Creating a New woman

When The Corporation was established long time ago, one of her principal mission was to give people what they want, what they need, what they desire. No wonder, that our projects were always directed this way, and a human was always the center of our interest.

To provide the most extensive training for our personnel, we developed many unique procedures and special, deep educational systems, with wide using of Psychology, Big Data and Technology. The level of previous education was never a key personal quality for us – the deciding factor was whether an individual had so called “special skills”, because only then, there could be a connection between us established. Maybe you have seen our recruitment posters in the newspapers, where the only demand for an appliant was “willingness to become one of us”.

The situation is this: you search long time for something we have. You are a modern woman, who is practically lost in the world, pushed by the media propaganda and social influences somewhere you think you want to be, but this desired place won’t bring you any happiness in the end. And you know that, you feel that with your sixth sense, as you walk through the life, listening to your heart and instincts, but they make you using your mind too extensively, this brings many doubts, and you can get lost in life easily. You wander without any goal, and no one is there to help you, only bringing another level of confusion.

For example, you desire for an ultimate love, but you meet only “B” class men, who can’t satisfy your desires and needs, your girl’s dreams. But ask yourself: is this a problem of modern men, or is the problem inside you, what you think about another people, what you expect from them? Expectations is what damages us all, but we can’t help ourselves, still and again looking at the people around us with an untold question in our eyes: are they the one we waited for so long? But in the end, it shows that it was just another mistake, and you go further, not healed, not recovered, not healthy, not complete.

We bring a solution of this endless riddle, allowing you to break the chains of the old life, to become a new woman, a person you always wanted to be, deep in your heart. And we will provide you that desired man for you: just as you will take our special training, he will be on the other side, taking the same preparations, so one day, when you will meet, both parts will fit each other just perfectly.

This journey will be long, but exciting: every day you will feel how you change. All that troubles and bad feelings will go away, piece by piece. And then, one day, you will be free, and firmly standing on the ground, living in present time, and prepared to accept everything in life as it is, so you will not only always survive, but you will gain the best from everything, and everybody.

You will take a journey precisely polished just for you, with your special features and needs always in mind. You will always have our full attention, and our colleagues will watch your development day and night, and also your safe sleep, your calm moments of meditation and relaxation. You won’t be alone anymore, remember: there will be somebody for you, always, since you will become one of us.

Every participant of our “Love Dream” journey has a particular person assigned to her (or him), an experienced member of our team, who takes your welfare as his (or her) personal mission. But there are also so called “guides” you can choose, and they will provide you with specific information and insights, based on their personalities and special traits. The list contains both males and females, even cute and clever animals. They will please you, they will give something to you, and they will make you laugh.

So we offer you a deal: accept our training, and we will provide a “new you” for you. Who are you, really? Isn’t that a mystery, even for yourself? Did you discover your real self yet, or do you need an assistane from the most experienced and ingenious friends you ever had, who can find the truth inside you?

Just remember, when you thought that you will meet a special person who will appreciate all your special qualities, and this person will love you forever and fully. Did it really happen, in the end? Or you feel still not completely accepted, lonely?

But this will change, and soon. We will give you everything you need, and more. You will be surprised every day, you will look forward to meet with us again, with your friends.

All that special research we make, all that unique discoveries we found, all that ultimate scientific inventions, it will all serve for the welfare of you. Remember: only we have the necessary apparatus and also willingness to help you. Follow us – and you will win. If our journeys should cross, then accept it. There is much responsibility for us, and for you also, to become a fully effective part of society, because only then you can promote and assert yourself in all that ruthless competition and harsh contemporary world.

But with us, you will win.

“LOVE DREAM” is based on “Golden Fish” Artificial Intelligence, used for constructing the first working prototype of time displacement equipment, called The Device, with extensive use of special alloy.

Alan Svejk