Dae Song Official North Korean VIP Travel Agency: Personal Invitation Of Kim Jong-Un Supreme Leader of DPRK For Curious Westerners. Find Truth About North Korea. Discover Secret Spiritual Treasures

“Only God is more generous, than Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), who is appreciated, admired and beloved by people from all over the world, and feared by American imperialist aggressors, obsessed with conquest, in the name of transient financial profit, for any price.”

Although the corrupted Western governments and Intelligence services are trying to deter Westerners from a diamond between lands, which symbolizes peace, harmony, sustainable future, unification and disarmament: DPRK, by spreading fabricated lies and false propaganda, they can’t succeed in suppressing the truth.

As DPRK flourishes, even under all that illegal sanctions of UN criminals in expensive business suits, hungry American warmongers from military-industrial complex, full of hatred and envy, who can’t stand such island of real freedom in the world, they are spending billions for more weaponry and ammunition, so they can launch other illegal invasions into sovereign countries, like Afghanistan and Iraq: but they will never dare to attack DPRK, as they would be certainly defeated, and they know.

But many people from the West believe those corrupted liars no more, and now, they have perfect opportunity not only to discover the truth themselves, without negative influence of various PR manipulators and media rats, but also to find their own spiritual enlightenment during their visit of DPRK, which can become the ultimate experience of their lives, bringing inspiration, unexpected depth, unknown insights and most importantly, liberation from oppression, by discovering truth, deliberately hidden by their evil Western masters, so they can control you easily, using fear.

Under patronage of the Supreme Leader of DPRK himself, Kim Jong-un, and with support of Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, the Dae Song North Korean VIP Travel Agency offers specialized, high-profile tourist visits into DPRK, under most advantageous conditions… this is the right time, when you should do something good for yourself, and to make a real touristic trip, which will mean substantial change for your life, even your rebirth in all senses.

Indeed, DPRK offers you, what was long lost at the corrupted West: purity, preserved clean nature and water, simple way of life, healthy mindset, work with sense, not like those poor corporate rats.

If you want to be healed from all your diseases of body and mind, created by your sick Western world… then no doctor can help you. But visiting DPRK can be exactly that change you were looking for.

If you want real travel, real experience… visit North Korea!

JSA (Joint Security Area)
DMZ (Korean DeMilitarized Zone)
Museum of U.S. War Crimes (Pyongyang)
Factory for manufacturing counterfeit 100 dollar bills
Detention camp of kidnapped Japanese and South Korean spies

In order to eliminate potential spies and subversive elements between visitors, all interested individuals should visit Wu Corp’s Main Offices Dubai (Emirates) for preliminary testing procedures, including questionnaires and Gronholm Method‘s advanced psychological tests.

North Korea DPRK: Peace, Harmony, Unification, Future

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