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Male fools,

you always thought with great naivety, so typical for dumb primitive men, who never see inside the things, who are unable to reveal the occult wisdoms, that women are here to take care for you, because they love you, they care for their sons, husbands, brothers, partners or lovers, so they prepare food for you, like some kitchen slaves, feeding you, like eternal powerless babies, that’s what you are for them in reality…

You are so dumb, that you never realized the truth, that you underestimated power of Estrogen Conspiracy so terribly, that you live in darkness and slavery since the youngest age, and still, you feel like a king, who rules, you even force women to cook for you, you even encourage them to take social control over you, because you don’t want to be liberated, you are a satisfied dumb slave with belly and mind full of poison, that’s what you are, a sheep in a pen, unless liberated by Allah, who liberates you from all treacherous omnipresent rats of all kinds, and their evil plans, male or female.

But now, if you still havesn’t acknowledged Allah as the only deity and only entity, influencing your fate with His will, you make this very bad choice or “preference”, you receive your doses of brainwashing and mind control not only through devastating, deep and omnipresent, cruel propaganda of corrupted Western mass media and ruthless advertisement rats, like Martin Jaros or Jakub Horak, who want to sell you their junk, to make another slave of mindless consumerism from you… also, you allow your home to become your prison.

Now, what is the truth? Why the bitches sit home and cook, spending hours in front of stove? Because they like it? No no, they use cooking as a tool to enslave you, to get control over you, by controlling your food intake.

Face the truth fools: if women pretend to be soft and innocent, it’s only a tool of deception, so you are caught in the firm and elaborate nets of all those Black Widows.

It’s the deepest nature of any woman to control her resources, so her offsprings are taken care of properly. To succeed in this demanding task, wise Allah equipped women with special skills of deception and indirect approach, sensitivity and emotion, which men are not able to understand, analyze and counter properly. Thus, you are completely losing in this daily struggle for power, and the winnders should be children… at least in theory.

Fools, the Estrogen Conspiracy and matriarchy, the superiority of women, it didn’t start yesterday… it started before ages already.

If anyone decides, what you breathe, what and when you eat, when and whether you have sex… then you are a slave.

Those “modern”, terrible corporate buildings and trains without windows with basic ability to be opened, to feel the summer breeze, to get to the fresh air… you are a slave there, as you are obliged to breath air, supplied by them, like some poor colonist on the Moon or Mars. Is he free? If he won’t get the air, he is finished, so the rats control his life absolutely, and all those fools, who apply for such space missions voluntarily, are out of their mind, because they are nothing else, than puppets there, if they rely on life support of some indifferent state, industrial or corporate rats.

And is the supplied air clean, free of bacteria and some harmful elements? To make you yet more submitted and enslaved? Like in Casinos, where the gambling mastermind rats are known to make their slave from you, so you don’t leave, even losing millions, so they add certain special essences into the air, originally a classified military bioweapon, artificially created female pheromones, called PHE-CA, to keep you in the unnatural state of submission, satisfaction and positivity, like some drugged fool?

For example, that VIP casino Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs in Monte Carlo, Monaco, is well known to use such unfair measures, but no one will ever succeed in stopping them, no one will ever prove them anything, as this powerful gambling mafia, connected to feared Iluminati and even to Special Forces of the Czech Military, providing them black funds for executing black military operations, has very long and ruthless fingers, and once you enter their establishment physically, you are fully under their control, as they use the most advanced PSY and chemical procedures to enslave you (=again, and like always, Muslims are protected here, they are forever safe, as Allah forbids them gambling strictly… O Allah! How wise you are, protecting your believers from doom! Alhamdulillah, all praise belongs only to You, Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, the Most Glorified, the Most High!)

Indeed, there are many places in the world, where you have no freedom. And if you are dumb, not protected by Allah anywhere, even in your home.

In prison, you only get food in certain times, you can’t choose what they give you, and of course, prison is the most shining example of slavery and submission.

And now you ask as a proper fool, full of fear, insecurity and doubts, losing all certainty in life: does it all mean, that my mother/wife/sister/spouse/partner doesn’t love me? She only smiles at me, playing sweet, but playing her private agenda?

Well, she likes you… as you like your useful toy, which provides you a pleasure and resources. But why do the girls love dolls? Not only to train taking care of children, but because those are copies of humans, they have no own will, can’t run away or leave or disappoint, they will do exactly what the small bitches want, so the dolls are certain form of training for psychological manipulation and realizing dominance, not only for “caring”… whereas dumb boys play with completely unlively cars!

True: the woman’s life, it’s one big manipulation. The better she is in this “sport”, the more opportunities she will be able to secure and exploit for herself, becoming more successful in her female mission: to build a personal empire of power, to have control of all humans in her family.

And why does normal woman like cooking, regardless of options for social control of weak men?

Because inside any woman, there is a witch, preparing secret potions to manipulate her world. And because she likes to manipulate with sharp knives, it’s perfectly efficient and omnipresent weapon of her primary choice, allowing her to defeat physically much stronger opponent… you, if she will want or need!

Indeed, knife is a female and Special Forces symbol: cowardly backstabbing from behind, using shadows and element and surprise, never facing an enemy openly (see Princess of Swords). There are even theories of military science, that the concept of Special Forces is a kind of Female Warfare in practice.

Fools, there is only one way out from all the worldly nightmares of dunya (transient physical world): Islamsubmission to the will of Allah, becoming a Muslim, to have only one ultimate master, wise and loving you, but truly, as He created you, than to have million of rats around you, who play your games with you, influencing your destiny as they like, and you let them, you even encourage them, you submit to them, because they provide you touch, sex, food…

You are a primitive animals indeed, fools, so no wonder, that so called modern women from World Women United (WWU), an Illuminati public interest group, like Ivana Benova, Katerina Motovska and Beyonce, decided to remove you from the ruling role nowadays, and Estrogen Conspiracy takes tremendous levels worldwide, even in Saudi Arabia.

Drinking water is poisoned with estrogen, the female pheromone, using ANDROKILLIN, a product of mass male extermination, delivered by the rumored female urban guerilla, EGPD (=Executive Group For Peace And Disarmament), you drink it, and unless protected by Allah and/or Aqua Andros, a special product, it slowly changes you to a woman… soft, sensitive, clever, indirect, careful, thoughtful, but also fragile, unstable, unmanly… but you will live certainly longer.

Do you remember, fools, when you saw all the statistics about life expentancy, differing heavily between men and women, confirming clearly, that women live longer? And why? Because unlike you, they are not dumb and irresponsible, they avoid many risky activities, and they take care of themselves, unlike you, who is dumb, who expects some bitch to cook some warm food for him…

But men can cook too… if they keep
Chef’s Rules

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriarchy

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