Czech Muslims Provoking Concerns Against Militarized Police. Defending Religious Freedoms

It becomes a sad Western European tradition, that in so called Xmas time, treacherous Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL) terrorists execute some shocking violent attack against the West, to disrupt the festive atmosphere of peace, and the governments reply with sending militarized forces, equipped with military-grade assault weaponry, including dum-dum ammunition, mass electronic surveillance, even personal anti-tank rocket launchers and APCs (armored personnel carriers) into the streets of major metropolitan areas and capitals, allegedly to protect citizens against persistent terrorist threat of omnipresent, ruthless ISIS operatives, ready to strike at any time, widening their European combat operations both in guerilla attacks and social sense, with effort to get control of Western society and resources, primarily through professional sport.

But this year’s chain of events is slightly different, at least in Czechia, still almost not hit by terrorist threat, where Islam is on the unstoppable rise, and Muslims are calling for their righteous religious rights more and more loudly, as eternal war for global religious dominance and superiority has no pauses. Too much is in stake, and there is no time to lose time: such is the will of Allah.

Following December 2016 ISIS terrorist attack in Berlin, Germany, where a heavy truck was hijacked as used as a weapon against so called soft targets (people gathered at the Xmas market), killing even one Czech citizen, the first official Czech ISIS victim, a young mother Nada Cizmar, the typical Czech state counter-move, to send Militarized police forces into streets, was immediately answered by Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM), an alleged Jihadi organization from highly Islamized Teplice region, who protest against deploying such “outrageous measures”, which allegedly serve not for safety and protection, but, according to CCM:

“… To disrupt religious freedom and deter people from Islam, the religion of peace, which is no way related to terrorism, but which can provide salvation and endless rewards and advantages for Western people, breaking the chains of their infidel misery, giving them a new better life under submission to Allah’s will, but the corrupted Czech government tries to prevent this desirable spiritual liberation by displaying intimidating violent force of police commandos in balaclavas, to remind, that this mercenary force of slavery and oppression can be, and will be used against alleged enemies of corrupted Western governments, like in that infamous case in April 2014, when a heavily armed Police commando raided sacred Czech mosques and detained peaceful worshippers of Allah, threatening to shoot them, using highly questionable pretext, with clear but futile effort to humiliate Muslims and insult Islam, by launching the raid just during Friday prayers, when innocent women and children were present, and using filthy police dogs, an unclean animal according to Islam.”

Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM)

Milan Chovanec, current Czech Minister of Interior, who has to make careful evasive maneuvers under current Islamic pressure, denied these allegations swiftly, but he admitted openly, that APCs, concrete barriers in the streets (to protect Christmas markets against ramming) and commandos with assault weaponry are deployed rather for effect, as there is no known terrorist threat for the country, reported by CounterIntelligence services.

m72-anti-tank-rocket-launcher-military-united-states-high-explosive-he-warhead-armor-special-forces-army-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsHowever, he defended the highly controversial measure, raising many public concerns, of equipping policemen with G36C military-grade assault rifles and portable anti-tank weaponry, American M-72 light rocket launchers with HE (high explosive) warheads, allegedly to stop potential terrorist attackers, using cars as a weapon, and he explained upgraded firepower of Police (understand this sweet Orwellian newspeak as “excessive”, “ruthless” and “devastating”) as necessity, as terrorists are known to use assault rifles too, mostly stolen or smuggled civilian versions of them, able to fire single rounds only, with automatic fire mode (burst) disabled.

czech-militarized-police-g36k-assault-rifle-militarization-military-special-force-commando-equipment-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsWhen asked by a bothering journalist from Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, why the policemen need to connect two ammo magazines on their G36Cs together (see picture), like preparing for an extended urban firefight in a counter-terrorist operation in Afghanistan, where full 60 rounds of munitions will be needed instantly, Chovanec replied with alleviating effort, that it’s only “small, insignificant, rather cosmetic tactical measure”. But some people seem not to like the exposed live and devastating bullets, protruding from the second mag, reminding them disturbingly, that the policeman has their life, the sacred gift,  in his hands… literally, whereas the blessed heads of European Union want to limit the capacity of “civilian” weapons to mere 10 rounds, allegedly to combat terrorism threat… do they know some other explanation, anyway?

(When asked by the same journalistic fool, whether Czech Police uses also drum magazines of massive 100-rounds capacíty, manufactured for light machine gun military use, the Minister replied: “And if they do… what difference it would make? The Police Act doesn’t limit the mag capacity, and our duty is to secure safety for citizens, using all allowed means.”)

And there were sad cases, when a perfectly trained, fully reliable soldier or policeman with highest security clearance turned against original benefactors, from whatever reason, executing a killing spree… like shooting the Russian ambassador in Ankara, Turkey, recently.

There is even a highly ironic and also disturbing situation, that following Berlin attack, there is less policemen in the streets of Berlin, and they are armed only with HK MP5 submachine guns, using 9mm pistol ammunition with high stopping power but low effective range, than in Prague, where the Police sent hundreds of military-grade assault rifles into the streets, particularly G36C carbines, using doubled magazines with splintery (fragmentation) ammunition of smaller 5.56mm caliber, designated to cause more devastating injuries and exhaust the logistic system of the enemy in a war, by not killing a target, but seriously injuring him (or her), with more than 800 meters of effective range, so using of such powerful weapon, intended for purely military use, using munitions even considered as not humane by many voices, which could cause extreme consequences for innocent bystanders in the crowded city streets, is questioned.

Not speaking about potential use of explosives, as M-72 LAW is used not only against enemy (lightly armored) vehicles, particularly “technicals” (light trucks with mounted heavy machine guns) of terrorist groups, but also suitable for anti-personnel use, against entrenchments, bunkers and reinforced structures.

Militarization of Czech Police Forces: “Just Another Small Step To Safety”

Now, some critical voices ask a disturbing question: haven’t the degree of Militarization of Czech Police forces reached too far? And how far is the Czech Police willing to go yet? The situation is worsening year by year since 9/11, month by month, as terrorist attack Europe permanently now, without stop.

Even now, the common street patrolmen remind rather Special Forces personnel, always ready to cover their faces with balaclavas, wearing tactical overalls, bulletproof and tactical vests, stuffed with spare munitions magazines and full of dangerous toys, using deadly tasers, combat knives and painful retractable truncheons, not speaking about foregrips on their G36C, clearly indicating military origin and purpose of these weapons… allegedly in the name of safety and prevention, even without any imminent terrorist threat.

Today, citizens wish them luck, calling them heroes… but what if they will unleash their deadly arsenal tommorrow, against them, or their family? By mistake, perhaps?

The general public is simply more sensitive to Special Forces affairs, regardless if blessed from higher places or not, after that infamous case of Marketa Vselichova, alleged Special Forces female assassin in Syria, decimating Islamic State terrorist ranks with her signature Syrian Shark high-caliber sniper rifle there, which ended in a Turkish prison, at least temporarily, as she was accused of being a possible (PKK) terrorist herself.

The Syrian Shark: Czech Special Forces Assassin Sniper Rifle

Still, Czech infidel citizen sheep ignore the disturbing news, enjoying Xmas time, as they can, shopping like mad, to relieve their endless infidel misery, eternal emptiness, living in confinement of culture of fear, so shopping malls, unholy cathedrals of Western consumerism and “conspicuous consumption”, are full of smiling plebs, young and old, obsessed to celebrate the birth of Islamic prophet Isa (Jesus) “appropriately”.

As it showed later, CCM used the commando issue to launch a campaign against public celebrations of Xmas, insulting Islam. At first they challenged the Czech public to “leave decadent pagan traditions and make a trip to Dubai instead, to discover Islam there, directly and closely, to do something good for yourself, and your future, to be liberated from mindless Xmas consummerism and dumbness,” and then…

Czech Muslims Launch Campaign Against Xmas. Insulting Islam, Promoting Deviated Faith

Rise of Czech Islam: Bohemia Belongs To Allah

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