Czech Muslims Require To Rename The Mecca Club In Prague, Perceiving Its Name As Insult of Islam. Fitnah Protest Jihad Salafi Wahhabi Teplice Radical Muslim Extremist Legal Action Threat Saudi Arabia

As Islam becomes stronger even in the former infidel lands, the Muslims are raising their righteous demands even in Czech Republic, perceived as one of the few remaining islands of atheism. But with strong and flourishing Teplice, Czech Islamic enclave, where young female asset Eman Ghaleb is rumored to become the next mayor of the city, with the massive military presence just behind the city borders, where The Dark Sun, the weapon of nuclear retaliation, built for increasing the defence capabilities of Czechia, is patiently waiting for a launch order in a missile silo, the domestic situation now changes dramatically…

When a highly disturbing letter was intercepted by the surveillance apparatus of the Czech Counterintelligence service, BIS, addressed to the management of famous “Mecca Club”, located at Prague-Holesovice, existing for 18 years already, once a leader in Prague’s social and night life, but declining nowadays, too far from the city center, losing to merciless business competition. And now it seems, that the place will need serious rebranding, to comply with strict Muslim demands.

mecca-saudi-arabia-kaaba-qibla-spiritual-centre-islam-muslim-allah-prophet-muhammad-quran-faith-religion-hajj-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe reason is, that the general Islamic community perceives the current club name as intolerable insult of Islam, as Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia, is the name of the most holy site of Islam, spiritual and geological centre of Earth, where the religion was sent by Allah to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in the form of Holy Qur’an, and all Muslims direct their obligatory five daily prayers towards Mecca (Kaaba), whereas in Mecca Club in Prague, forbidden alcohol is widely consumed and various sins against Islamic faith committed, as this place is directly designated for worldly pleasures, indicating lack of respect towards Muslims.

This letter is only a part of the current European Islamic swift campaign against the clubs/ventures of similar name, and maybe even an effort to acquire power for a certain clique inside the Czech Islamic community, known to be full of divisions and generally weak, so it needs new, powerful leaders, who are just emerging from Teplice, well backed by the rich Persian Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, calling themselves simply Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM), represented by Dezider “Dezo” Lakatos, Marian “Mari” Olah and Feroslav “Fero” Bily, all of Gypsy (Tsiganes, Roma) ancestry, with alleged connections to Islamized Gypsies from Bosnia, and Czech Counterintelligence is warning of their possible connection with Salafi (Wahhabi) movement.


The intercepted letter, sent to Radek Koch, alleged and official “paper” co-owner of the club, but allegedly working only as a front for the covert Monaco-based Russian owner of immense wealth and influence, Valentin Zukovsky,  who also owns the reputated Czechoslovak Models agency covertly, states:

“… We, devoted believers of Islam, submitted only to Almighty Allah and executing His will obediently, can’t tolerate the situation further, and the name of the place needs to be changed immediately, to stop blaspheming the name of Allah, in order to prevent righteous anger of Muslims, with unpredictable consequences for your business activities, where blockades, demonstrations, series of lawsuits, but even violence, damaging property, disturbing public order, cyber warfare attacks and arson can’t be excluded, such unfortunate events happened in similiar cases across Europe, as crowd control is hard to manage, and we can’t take responsibility for behavior of our angered brothers and sisters, concerned by the issue too.

Stop insulting Islam and provoking Muslims at once, or you will carry serious consequences.”

The club management discussed this serious matter with top-tier lawyers, including former Interior minister Tomas Sokol, anti-extremist assets of Czech Militarized Police, Czech CounterIntelligence services, Czech Minister of Defence Katerina Motovska, and also domestic Islamic scholars, arabists and University lecturers, considering the seriousness of the threat, and judging the issue internally, mostly regarding potential rebranding costs, and possible negative consequences for their business, if the demand will be rejected.

The basic legal opinion was, that Muslims made no open threat in their letter, as there was no specified damage promised, so it can’t be perceived as a criminal offence, and Czech Police stated soon, that investigation is ended, as no crime happened (in the letter).

Right wing politicians and nationalists recommended the owners, not to comply, so the infidel values of freedom can be preserved, and they even offered to provide armed guards for the venture security. But this questionable offer was rejected immediately, as the management denied to be connected with the politics, endless nasty games for power and influence, where they, and their club, would be only pawns, easily to be sacrificed, misused, and their brand and business interests damaged in the end, even with perspective of liqudating the whole club effectively, as there would be too much controversy around it, bad publicity, and picky VIP guests, including reputated “Golden Youth” of Prague, are very sensitive for such problems.

So the owners wanted to keep full control over the issue, but the tabloid media, and particularly Heavy Slander gossip magazine, known to be absolutely merciless and too well informed, already stepped in, creating a nasty media affair from it:


“The future of the Czech Republic, and our freedoms, is shaped right now,” the Chief Reporter Pavel Novotny wrote with urgency in the latest Special issue of the magazine, called “Rise of Czech Islam”. “Although it’s a private business matter, not a public one, and we can’t influence it, still, this event can be the beginning of a new epoch of Islam in our Czech lands. Remember it well, and twenty years from now, when streets of Prague will be full of kebabs and hijabs, and near Prague Castle, there will be a mosque standing, as the Muslims suggested to the Prague municipality recently, you will now, how it happened: by small steps, like this, small stones of our freedoms are removed, so the whole structure of our sacred Constitution will collapse one day, to be replaced by Sharia Law.

We always thought, that our main enemy is Islamic terrorism. But have a look, their fight for dominance of Islam can be led even totally peaceful way, using only soft threats, indications and persuasion.

And what will happen tomorrow? Will Muslims gather in a rally again, will they create a protective human chain again, this time to protect Club Mecca, like they did in that case of Christian church in August 2016?

No, they are silent, they refuse any comment to the affair, saying, that ‘… CCM doesn’t represent the general opinion of the Czech Islamic community’, but unoficially, hidden in their mosques, they are in high unrest, feeling, that big victory will come soon, letting CCM to do the dirty work for them, as the Gypsy Islamic men from Teplice are nobody, not accountable, they have no official position in the community, so they are just perfect pawns for this task. If they succeed, they will be used for another influence operation; if they fail, they will disappear to Great Britain or somewhere silently, enjoying early retirement from Saudi oil money.

But maybe Muslims are innocent in this case, and someone else is working for them, realizing his own interests. And it could be literally anybody, including club owners, to create an easy publicity, or even an insurance fraud, as they are losing big money recently, so a mere corporate conspiracy can’t be excluded.”

The Czech public generally rejected the demand, but not unanimously: former Human Rights minister Kocab suggested to comply, as “… Muslim community can indeed feel this name as an insult, and occassional rebranding is healthy for any business”, while many citizens stated in a street opinion poll, that they won’t visit the club anyway, “not to be blown to pieces by some crazy laughing terrorist, or “The Mecca Club was good once, but today, it’s just a shade of its former glamour” and “I always hated the remote location anyway, so no loss for me”.

The management of the club recognized upcoming publicity disaster, so without further delay, they called for a press conference, led by Radek Koch, where they announced renaming and rebranding the Mecca club, under tight supervision of the Czech tabloid media and Czech Muslim leaders:

“We really didn’t want to insult to anyone. We bought this particular club several years ago, and we operated it under the original name, as it was an established business brand… through years, we were aware, that the name could be an issue, and when Czech Islamic leaders explained the situation for us in detail now, that the current name is really problematic and unacceptable for them, and also for us, because we want to do clean business without offending anyone, we decided to change the name with immediate validity.

I want to emphasize, that we, owners of the club, are religiously neutral, and so is our business, so this step should be perceived as our effort to keep good relationships with the general Czech community, as we appreciate every guest, visiting us, without regards of his or her religious beliefs.

We also hope, that the Czech public will perceive our step as effort to execute fully sustainable business, and you will keep your trust in us further. Please, don’t blame us of making a cheap publicity stunt, because we were allegedly losing masses of foreign customers to another club, Karlovy Lazne, situated better in the city centre, as I read in the media recently.

This accusation is not true, and we will defend against it, using legal action. We are really not pleased, that Pavel Novotny, our common and satisfied guest, after all that great parties with endless supply of high-quality Colombian white powder and cheap fashion models, can write such a dirty, filthy slander about us, smearing our good name.”

special-parliamentary-commission-for-defence-foreign-interests-and-control-of-special-weapons-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThen, Miroslav Kalousek, chairman of Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons, provided following statement to the affair: “It had to happen once, and now, they are here, those Salafists, backed by Saudi Arabia, to disrupt our national cohesion. I will suggest sending more clandestine Counterintelligence operatives into the Czech mosques, to prevent Islamic radicalism, and to report all possible crimes against valid law and Constitution of the Czech Republic, which will be countered with merciless SWAT raids immediately.

The Forgotten Raid: Militarized Police Against Czech Mosques. Shooting People For a Book?

Zero tolerance, that’s it, we have to eradicate these malicious influences, before they will spread, infecting our peaceful, well-integrated Muslims like a disease.”

But also the foreign media noticed the affair, and it now spreads across the Middle East and North Africa. In Iran, the reputated Radio Islam condemned the club’s name as “highly offensive”. In Dubai, the key Arabic news channel Al Arabiya stated, that the club “insulted Czech Muslims”. In Morocco, Muslim religious scholars (ulemas) denounced the municipal government of Prague for “promoting” and “authorizing the use of the name Mecca for a discotheque”, suggesting a massive legal action both against the club, and responsible Czech politicians, including Miroslav Kalousek, who further angered Muslims by announcing plans of larger police infiltration and commando raids against the Czech mosques.

The CCM spokeman commented the affair: “Although the club owners offered us a meeting to ‘discuss’ the matter, it makes no sense, as we are not willing to make any compromises, like some weak infidels. Either the name will be changed, or a massive counter action against the shameful and insulting venture will be executed. Simple as that, our stance is clear and final, such is the demand of Allah, and we are merely insignificant servants of Allah, executing His will.”

And the affair had even very unexpected, hilarous and ironic further development, when Centrum Cerny Most (CCM), a large shopping mall at the suburbs of Prague, challenged Concerned Czech Muslims (also CCM), to cease using the CCM abbreviation immediately, otherwise, they will be sued, for “misusing our established brand”, “parasiting on our good name”, and “creating unlawful competition”.

Also, inside the Islamic Czech community, many feuds emerged, as Prague and Brno Muslims are watching Teplice competitors with jealousy and anger, that they are “… stealing influence, ideas and Saudi money from us”, as covert assets of BIS reported.

Anyway, the power and influence of Czech Islam moves to Teplice inevitably, as Prague and Brno, infested with half-Islamic female converts and various dog-loving apostates, like Romana Cervenkova, disappointed the community by their lack of decisive action and promoting Islam in Czech lands, as they are not even able to assert minarets for their mosques, while Teplice Islamic clique plans to build a massive mosque not only with one, but two minarets, as all “better mosques”, to “send a strong message to all Czech infidels, that Islam rules in this land”.

Tensions are high, and the Czech public calls for ending the affair, “not to hurt our international good name and tourism anymore”, and to “remove undesirable attention of radicals and terrorists from the peaceful Czech lands”.

But it’s too late, as the Islamic State humiliated the capital Prague already, by their surprising armed assault in August 2016, damaging the tourism industry substantially and destroying the Old Town Hall with famous astronomic clock, using a female suicide bomber, allegedly as a revenge for combat successes of a reputated Czech Special Forces female assassin in Syria, Marketa Vselichova, who has over 100 confirmed kills of terrorists, achieved with her famous “Syrian Shark” high-caliber sniper rifle.

The Islamic State headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, also commented the affair:

“Filthy infidels won’t be allowed to smear Islam anymore. Those times, when you could insult us without painful punishment, are over! We are taking our lands back from you, either with assault force or coercion. The whole Europe is rising against you, decadent dogs! And this is the final fight we will win, with the permission of Allah. You will lose everything.”

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