Conversion To Islam: Who Are You?

Remember, that whatever you have, whoever you are, it was not luck, hard work, or coincidence, that you became the person of today.

It was only Allah, who decided your life path. He was the one, who rewarded you with victories, when He was pleased with your deeds, or punished you with apparent losses and suffering… but maybe He wanted to test you? Indeed, Allah is the most wise, and He gives many chances to His believers, to earn a lot of credit.

Now, are you grateful, for who you are, and what treasures you have, or angry?

In both cases, you should acknowledge the uniqueness and oneness of Allah, who is your sole master, who decides the end of all affairs, not only yours. He is the creator of heaven and Earth, and the human kind was created by Him to worship Him.

That is your original mission, why you were created and born, so leave all that Western decadent philosophical ballast, and return to roots, to understand, what your wordly purpose is, so you can avoid wandering.

You are nothing in comparison with Him: you are dependent on Him, but He doesn’t depend on you.

it’s time to recite the Shahadah and submit to the will of Allah, which will result in peace for you.

Conversion to Islam: Way To Your Liberation

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