Conversion to Islam (1): Find Your Destiny. Obey Allah’s Command, Submit to His Will, Be Liberated


Brother or Sister,

it was the will of Allah, that you found this post, inside all the vast depth and width of the world, as Allah always finds a way, how to help people, how to bring them closer to their destiny, peace, freedom and truth they were always seeking.

Islam, the only perfected and complete religion of peace, superior and dominant to all others, gets close to you

Indeed, from Islamic angle of view, your finding of this page is not coincidence, luck, occassion, intervention of some mortal, or simple matching of circumstances. It’s really the will of Allah, as He has control over everything He created: including you, although you are maybe not awoken yet, at least oficially.

It’s your destiny: can you feel it? How your mind, heart and soul resonates, only when hearing the magical words ALLAH and ISLAM? So beautiful, fitting together so naturally, sounding perfectly, because Allah is perfect, unlike mere mortals. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have such powerful, wise, ultimate leader? 

But you were once pure, you just need to find that original, uncorrupted state again. Every child is born as a Muslim, and even you were a child once, clean, a new book, so maybe the time came for you to discover your true faith and true foundation, when you are tired of all that infidel sins, filth, emptiness, misery and endless wandering.

Maybe you feel, that something very precious for you is related to Islam, and you want to know more, much more, before deciding to convert maybe, or just to discover the fascinating Islamic culture and society. So, Allah commanded to write this very practical guide for you, written with deep understanding for Western European circumstances, mindset and relations, including your need for privacy and discreet discovery of Islam, from many reasons.


You want to… taste supremacy, fulfill your destiny, become the person you always should be, execute the will of Allah as His tool, enjoy His ultimate leadership, guidance and protection?

Upon conversion, all your sins forgiven. Fresh start. New book! You! The new “you”, that version you never imagined, under wise guidance of Allah. That future better times, for which you were always waiting and praying for, will begin, but only with Him in command. You will get what you deserve: happiness, peace and love. Why should you suffer any more? You will live fully, leaving the culture of fear, fearing only Him.

Islam: submission to the will of Allah, which results in peace

You want to be free of postmodern Information Age oppression: mass surveillance, omnipresent cameras, militarized police, social media, pressure, advertisement, lack of privacy, propaganda, lies, media full of bad news, false prophets, fake leaders you are supposed to follow, admire and worship, Illuminati slaves, manipulation, subliminal messages, news full of terrorism and U.S. military aggression, China buying the world for Devil’s coinage… and against all that powerful multinational corporations, rules of the contemporary world, with their private Military forces, there is you, your fragile self, so vulnerable, so accessible, so weak, so limited, so insufficiently educated, not understanding the game, so easily to be influenced to do horrible things for corrupted, but able, Devil sponsored masterminds and their army of PR assets from Ogilvy and other corrupted PR agencies, to spread sweet lies. This is what you wanted, infidels?

Or, what about to choose a new master, who can provide all you really need? Peace, freedom, destiny?

Firstly, if your decision to convert to Islam is firm, then you should not hesitate, “consider options further” and “wait for better tomorrow”: submitting to Allah on deathbed is not accepted, so you shouldn’t postpone the act. Because you never know, what hour on the clock is your last: but it’s only Allah, who decides, how long people live, when and how they will leave the world.

And why should you steal all the goodies of Islam from yourself just by losing time and hesitating, anyway? Islam can save you, right now, on the spot, wherever you are, in whatever situation, losing everything and everybody, alone and isolated!

But out there… there is Allah, willing to offer you His warmest embrace, incomparable with any woman or man, even with your own mother!

There is 2 billion of Muslims, your future brothers and sisters, treating nicely each other, helping each other, supporting each other, protecting each other, incomparable with infidels, perceiving each other as competition, enemies and nuisance! Live with Islam, and you will have a reason to thank Allah every minute of your life!


You can convert to Islam just now, if necessary, but to enjoy the whole process the most, to create an exciting ultimate adventure from it, to understand the faith and to receive ultimate amount of rewards and advantages by Almighty Allah, certain simple process is recommended, accompanied with travelling to an Islamic country, to taste Islam widely and directly, so the whole conversion is slower, but deeper, smoother, natural, enriching in all senses and opening eyes, to bring you close to Allah, your creator, who always listens, who sees and hears and everything, who knows, what you do.

Understand: choosing, accepting and absorbing new religion is not like choosing and buying a new car. If you were an atheist, not a religious person, then you need more time and examining to recognize Allah, who will slowly enter you, your mind and body, taking control, as Islam is about submitting to His will, which results in peace.

This process of transformation can take months, but it worths it indefinitely, it’s not demanding or painful, moreover, you have guarantee, that your faith is real, that you really made the choice, which is for life, which can’t be undone, that it was not just some erratic act of temporary madness, which you regret later.

However, for immediate or future need or use, you should know and remember well:

To become a Muslim instantly, a follower of Islam, a servant and slave of Allah, a man or woman, regardless of race, origin (Arabic or non-Arabic), nationality, wealth, education or age, needs to make the declaration of faith, or Shahadah, to acknowledge uniqueness and oneness of Allah, that He is the only existing deity, worthy of worship, and Prophet Muhammad is His messenger.

Be warned, however, that becoming a Muslim is for life, it means forever, until your last breath on this world. It can’t be undone, it can’t be reverted, and conversion to other religion from Islam can be punished even with death. Once you are a tool of Allah, submitted to Him, executing His will, you are under His control, and you can’t simply deny this control, gaining your “freedom” and independence” again. Once you submit to Him, you are His servant… for life.

If this Shahadah is expressed with all seriousness, not under coercion, worsened health condition etc., you become a Muslim just after expressing Shahadah, acquiring new beneficial rights, but also critical duties with immediate validity, which are punishable, even with death, if violated (see below).

The Shahadah doesn’t have to be even spoken loudly, but it has to reflect your firm belief: that there is only one God, it’s Allah (=thus the only God with big “G”), and Prophet Muhammad is His messenger. In other sense, there is only one deity, the only entity, worthy of worshipping: Allah. He has no son, no offspring, and partners. He controls the world which He has created, and the end of all affairs rests upon Him.

It sound quite easy, huh? Like it would mean nothing. What is so difficult so say several words? Every fool can do that, you could think…

But be warned: in practice, you will find, that this declaration – that the only existing deity, the only entity, worthy of worship, is Allah – will be the most important sentence and act of your life, it will force you to change your life completely, to get rid of many fake prophets and deities, which you worshipped without realizing it, once and forever, for example:

Men need to stop worshipping women, and vice versa
Parents need to put Allah in front of their children
All need to stop worshipping singers, actors, pets, friends, and similar idols. Birthdays of anybody and festives (except two Islamic “Eid’s”) are not celebrated. Idolatry is forbidden in Islam. Allah is the only one worshipped.
You need to stop celebrating Xmas (birth of Prophet Isa / Jesus, peace be upon him), as God is only one, He has no son, offspring or partner, and deviated Christians recognize so called “Shirk” (multiple deities). According to them, Jesus is a deity, but according to Islam, Isa / Jesus is a prophet of Allah, a human, not a deity
You can’t attend Christian mass, or acts of other religion, unless in condition of Taqqiya, when you are under serious threat of persecution (this concept will be explained later. The only one reason of breaking the faith is mere survival: but some interpretations allow it for expansion and gaining more power for Islam.)

As you can see, mere several words of Shahadah will change your life very seriously. But this is, what you wanted, no?

Allah is the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, always accepting repentance, but BE WARNED: Apostasy (recognizing other deity than Allah, denying oneness and/or existence of Allah, etc.) is the most serious sin in Islam, punishable even by death in more conservative / orthodox interpretation of Islam. More serious than any other sin, including murder, adultery, or consuming forbidden substances

REMEMBER: Worshipping of any idol (except Allah) by a Muslim is apostasy. If your faith should be true, strong and real, if you want to experience real Islam, Allah must be always at first place, in front of anybody, anything. ALWAYS. There is no exception. You can’t love your family member, spouse, child or pet more, than Allah. You can’t put Allah aside, for wordly interests and affairs. Even your beloved child dying is not an excuse to miss prayers or forget and praise Allah, that He gives you what you need, and takes from you, what you doesn’t need. You should get rid of all apparel with living things, and depictions of living things at your home.

If you don’t get rid of them as a Muslim (=and you are a practically a Muslim after expressing Shahadah), you are committing a serious sin. Seriously.

As you can see, Islam is so simple in theory, but so colorful and interesting in practice. Fools and half-Islamic apostates are complaining, that there are rules, many things are forbidden… but it’s all only for the welfare and protection of Muslims. And it’s so interesting and exciting to discover all the details!

Allah doesn’t oppress His believers… why should He oppress His beloved creations? He teaches them, gives them good advices, and to follow His wise guidance is the best step. Or will you follow some foolish mortals, who know nothing, who just babble and play games with your mind, making mess inside you, so you start making mistakes, like they want? Buy useless stuff? Obey corrupted leaders and their corrupted media, full of Devil and subliminal messaging, as modern advertisement and Public Relations strategies simply play with human psychology?

Still, maybe you think now: why should I become a Muslim? There is so many limitations, I will lose my freedom, serving Allah to unknown purposes… so what is the advantages of Islam? Why should I do it, for such high price?

Of course, that you consider all steps and events in your life in relation to your personal advantages, as every person always sees his or her personal interests at the first place. It’s completely natural.

Q and A (SINGLE FILES): Who will punish me for my sins as a Muslim, if no one sees me committing them?
Allah. Allah knows everything you do. He is All-hearing, All-seeing. It’s Him and only Him, who will reward or punish you. Indeed, you can’t escape or hide from Him. And Allah will always find a way, how to reward you, punish you, teach you, or awake you. The events in worldly life are interventions of Allah.

Q and A: I own a dog, and I like the animal, it lives in the same room with me, although it’s considered unclean in Islam. Can I become a Muslim?

A dog is an unclean animal indeed, at least the saliva, but it’s a creation of Allah, so it’s under His protection. However, handling a dog means stress for state of your ritual purity, which is important in Islam, and you are now submitted to Allah at the first place, so you should listen Him and His commands with absolute priority. So, rather then change your relationship towards the dog, put Allah at the first place. If He will allow you to have dog, and give love and care to the animal, then be it. But only Allah can decide such things, as there are many different interpretations of the issue in the community.

Q and A: There is an Islamic issue, and different interprentations of Islamic scholars, so I don’t know, what opinion to follow.

Remember, Allah is always the first law, guidance and command, superior to all mortals. Then, example of Prophet Muhammad.

Q and A: What if I will consume alcohol/pork unwillingly, by accident, in a soup or product (chocolate bonbons with liquor), or I will be offered a medicine, prepared in a lotion with alcohol. I am commiting sin?

It’s your duty to check always, what is the content of food you are eating. Thus, the safest food is bought and packed, so you can supervise and check the content, or cooked by yourself. If you eat food, made by someone else, who is not aware about your faith and special needs, or generally not trustworthy in Islamic sense, always ask, whether the product contains alcohol, or pork, or animal blood, and what ingredients were used to prepare, to be sure. Regarding medicine: ask for a non-alcoholic alternative. If in life threatening condition, you can use even medicine with alcohol, and eat even pork or animal blood, if death by starving is imminent. But in developed Western society, such event will hardly happen, and Allah will judge you, if your exceptions from the faith were just, or just fake excuses for your weaknesses. Anyway, consummation of alcohol, pork or alcohol, even apparent convertion to another religion, is allowed under certain strict conditions, including threat of persecution (see Taqqiya). Remember, that Allah knows, what you do, and your cheap excuses, that “He doesn’t see it” are futile.

Q and A: Who judges me?

Q and A: Why is consuming alcohol forbidden in Islam?

Q and A: Gambling

Q and A: Smoking

Lying to infidels

Infidel friends

Friday at mosque if afraid of police)Intelligence persecution allowed to omit

Turkey – advantages, close, Europe, disadvantage: ISIS, unrestr (expl, terr ata, coup)


I want Islamic Funeral – czech no if there is no registration official recognition and ID note with instruction – maybe change necessary

Q and A: Horoscopes, witch craft, tarot cards – forbidden, as only Allah influences and decides destiny and the end of all affairs

make living doing haram activity above

Dawah – all able bodied



Friends with infidel

If I will become a Muslim, do I need to start to praying, stop drinking alcohol and eating pork etc. immediately?
Yes, according to your best abilities and personal responsibility, because yu want to worship Allah as much as possible, to please Him and receive His blessings, help and advantages. No excuses are allowed, but of course, no wise person fell from the sky, and Allah is the Most Merciful, Most Compassionate, Always Forgiving.
But if you want to serve Him well, then it’s your Islamic responsibility to study Islamic prayer/duties/bans immediately and start practising, as training makes a master. You can start with studying this (Islamic Poster). There is no “transitional” or “temporary” period for new converts in Islam. And you should participate nearest Friday prayer in mosque, it means praying in congregation, which needs certain knowledge. Missing several Friday prayers makes you apostate.

Turkey – good example


After you recognize the only deity, there are two basic sou

Still, to perceive the declaration more binding and serious, and to be oficially recognized as a Muslim and accepted into the Ummah, it’s most desirable, to say Shahadah in front of qualified withess(es), at best an Imam of a mosque.

Conversion to Islam: Conversion to Islam: Find Your Destiny. Obey Allah’s Command, Submit to His Will, Be Liberated

Alan Svejk