Czech Muslims Launching Campaign Against Xmas: Insulting Islam, Promoting Deviated Faith

Muslims, worshippers, servants and slaves of Almighty Allah, followers of Islam, the only complete and perfected religion of peace, they don’t celebrate and recognize Xmas, as this celebration goes directly against their faith, so they can even perceive Xmas as insult of Islam.

According to Islamic faith, monoteism (indivisible oneness of Allah, Tawhid) is the most fundamental concept, declared by saying so called Shahadah: Allah (God) is the only deity, He has no partner, son or offspring, whereas deviated Christians recognize “Shirk” (partners to Allah, multiple deities), and although Isa (Jesus), peace be upon him, was an important prophet of Allah, celebrating any birthday, including Prophet Muhammad‘s, peace be upon him, is not practised in Islam, as it’s a form of forbidden worship, which is allowed only regarding Allah, and nobody else.

That is the reason, why mere depiction of any living thing is forbidden in more orthodox, conservative interpretation of Islam in Saudi Arabia, and decorating apparel or homes with pictures of living thing(s), be it people or animals, is not permissible, as angels refuse to enter those homes (idolatry).

In the Western Europe, where Islam is becoming stronger and stronger, there is heated discussion regarding alleged pressure of Muslims and the Islamic community, Ummah, to cancel or even ban Xmas from public space, to prevent insults of Islam. Not speaking of banning any open religious symbols displayed publicly, particularly crosses of Christianity.

It was only the matter of time and will of Allah, when Czech Republic, still perceived as relatively safe and peaceful infidel island, will experience the same religious conflicts, starting with request to rename the Mecca Club in Prague, as its name allegedly insults Islam, and it seems, that lately mentioned problem with militarized police commandos in the streets, alellegedly to counter Islamic State terrorists, is used as suitable pretext, to launch a full-scale anti-Xmas campaign in Czechia.

Czech Muslims Provoking Concerns Against Militarized Police

The unrest began in Teplice, highly Islamized spa city of Western Bohemia, favored by guests from Persian Gulf, where unknown culprits repeatedly vandalized the Xmas decorations, street illumination and even Xmas tree, displayed at main square, which caught fire, allegedly from a faulty electric appliance.

Teplice: Islamic Czech City, Worshipping Allah
Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

But maybe someone wants to persuade the local Municipal office to cancel the Xmas celebrations in the city altogether, allegedly from “security reasons”, whereas Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM), an alleged Jihadi clique with rumored Bosnian Salafi links, consisting of Islamized Gypsies, denies any participation in such anti-Xmas assaults, and marks the enemies of Islam as culprits of this false flag operation.

Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM)

Without any doubt, so called Xmas are the most stressing epoch of the year, for any Muslim, who lives in the West, alleged paradise of human rights and religious freedoms,” the CCM spokesman commented the Xmas issue. “Through the whole year, you speak about religious tolerance and peaceful dialog, and then, the December comes, and you start to disseminate those terrible, deviated Christian lies, that Allah has a son, and everybody should celebrate it. But Allah is only one and unique.

You declare, that your Western society is based on human rights and freedoms… still, you oppress Muslims by this general Xmas madness, which can’t be avoided, and no wonder, that some Muslims can get angry, even violent, if their faith is disbelieved even by state offices, who openly support the celebrations, alhough your states claim to be secular (=church divided from government).

You allow Christian churches to have tall towers with massive bells, which are used all the time, and loudly, to be heard at kilometers of distance, bothering all peaceful citizens in vicinity, promoting one faith, but you don’t allow minarets for our mosques, so those can also become dominants of local quarters, to be seen from distance, so muezzins can also promote our faith, to participate in open and fair religions competition, using their mere voices?

What would you do, if someone would insult and oppress your faith, everything you really have, so impertinently, whereas other religion is promoted, asserted, pampered and preferred? Would you use your voice and legal means, to defend and regain your rights and freedoms, guaranteed by the Constitution?

That is the reason, why the Municipal Court of Teplice received a submission, legal suggestion for so called ‘preliminary action’, to ban all public displays of Christian celebrations, called Xmas, as these displays are jeopardizing the religions rights and freedoms of other faiths, promoting a deviated religious opinion publicly, with apparent sanction of higher places, which is unacceptable and intolerable.

This is our Jihad, righteous defending our faith, and we won’t stop, until the mere word ‘Xmas’ won’t disappear from any public Czech communications channel and last city street, once and forever.

Bohemia belongs to Allah, and Allah teaches us to fight for our rights.”

Usually, such provoking statement would launch an avalanche of complaints and public denial, but in this Xmas time, infidels seem to be rather passive, promising swift counter-moves towards Muslims after the New Year, when they will sober after all decadent celebrations, overeating and drinking.

But Muslims, they don’t stop in worshipping Allah and fighting for His cause. Allah is mighty, He could defeat all His enemies Himself, but He likes to test His believers, and gives them chances to earn a lot of credit. And any Muslim has the duty to worship Allah 365 days of a year, five times a day, without regards to some festives or personal reasons, as there is nothing more important for a Muslim, than to worship His creator, which controls the end of all affairs.

Who knows, what Allah, creator of all, will bring to the human kind in 2017 year? Will it be happiness, or suffering? More terrorist attacks and violence, or peace, at last, so Syrian people can rebuild their once beautiful homeland, which became a playground of the most complicated proxy war with hundreds of participants, unprecedented in the history of human warfare? Will Israel be finally persuaded to leave the occupied Palestinian territories, where people live in the world’s largest ghetto, like in Gaza Strip?

But one thing is certain: it’s expected, that in January, if Allah will alow it, a very disturbing guest should arrive at Teplice, as there is a large SPECOPS military base, located just beyond the city borders, between deep forests of former Sudetenland, where Czech nuclear armament is hidden in an underground rocket silo, deterring all enemies and possible invaders into the country, particularly larger Poland, who invaded Czechia three times in just fifty years in 20th century (1920, 1938, 1968).

This harbinger of Islam should become the first Islamic cleric of the Czech Army, as alleged Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation, specialized at so called Unconventional Warfare, has their Islamic Warfare department established, and for spiritual needs of Muslim Special Forces personnel, operatives and operators, both domestic and foreign, participating in training for their demanding missions and assignments, an Islamic cleric is allegedly needed, so the Czech Ministry of Defence allowed an exception, because weak and divided Czech Islamic community was never able to secure their official state recognition as a religious entity with full rights, including right for clerics in prisons and Military, not speaking about constructing minarets for the Prague and Brunn mosques.

However, the decisive fight for victory of Islam in the Czech lands won’t be waged in the crowded streets of Prague, but a hundred kilometers West from this decadent capital, in the small spa city of Teplice, favored by Middle Eastern guests, who bring both immense oil money and Islam there, changing the city forever.

And with permission of Allah, if this apparently small and insignificant infidel fortress will fall under current heavy Islamic pressure, and Muslims will acquire direct political power there, by asserting Eman Ghaleb as the mayor of the city… that will be a day to remember.

Still, far away from frozen winter Czechia, between endless deserts of Arabia, lying under eternal sun, there is a girl, called Marketa Korinkova, who was born in the Czech land, but later, she left the crumbling infidel empire towards Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and found her destiny in Islam, refusing compromises, and she carries the same name now, as mother of prophet Isa: Maryam.

Marketa Maryam Korinkova: The Islamic Princess

She was created by Allah to change the world, and it’s what she does, by executing da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity. She is apparently small and insignificant, in comparison with prophets of Islam, like Isa and particularly Muhammad (peace be upon him), but every Muslim, man or woman, has his or her mission: to worship Allah, to serve Him, and to do good deeds. And such good examples should be followed, to execute the will of Allah.

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Rise of Czech Islam: Bohemia Belongs To Allah

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