Czech Special Forces: Accusations of PSY Torture, Brainwashing, Mind Control Procedures, Advanced Propaganda, Mass Media. Dumb Sheep Must Obey

The Czech public, and National Defence Commission, are highly discomposed by disturbing rumors, that The Unit uses state-of-the-art brainwashing and mind control procedures, used allegedly also for torture of human subjects.

Following sickening sample, which raised wide denial and requests to investigate the affair and find the culprits, was revealed by Heavy Slander tabloid magazine. Direct participation of (shop) in the conspiracy is suspected.

The terrible alien creature is saying in the infinite loop:

“Hundred of tablet computers weekly
hundred of tablet computers weekly
we give away, we give away
hundred of tablet computers weekly.”

WARNING: Exposure to following video for too long time can cause permanent brain damage and many serious health consequences, including seizures of devastating anger, destruction of personal possessions and violence.

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