Choose Islam or Culture of Fear

It’s no wonder that so many Western people convert to Islam these days, either covertly or openly, discovering the complete, perfected religion, brought to the mankind by Allah through His final messenger, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and thus finding their balance, happiness, purpose, health and life mission they were looking for so long. Only with Allah’s the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful lead, they can become the persons they always wanted to be, finding simplicity, harmony and morality in life, and also their final escape from oppression to real freedom and peace.

One of the most devastating features of the postmodern, decadent and collapsing capitalist Western society is its immense complexity. Procedures, rules and laws are widening their numbers at geometrical level, plus, many covert influences, with their goals unclear, rule the inner movements inside the society to reach alleged promised paradise on Earth, as all that social engineering masterminds as Katerina Valachova try to execute with malicious boldness and ruthlessness.

The world they want to create is far deviated from rational and desired simplicity that Allah meant and created with complete harmony in mind. Contemporary leaders promise the world where everybody has alleged human rights, which are sacred, but in practice, the society becomes destabilized and fragmented, prone to collapse and infestation with disasters, doubts, disappointment, denial, hatred and damaging the environment in the name of economic development and financial gains for any price, plus, every citizen becomes atomized and isolated, weak, full of anxiety of uncertain future, and prone to persuasion from treacherous politicians and corporations who need to sell their useless overpriced low-quality products to make profit.

One of the most widely misused measures to achieve this status of total social disintegration is fear, in many ways and forms by the media, corporations through “PR agencies”, politicans and social leader in evil services.

Any modern “free” citizen is daily and strongly massaged, teached and inspired to fear cancer, diseases like HIV, aging, losing the job, losing the spouse or remaining single forever, having his or her beloved car damaged or stolen, thieves everywhere, violent young drunk men who have nothing to lose on the night streets, refugees roaming European cities in masses, ruthless Islamic State terrorists home and abroad that can’t be stopped by NATO airstrikes, Russians reclaiming their former empire, palm oil in many food, being unsuccessful, losing the edge, having the bank account assaulted by hackers and money stolen, devoted Muslims who spread their faith to conquer new lands for Allah, Chinese with their inconspicuous soft power and wide Intelligence activities, being crushed on a highway from a truck driver who fell asleep as his employer forces him to drive day and night, North Korea and Iran as so called “axis of evil”, losing data from the phone or computer, being robbed by a taxi driver or waiter, having their beloved child lost or abducted, losing the property by fraud, being judged by worldly court to prison sentence, missing an advantageous offer or a discount, being shot by masked militarized police, not making a proper Christmas celebrations and thus becoming a social loser, Ebola outbreak in Africa, steadily rising prices of electricity and water, being betrayed by politicians again, paying taxes in time, women losing their beauty, men losing their alleged power and influence, and thousand more of little pieces of one big postmodern anxiety.

But then, into all this endless mess, doubts and unrest, the ultimate voice of Allah says in Qur’an with simplicity: “Fear only me.”

And then, people know well, what to choose to fill their hearts and minds. Life of a Muslim is thousand times more desirably simple and satisfying than alleged “paradise of freedom” promised falsely by postmodern Western society.

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