Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM): a Jihadi clique of Islamized Salafi Wahhabi Gypsies (Bosnia) from Teplice. Saudi Arabia Qatar China Support Subversive Conspiracy Terrorist

Main territory of origin, activities, interest and residence: Teplice, the Islamic Czech city. CCM deliberately ignores larger Prague, the capital, where they would have to compete with other Islamic elements for power, and rather concentrates on highly promising territory with large Islamic presence (local spa), with clear perspective to rule the city both socially and politically

Teplice: Islamic Czech City, Worshipping Allah
Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Suspected connection to Politicial Warfare (POLWAR) and Active Measures (AMG) departments of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an alleged elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Military for executing the most sensitive operations of Czech national interest, who could create this front organization as their fully controlled puppet and apparent adversary of the state, as Czech tabloid media reported, as a controlled enemy is always beneficial for many state and security purposes

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS
Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Agenda/Mission: Eman Ghaleb as first Islamic mayor of Teplice, to acquire direct political power, and other key goals, like construction of Teplice mosque, with two minarets
Eman Ghaleb Yemen Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs 3

CCM forced the owners of Mecca Club in Prague to change its name immediately, to stop insulting Muslims, otherwise, a massive counter-action will be launched against them, consisting of various means, damaging the club’s brand name irrevocably

Czech Muslims Require Renaming the Mecca Club in Prague

Designated as a risk for Czech national security (access and possible misuse of the nuclear armament and TDE, located at nearby SPECOPS military base)

Suspected Salafi / Wahhabi connection / radicalization, as Czech Counterintelligence BIS reported (Bosnia)
WahhabI For Life Concerned Czech Muslims CCM Teplice Muslim Allah Islam Salafi Wahabi Bosnia Agenda Conspiracy Saudi Arabia - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Miroslav Kalousek, chairman of Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Special Weaponry, suggests deeper infiltration of Intelligence operatives and commando raids against Czech mosques, with special interest in Teplice region, angering Muslims worlwide. CCM reacts with launching Subversive Lawfare (LAWAR) against Kalousek and his political party, to isolate him from his allies, to destroy his political career, and to get rid of their adversary, who promotes anti-Islamic and anti-CCM agenda. It’s suspected, that Kalousek’s political opponents, both internal and external, paid CCM to execute this operation against their old archenemy

Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interest and Control of Special Weapons

Prague and Brno Islamic cells, known to be weak and divided, are protesting, as they lose money from Saudi Arabia to their Teplice Islamic “competitors”, trying even to suppress them, by spreading posionous rumors, that CCM are Jihadi radicals with possible connection to Islamic State terrorists, to provoke swift reaction of state security forces, particularly Czech Militarized Police (PCR)
The Czech Islam Divisions Apostasy Muslim Islamic Ummah community Allah sympathy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Consisting of Islamized Gypsies, Bosnian connection (hard to infiltrate by state clandestine Intelligence operatives, only electronic surveillance possible)

Suspected to be local key Saudi assets for executing their Superior Woman programme, to promote Islam through women worldwide, by bribing local female media/celebrity assets, like Monika Maresova and fashion models

The Superior Woman Comes From Saudi Arabia

Asserting of banning dogs away from Sanov park of Teplice, where Islamic guests of the local spa gather with children, and public transport of Teplice. More than 10 dogs later poisoned by unknown assailants in Teplice, using stolen military-grade Anti-Canine Essences (ACE), and public blame is immediately put on CCM, tabloid media are informing against alleged “Islamic Jihad Against Czech Dogs”, whereas CCM denies any responsibilty for the incidents, and claims the affair to be a false flag operation of their adversaries, either infidel or Islamic, to damage CCM/Islam and provoke police intervention against them, or even a questionable viral advertisement for the ACE military product. Police investigations finds no culprit(s), Teplice citizens with dogs avoiding Sanov park, as Muslims requested

Czech Muslims Defend Their Sacred Mosques Against Police Dogs

Anti-Canine Essences (ACE) by Wu Corporation

Split from Moravian Islamic Affairs, to fully concentrate on Bohemia region at first, claiming it to be a territory of Allah (Czech Republic consists of there historical territories: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, today a part of Moravia, as the most of it belongs to Poland, northern neighbour, and this conflicting territory even provoked military clash between the two countries in 1920)

Suspected secret negotiations with Poland, that once the Muslims will get direct political power in CZ, the region of Silesia (Ostrava, Karvina, Havirov) will be given to Poland as a gift, with rumored intention of inserting Islamic Trojan Horse into this highly Christian country, to disrupt religious cohesion of Poland. Organizer of this conspiracy still unknown, possibly Polish Islamic clique, or even Polish anti-Islamic elements, to create desirable enemy. But previous international affair between CZ and Poland, connecting Polish (GROM) and Czech Special Forces (C102), points at possible Czech Military participation, and defence interests in the matter.

The Silesian Affair: Islamic Dagger To Revenge Polish Military Invastions Into Bohemia

The Secret War
Poland NATO - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs

Wide counter action against a SWAT raid of the Czech Police against mosques in April 2014, humiliating Muslims during Friday prayers, threatening them to be shot just because alleged problematic book. No courth decision made in the end, the culturally insensitive assault was completely futile, and CCM now demand proper investigation, designating and punishing the culprits from Czech courts and Police.

The Forgotten Raid: Czech Militarized Police Against Czech Mosques. Shooting People For a Book?

12/2016: CCM protested against deployment of Czech Militarized Police commandos, equipped with military-grade assault rifles (G36K carbines 5.56mm), loaded with dum-dum highly devastating ammunition, and even portable anti-tank rocket launchers (RPG) in the streets of the Czech cities, following Berlin terrorist attack in December 2016 (kidnapping a heavy truck and using is against soft targets, gathered people at the Christmas market). CCM claimed, that “these outarageous measures are not for security, but to deter people from Islam, their only chance for salvation, by projecting intimidating power to be seen by civilians in this shameful parade of military power.”

Czech Muslims Provoking Concerns Against Militarized Police. Defending Religious Freedom

12/2016: CCM launched their anti-Xmas campaign in Czech Republic, particularly in Teplice region, using so called Lawfare

Czech Muslims Launch Campaign Against Xmas. Insulting Islam, Promoting Deviated Faith

12/2016: CCM challenged people to ignore the Western culture of fear and its Xmas, decadent festives, originating in pagan tradition, and unacceptable, as there is only one God and He had no sons or offsprings, and travel to Emirates instead, to spend the end of the year there, in perfect warm weather, to discover Islam conveniently, directly and discreetly.

VIP Islamic Travels: Discover Islam in Emirates

1/2017: CCM announced their campaign for disarmament and disbanding of illegal armed Jewish militia of Old Town Quarter, Prague, code name SHALOM, established allegedly to protect Jewish interest against terror, with support of Mossad Intelligence agency for executive action abroad

Shalom Jewish Militia Prague Old Town Clandestine Jewellry Armed Protection Terror Israel Mossad Wahhabi Teplice Commando Covert Secret - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

CCM also released a public statement, regarding alleged commander of this illegal militia, Aaron Gunsberger, Israeli Special Forces veteran, suspected from participation at Israeli war crimes in Gaza/Palestine during his military service, owner of “King Solomon” kosher restaurant (Old Town Prague), who allegedly has massive stash of military grade weapons and explosive ordnance hidden in the basement.
Aaron Gunsberger Jew Israel Prague King Solomon Kosher restaurant ISIS Israeli Jewish terrorism Old Town Czech war Muslim Assault IS ISIL Wahhabi 3 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

1/2017: CCM demands change of Teplice’s coat of arms, where a Christian patron is depicted, and they MEAN IT

Czech Muslims Request Removing Christian Patron From Teplice City Coat of Arms. Islam Rules There

1/2017: Disturbing rumors from Old Town Prague, where new and very substantial information about local armed Jewish Militia (see above) leaked, and CCM Wahhabis are dispatching an assault group from Teplice, to execute an unknown operation at Prague’s Old Town territory, just in time of arrival of a high-profile Mossad operative into Parizska street, to attend at a secret meeting between local Israeli assets, Mossad and Special Forces of the Czech Army. Iranian Intelligence assets allegedly participating in the affair too. Even violent clash can be expected, including use of firearms and explosives, but Czech Militarized Police only supervises, unwilling to prevent or intervene the incident, not to cross ways with Mossad’s  unknown interests. Heavy Slander gossip magazine is expected to release more information later.

CCM Wahhabis released their highly controversial “guide for proper handling of infidel sluts”, called “Hunter’s Rules: For Man Taking What He Wants”
Hunter's Rules Sniper Target Prey Animal Scope Rifle Ambush Special Forces Sniping Army Fashion Brand Wu Corporation China Illuminati Conspiracy Man Male - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy

Invitation to Islam for Martin Jaros and several other highly positioned Czech executives, all female, working and residing in Middle East

Czech Muslims Against Expressive Car Plate of Aaron Gunsberger

Rise of Czech Islam: Bohemia Belongs To Allah

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