Czech Muslims Wahhabi Salafi CCM Teplice Against Aaron Gunsberger Jew Israel King Solomon Restaurant: Protest Expressive Car Licence plate “Mr. Rambo”, Intimidating, Indicating Use of Violence

Aaron Gunsberger, a devoted Jew and Israeli citizen, alleged leader of illegal Jewish Militia SHALOM of Prague, uses an expressive plate on his vehicle, indicating use of violence against other drivers and generally Czech citizens, thus breaching the regulations of custom car licence plates.

“Rambo” is a infamous movie character, who committed a killing spree in an American town, after he returned from War in Vietnam, where he committed many war crimes against civilians: just as Gunsberger, former member of the elite Israeli “Sayeret Matkal” Special Forces commando, is suspected from similar crimes in Gaza and Palestine by the international courts for human rights.

Czech CCM Wahhabi Muslims from Teplice protesting

Czech Jihad: Bohemia Belongs To Allah

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