Czech Muslims Against Illegal Armed Jewish Militia of Prague Old Town, Code Name SHALOM

Jewish community in Prague, Czech Republic, consisting mostly of Israeli Special Forces veterans with wide combat experience of oppressing Muslims, including suspected participation in Israeli War Crimes (Palestine, Gaza), allegedly established their clandestine armed militia, code name SHALOM, located at Old Town, Prague, the last Jewish stronghold in Western Europe

– The importance of this particular diaspora for general foreign Israeli interests is high, as all other Jewish communities in Western Europe are slowly expelled by persistent Islamic pressure. But Prague remains, as local Ummah is weak and passive, and Jews are pampered by Czech government in all senses, as Israel is now principal military ally of Czechia, when U.S. crumbled after lost wars in Afganistan and Iraq

– Local Jewish community has well established control of the whole quarter, where an important synagogue and historical cemetery are located, both visited by masses of tourists, so they serve as good advertisement for Jewish culture, but also for geopolitical interests and presenting “favorable side” of Israel. Control of the territory is achieved by many jewellery shops, boutique and kosher restaurants of Old Town, run by Jewish businessmen across the whole territory, having perfect overview about whole quarter, thus able to react quickly against any incoming threat

– Rumored leader: Aaron Gunsberger, aka “Mr. Rambo”, owner of “King Solomon” kosher restaurant, veteran of Sayeret Matkal Elite Commando, suspected of participation at Israeli war crimes in Gaza/Palestine

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– This militia is equipped allegedly not only with military-grade weapons (German G36C assault rifles, designated for Special Forces use), but also with light anti-tank rocket launchers (to prevent vehicle ramming attacks), and clandestine internal communication system, delivered by Israeli defence contractors, fully resistant against interception and surveillance by Czech state authorities

– Purpose of this militia is allegedly protection of local Jewish landmarks, property and people against Islamic State terrorism

Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM), an alleged Jihadi clique of Islamized Salafi/Wahhabi Gypsies from Teplice, consider Jewish control of the key quarter of Prague, using clandestine armed cells, as unacceptable

Wahhabi Salafi For Life Muslims Muslim Teplice Czech Saudi Arabia Conspiracy Allah Islam extremist radical Special Forces Army - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affair

– Efforts are deployed by Muslims to achieve disbanding and disarmament of this militia, including Counter Special Forces (CSF) tactics, allegedly using stolen NATO classified document from secret SPECOPS military base near Teplice

– The militia didn’t intervene during Islamic State‘s assault on Prague (August 2016), losing general popularity, as combined defence forces of the Czech state (Special Forces of the Czech Army and Militarized Police) were not able to prevent destruction of Old Town Hall with famous astronomic clock, extremely important historical landmark, damaging tourism industry

– The Jews defended their decision not to intervene in defence of Czech national interests, that their militia is established only and expressively to protect Jewish citizens, property and interests, and any action outside this purpose could be perceived as undesirable intervention into internal affairs of the Czech state

UPDATE: New information about real purpose and operations of this militia leaked, with immense possible consequences: Banned Testimony in front of Czech National Defence Commission. There are rumors about possible violent clash, as CCM Wahhabis sent a commando into the area, just when a Mossad operative arrived, to participate at a high-profile meeting with Special Forces of the Czech Army, taking place at Parizska street

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