Czech Military Conspirators Sent Secret Letter To Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea. DPRK Nuclear Weapons Warhead Plutonium Uranium Hydrogen Weapon Armament Covert Classified

Earlier today, a disturbing incident with vast possible consequences occured in the streets of Prague, in front of North Korean embassy, where allegedly a highly positioned Czech military officer was detained by a heavily armed Rapid Intervention team of Czech militarized police, when leaving the embassy ground, where he allegedly delivered a letter with highly questionable content, provoking reactions from many highly positioned places, including the United States government, the Czech Parliament, even Republic of Turkey.

“Heavy Slander”, a key Czech tabloid magazine, was the first to inform the Czech public about this newest affair with immense international reach, as the concerned citizens, living near the DPRK embassy, called into redaction, that something very unusual happened there, so Pavel Novotny, the Chief Reporter, dispatched sufficient amount of journalistic assets immediately, to investigate the background of the incident.

The detained man allegedly carried a copy of the delivered letter, which was seized by the police, but the content leaked into the mass media eventually, shocking the Czech public, which asks many questions now: is the content genuine? Who sent it, and why? What is that “Inner Circle”? Does it exist? Is it a Russian provocation, or conspiracy? The future hours and days will bring answers, maybe.

Dear Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, beloved by Korean people, feared by the Western imperialist oppressors and admired by all the wise people of the world!

On behalf of all grateful citizens of the Czech Republic, accept our thousand thanks for your ultimate help to the Czech nation, and securing sustainable future for us all: unlike the treacherous Western puppets, who denied to provide us the key components to construct a nuclear weapon, it was your beautiful country with thousand years of historical tradition, fascinating culture and people with wide hearts, who understood our righteous need to preserve out nation, and to prevent any future invasion or military incursion into our sacred national territory, by obtaining the ultimate defensive arsenal of nuclear retaliation.

The blessed Korean people, our friends, know well the terrible feeling of humiliation by foreign devils, when the peaceful country, which only desired for unification without outside influences, was invaded by so called peacekeeping U.N. forces, led by the American aggressors. But eventually, you won in your righteous fight for freedom and sovereignity, and although the malicious enemies marked you as threat for the world, you have survived more than sixty years of isolation, because you understood, how precious is freedom, unlike the sweet slavery, brought by decadent Western values of consumerism, imperialism and exploitation of smaller nations, who can hardly defend against aggression of their larger neighbours with eternal ambitions of conquest and submission of others.

The bravery of Korean people, who defended their land against such aggression in the 1950s, became the deepest inspiration for the Czech nation, and its military and political leadership, who simply decided not to repeat the same mistakes, like in history, when we allowed various foreign entities to conquer and rule us, to deprive us of our sacred freedom.

In 1938, 1968 and 2016, indeed, we allowed our corrupted intellectual and political elite to open the gates of our country, allegedly to prevent “unnecessary bloodshed”. They told us, these traitors, that we shouldn’t defend against those arrogant invasions, because we are allegedly weak, and we would lose anyway, so it makes no sense to raise arms and defend our homes.

We survived, although many people were executed, jailed and their lives destroyed by the occupation forces, domestic traitors and collaborators with the enemies. But our pride was damaged, and lost: we allowed to be humiliated, to be deprived of our sacred values, and the Czech national flag became nothing for us, worshipped only during some foolish sport matches.

There is simply always price for freedom, but our seducing traitors offered us survival and convenience instead, promising us, that such event won’t be ever repeated, that our country will not allow it anymore, we will build up our military forces, we will get powerful allies… and they lied to us, like always.

After the latest incident from August 2016, when the vicious terrorists from the Islamic State managed to conquer our capital, Prague, destroying one of our key historical landmarks, the Old Town Hall with famous astronomical clock, as a result of fierce combat with our heroic defenders from militarized police and Special Forces elements, humiliating us again, the final decision was made in the highest ranks of Czech military and security apparatus, called The Inner Circle (ICE), the only entity, willing to listen to the will of people, who simply denies to experience such humiliating moment again.

The Nazi Germans destroyed most of the poor Old Town Hall in 1945, during the Prague Uprising… only the tower and adjacent structure remained. Now, everything is in rubble, and many internal traitors are saying, that it was a mistake, to defend against attackers, because the building could be preserved. But is one building really a high price for freedom?

The final decision was made: no enemy can dare to make a single step into our sacred national territory again. And the only way, how to prevent it, was not to elect another batch of political traitors, but to obtain an ultimate weapon, discouraging all potential aggressors, either from East, or the West, because they will be aware in advance, that this devastating arsenal will be unleashed against them without hesitation or mercy, as proper retaliation for their unacceptable arrogance.

But our alleged Western allies denied our righteous requests to obtain such an ultimate tool of freedom and peace, saying treacherously, that the West don’t need more of such arsenal, and our allies can take care of our freedom instead of us, and we can rely on them safely.

But this time, we decided not to listen to these false sweet promises, and we found a real ally, a real friend: it was the Korean people, and your blessed and wise leadership, who decided to support our effort to preserve our national identity, sovereignity, and sustainable future.

Dear Kim Jong-un, our ally and friend, the Czech nation will be always grateful for your generous gift! Now, no enemy will dare to touch us, as the nuclear missile silo stands ready with deadly content of 10 megaton, called The Dark Sun, built at a SPECOPS base near Teplice, and the hydrogen-enriched warhead of three separable parts is ready to be armed anytime, any target(s) can be selected, as the intercontinental ballistic missile can hit literally the whole world.

Now we tasted the real freedom, our dearest brother! Not mere fake promises, like yesterday, the kind of freedom which only strong nation can deserve and secure!

With your extremely valuable help, we became one of the eight most powerful countries of the world, and we have responsibility to preserve the world peace now. But it was you, who trusted us, who saw our lasting struggle for freedom as beneficial for the stability of this fragile world, so you gave us the ultimate gift.

Now, also the beneficial cooperation between our two great countries can flourish, and together, we can bring much good to the world, to offer a positive, sustainable alternative to all the expansive efforts of various aggressors, conspirators and traitors of the West.

Dear Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, and all Korean brothers and sisters: accept our endless gratitude for your contribution to our struggle for eternal freedom! Together, we will make the world more safe, prospering and happy place, living in eternal peace!

With deepest respect,
The Inner Circle (unofficial group of Czech military, security and political elite, perceiving as their sacred duty, to defend the country for any price)

special-parliamentary-commission-for-defence-foreign-interests-and-control-of-special-weapons-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe reaction of the Czech political leaders was immediate and swift, as all of them felt a great opportunity to earn easy Public Relations points. So, Miroslav Kalousek, chairman of the Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons, called for an extraordinary meeting of the Czech Security Council, and during an improvised press conference in front of Czech Government building, he said:

“I agree with the Americans, that this affair is indeed most likely a Russian provocation, as the official stance of the Czech Republic towards DPRK remains unchanged. And regarding the allegations, that the key components of Czech nucelar arsenal were delivered secretly by North Korea in alleged ‘Operation Forbidden Alliance’: I have no such information, because the secretive rats from The Wu Corporation, which built the weapon, they denied me access to the site of the nuclear silo for proper inspection, unlike the North Korean ambassador, and Pavel Novotny from the Czech tabloid media, who wrote his controversial report about visiting The Facility.

I want to tell the Czech public, that we are witnesses and victims of a nasty conspiracy, reaching the highest level of the Czech state, including the security apparatus. I am not aware, whether the mentioned Inner Circle is real, or just fabrication of Russian propaganda: but let me assure you, citizens, that a thorough investigation is pending, and if it will be found, that these allegations are true, the conspirators will be severely reprimanded by the ruthless military court, and long prison sentences will be demanded for these vicious criminals.

Indeed, I was against building that dangerous toy near Teplice. But like always, no one listened to me, and to this Commission. Those rats from the Czech Military play their own dangerous game, where the lives of us all are in stake, because there is too much money and temptation in that infamous and sinister military-industrial complex, so some of our brave soldiers simply succumbed to all perks and promises of the wealthy corporate rats.

It’s a public secret, that many key personnel of the Czech Special Forces are deeply involved in various questionable operations, allegedly in the name of higher interest. But how can these fools justify playing with fire? Where is their responsibility, accountability? They are operating hidden, in shadows, deliberately out of official Army structures, while financed by the black funds of unknown origin, most likely provided by The Wu Corporation, and our Israeli allies. And what can we do? Just to watch passively?

Recently, they even expanded their operations from home to abroad, and we are receiving strong official complaints from Austria and United Arab Emirates, that our Special Forces soldiers, instead of defending our country, are intervening into foreign affairs, masked as civilians, as journalists, business people, even female fashion models! Indeed, our brave military women made a great advertisement abroad, seducing the Sheikhs from Middle East and who knows else, using forbidden means of Chemical Warfare, like PHE-X! This is the face of modern defence forces?

I am telling you, this sick games need to stop! With all respect to the current Minister of Defence, Martin Stropnicky… this man failed, and needs to be replaced, and a thorough investigation of all recent clandestine military operations need to be launched, and these need to be evaluated again, whether they don’t bring too much risks and controversy for the Czech state.

The fools are willing to connect with anybody, including the sinister North Korea, as we can see noe… what can I say, it’s a scandal, and we are losing international points rapidly!

But my conscience is clean: I did everything possible to prevent all this to happen, and all that filthy slanders, published by the Czech tabloid media, that I am allegedly bribed by the Chinese, are pure fabrications!”

The U.S. Ambassador in Prague commented the affair too:

“As the letter was still not confirmed to be genuine, the United States are perceiving it as a Russian provocation, to disrupt good relationships of our countries and NATO allies, until proven otherwise.

Anyway, relating to current substantial changes of relationships between Czech Republic and North Korea: indeed, the international community is disturbed with this particular kind of cooperation. Building such dangerous military arsenal impersonates a direct threat for the free world, and the United States are perceiving this change as not defensive measure, but on the contrary, means of offensive and aggression.

We are warning the Czech state: we can’t, and we won’t tolerate such unfriendly behavior!

If the ‘Inner Circle’ exists, then it needs to be eradicated from public space and striped from public influence immediately, before a tragedy with vast consequences for your country will happen.”

Another international reaction came surprisingly from Turkey, as the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan used the opportunity to attack his own archenemies:

“This is exactly the classic script of Gülenist traitors,” he said. “It’s well know fact, and your Czech Intelligence agencies were informed by us widely, that this FETO concerns not only the Republic of Turkey, but also other countries, including yours, as ‘Mozaiky Platform Dialog’, operating completely officially and openly in Prague, suspected to be a recruting tool of that vicious sect in the Czech environment, has created very long ties into the highest floors of the Czech society, including military apparatus.

And launching a conspiracy, or even a military coup is quite normal means for these apostates and traitors, how to promote their sick ideas in the society anywhere, without regards to borders.”

The Czech public remains divided, concerning the issue, same like with their fragmented opinions about the recently obtained nuclear arsenal. Some agree with this fateful step, others are against: and the same approach is valid regarding North Korea.

Joseph Masek, a common carpenter from Prague-Liben, said after consuming his modest sixth beer of the day, that “… Kim Jong-un is good man, and if he will ever visit our famous quarter, full of good cozy pubs with strong beer and cheap women, we invite him for a beer, and he can sit to our elite honorary table of steady guests”, whereas Marie Jemelikova, an young University teacher, completely rejects nuclear arsenal, as it’s not “ecological and recyclable” and the Supreme Leaders’s haircut is allegedly “just terrible”.

Most of the retired older citizens presented their quite favorable opinion, that “with this fine toy, it could be different in 1938”, but on the other hand, they are glad, that Prague is far enough from the missile silo, where The Dark Sun stands in erected position for immediate launch patiently, day and night.

Kim Jong-un allegedly ordered to send a nice bouquet of flowers to the secret SPECOPS military base near Teplice, where all the arsenal is built, in an underground bunker, but the heavily armed Military Police elements, guarding the perimeter, and entry gate, allegedly refused to accept it, as “this place officially doesn’t exist, so how can we accept packages? Anyway, we thank the Supreme Leader for his generous gift, the base commander will be pleased.”

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