The state paid 5 millions USD for law expertises on The Device

The Czech politics has another nasty affair – when a document leaked, that the Czech state already paid more than 5 millions USD for law expertises concerning The Device, and the results are useless, the opposition accused the Ministry of Justice of wasteful behavior, and tax payers also expressed their dissatisfaction.

“Imagine, how many flats for young families could be built, how many work places could be established,” the opposition deputy Cimbura complained during today’s Parliament meeting. “And they rather pay five millions to some expensive lawyers, who write priceless reports like this!” the deputy showed a sheet of paper to the assembly, and he quoted:

“… In conclusion, to make a final statement concerning the issue, we suggest to acquire another support analysis from a top law firm, residing in New York, specialized in IT law…”

After the opposition benches laughed, Cimbura added: “This law firm has very advantageous price: 5000 USD for one hour. It’s almost free, what do you say? I suggest to subscribe them for one full year… maybe they will deliver us some conclusion, finally!”

In Czech law circles, the issue is perceived as unsolvable legal riddle. “Our law firm was offered this questionable contract, but we rejected with thanks – we knew, that it would damage our reputation irrevocably. This is not a law problem – it’s rather a matter of ethics, morality and philosophy.”

The Device still works under temporary law status, it’s excluded from the Czech law system, and the place, where The Facility is built, has special law regime, under international supervision of the United Nations.

“I say, that The Device should be banned, from many good reasons,” the deputy Cimbura stated. “We will initiate a mass petition and a plebiscite. This invention brings only problems and the Czech citizens are bored with endless news articles like ‘The Device this, The Device that’. I say, let’s ban this useless crap! Let’s return to Nova TV station and good old newspapers, full of truth about the world – not some fake dreams!”

We asked a well known political analyst about his opinion. He refused to be named, and he said privately: “It’s like always – the politicians want to make advantages of any issue. But nobody expects The Device to be banned – many of the deputies used ‘special invitations’ by The Corporation already, and Czech intelligence services are on full alert – there is a justified suspicion, that The Corporation uses the members of Parliament who were exposed to The Device, as tools and puppets, serving for their own interests… everybody is scared to cross the way of The Corporation.”

In any case, The Corporation’s shares are still growing. Today, they cost more than twenty times more, than an Apple share. The Corporation is confirmed as the most valuable company worldwide, far exceeding its competitors. An average wage in The Corporation (12.000 USD a month)  is more than ten times higher, than national Czech average wage (approx. 1100 USD).

A nationwide survey proved, that the Czech citizens are proud of The Corporation. “It was them who brought power and respect for us, who made us proud of our country again,” the most common public opinion says.

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