instability, grows their elite very straight way.

All these women, studying elite Universities and speaking excellent English, are creatures, who are not possible to read anyhow, to know, what is inside them, inside their minds and souls. They are trained for their life mission: to infliltrate the whole world, and standing tall with their ultimate abilities and talents. This is a way how to get ultimate Chinese influence inconspicuously: and these young women are the most qualified operatives.

China is still perceived by many foolish Westerners just as a cheap world factory, but this false impression can’t be more wrong. This vast land has also an unlimited human potential, and Chinese women are the most effective tool to expand Chinese power and influence everywhere. Hardworking, silent and reserved, they are often ignored and marginalized, but in reality, these women are the future world rulers: they have everything, including large support from their government, who knows their unique qualities well.

But it would be incorrect to call this emancipation or just supporting women inclusion. Regardless of gender, Chinese people are one single mass, who is devoted to their roots, to their nation and country with so long history and tradition. This unity and group harmony, unseen in contemporary fragmented world, full of disputes and division, is the guaranteed way to control world affairs, to get power and influence.

Chinese human power is the most feared by all Western security and Intelligence services, including elite PSYOPS military units. No one can afford to have Chinese enemies, as Chinese Psychological and Information warfare schools are more than elite: they are an adversary that can’t be ever defeated, flexible and flowing, adapting perfectly in all circumstances. Their way of fighting is usually indirect, as they always avoid direct confrontation, but this makes them an adversary that can’t be underestimated in some false pride.

Silly NATO buys useless expensive tanks, aircraft and advanced military arsenal to fight potential Russian enemies on imaginary battlefields of the future, but they are not able or willing to see, that China is positioned in a place that can’t be ever conquered or subjugated. As it was mentioned earlier, they are the only entity, capable of neutralizing the Islamic State, the ultimate terrorist organization in world history. The day China will enter the world affairs in large will change everything: but now, they are letting things go, waiting for their moment to enter the game, watching all sides to be exhausted from endless biting each other.

Chinese women are creatures, who will shape the future world social and human elite, who will manage things for all of us, and no one can change this. They are winning simply by being better than us on all fronts, and to conquer a Chinese woman’s heart and mind should be an ultimate goal for any man, as mating with her can bring really sustainable future on a winning side.

China is stronger every day, every minute, as the Western world gets weaker and weaker, fighting futile wars of attrition that can’t be ever won, suffering from divided society and endless internal and external disputes. The abyss between them and us is vast: unity, balance, strength and harmony on their side, and fragmentation and mess on our side.

Chinese women are the real elite. Unlike cheap and vulgar, oversexualized and overanalyzing Western women, who live only to succumb to lies, illusions and their own fear, Chinese women know their place, purpose and mission, and their strength is in powerful collective thinking, allowing everybody to feel balanced and useful for the nation, for the society, even if competition is so strong in such highly populated country.

China is the only country, able to counter the expanding influence of the Islamic world, who has another unique qualities, including Muslim women. These two worlds are shaping the future: unlike the decadent, collapsing Western civilization, falling apart today, losing past influence and might.

Chinese woman is a real idol, not some cheap Western fashion model with silicone artificial breasts. All key fashion brands think very deeply about tastes of Chinese women today, as the Chinese fashion market is vast, and Chinese women determine the fashion style more and more, by their usual indirect way.

Chinese woman changes the world. You only play your silly smart part in the world affairs, but her influence is real, and China will benefit from such human potential, to lead the world to sustainable future.

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