Czech Jihadis Request Removing Christian Patron From Teplice City Coat of Arms. Islam rules there

As overall importance of Teplice, the Islamic Czech city, rises steadily and massively, influencing the country key events and distribution of power more and more, so the voice of local alleged Jihadis, Wahhabis and Salafis, organized under “Concerned Czech Muslims” (CCM) public pressure group, can be heard more strongly, even in glamorous, but distant Prague, disturbing Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS and Czech Militarized Police assault elements, which are forced to deploy massive electronic surveillance and armed patrols, to contain the heated situation of tension and unrest, which threatens to erupt even with violence, from potential clashes between right-wing Czech activists and alleged local radical Muslims, following recent controversial anti-Xmas campaign and vandalizing Xmas decorations, including city Xmas tree, which was set on fire by unknown culprits.

Czech Muslims Against Xmas: Promoting Deviated Faith, Insulting Islam

But nothing is over, it was just the beginning: the local Muslims approached the Municipal Office, just after it reopened after Xmas holidays, with very simple, but clear and firm request: the traditional City coat of arms has to be redesigned immediately, as it contains the head of a local Christian patron, which is totally unacceptable for Muslims.


“It’s 21st century now, we have multicultural society, Teplice are full of hijabs, niqabs, abayas, Arabic signs, Persian Gulf oil money and Turkish kebabs… and you, fools, want to persuade us, that this city belongs to miserable Christians, who are hidden in their desolated churches, like rats, ignored by local population, because this deviated faith lost all public favor, whereas proud flag of Islam waves over the city streets, designating the place as dedicated to Allah, worshipping only Him? Where a new, massive mosque with two tall minarets, sharp as two spears, is just being constructed in the city, paid from generous Saudi financial contributions?” the CCM spokesman put a rhetorical provocative question, whereas showing the infamous Islamic gesture, favored by islamists.

Czech Jihadi Rally In Teplice

“In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, we request religiously neutral coat of arms, so there won’t be further insults of Muslims, living in the city with full citizen rights, demanding respect and secular state. A religious figure, supporting blasphemous idolatry, forbidden in Islam, doesn’t belong onto a coat of arms in a secular society! Wake up, or we will wake you up, mayor! Either that filthy head from Teplice’s coat of arms will go away immediately… or your own head will be removed… from the office,” the CCM sent a clear threat to the Jaroslav Kubera’s mayor office directly, provoking full police investigation, whether a criminal act couldn’t be commited with this reckless verbal statement.

But CCM are masters in Public Relations and deliberate provocation, they have this special talent deeply in their restless Gypsy blood, and they know exactly, when to stop, never to be really apprehended by the Police, always only “investigated”, which generates many easy media points for them, and their overall respect in the local community, both Islamic and infidel, yet rises, together with intimidating image they spread, as they fear no one, not police, not courts, not prisons: only Allah.

The Prisoner’s Islam: With Allah, You Will Survive

There are public rumors, that the question of mayor’s seat is now taken very seriously by Muslims of Teplice, and they openly declare their desire, to occupy it with their own politicial asset, either by nearest regular elections, or organizing impeachment, a suitable political affair, to get rid of present mayor immediately.

Only one name of future mayor candidate can be heard: it’s Eman Ghaleb, a young but bright Muslim female, originating from Yemen, who made a lot of fame recently, by sending angry letter to ISIS terrorists, and who has complete support of the community, and trust even from local infidels, particularly women, who admire her as a fully integrated Muslim, even accepting Czech citizenship and changing her name towards Czech language customs, to rather terrible form of “Iman Ghalebova”. But in the name of higher interest of Islam (maslahah), you have to be prepared for sacrifices, because jihad is a duty of every able Muslim.

Eman Ghaleb: Czech Woman Against ISIS. Good Muslim girl, or Master of Islamic deception?

But Eman Ghaleb herself denies such bold political plans, as she is only eighteen years old, willing to concentrate on her final High School exams and entrance tests for an University in 2017. But what does mean mere woman’s will, in comparison with the will of Allah? It’s Him and Him only, who decides the end of all affairs.

Czech security experts and CounterIntelligence analysts are not unanimous regarding opinion about Eman (Iman). Some say, that she is a well integrated Muslim into Czech society, an example of successful integration state programmes, expensively paid and executed by various social engineers, that she is absolutely not related to some radical thoughts of orthodox Islamic scholars, she even denies many basic features of Islamic faith during many occassions, whereas others warn, that she executes Taqqiya perfectly, as deceiving disbelievers is fully allowed, and Allah Himself is said to be “best of decivers”, as Qur’an states.

The main question is: how long can Eman deny righteous requests of local Ummah, who simply wants her to see in the mayor’s office, regardless of reasons? Isn’t she obliged to listen to these voices of her brothers and sisters in Islam?

Also tabloid media are spreading this conspiracy theory, and all legal efforts of Eman to contain these “pure lies, fabrications and propaganda”, which are allegedly spread mostly by Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, which pays surprisingly wide attention to the small spa city at Western Bohemia, informing their hungry readers recently, that over 400 grams of Semtex Color, a highly devastating, allegedly undetectable plastic explosive, manufactured in palette of “merry colors”, as their cynical Chinese producer states jokingly, was lost from a nearby Special Forces base, where infamous Special Unit C102: PSYOPS allegedly resides, together with Czech nuclear armament.

The Czech Military of course denied such disturbing event, and they even denied, that any military base would be established near city of Teplice, and that any unit of mentioned designation would exist.

But inside sources of the Czech Police claim, that the last trace of the dangerous material occured in unstable Silesia, near Karvina city, in the highly volatile region, still claimed by Poland, northern neighbour of Czechia. And it must be reminded, that CCM has their wide interests in the region: their plan is to give the territory to Poland, but to Islamize it heavily at first, to insert literally an Islamic trojan horse and “fifth Islamic column” into highly Christian Poland.

The Silesian Affair: Islamic Dagger To Revenge Polish Military Incursions Into Bohemia

“Semtex Color” is allegedly a part of a highly controversial collection of military weapons, explosives and equipment, called “The Vintage Terrorist”, and manufactured by Wu Corporation, Chinese multinational defence supplier, to “satisfy highest demands for stylish and sophisticated armament of all urban guerillas and hipster insurgents”, including “striking visual identity of your terrorist organization”. But several organizations for interests of children complained, that the explosive is delivered in a cute suitcase, reminding common modeling clay package for children, to raise no suspicion during transport, so “a nasty accident could happen”.

The Vintage Terrorist: Stylish Edition For Hipster Urban Guerillas and Insurgents

But the Chinese deny, that such questionable collection even exists, claiming, that it was only a “dumb insider joke” from one of their employees, and it was allegedly punished very strictly, as the particular employee is now reported as missing by his family.

The Czech public can only hope, that the stolen “toy” won’t fall into bad hands.

The Czech Jihad: Bohemia Belongs to Allah

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