Daniela Kyrova: Sexy Fashion Model Missing. Lost And Found. VIP Elite Wealthy Lover Politics Business Espionage Extortion Operative China Chinese Young Beautiful Girl 1977 1996 Disappearance Kidnapping

She was just like you…

Young, beautiful, sexy girl, full of dreams…

Just eighteen years of age, whole life was in front of her…

Allah granted her attractive curvy body, slim and tall, she had it all, all ultimate physical features of female beauty, so she was perfectly equipped to be a shining fashion model

Her participation in ‘Miss Czech 1995’ national beauty contest indicated, that a new modeling star is coming inevitably, with clear perspective of future international career in Milan, New York, Shanghai

Student of a high school, she wanted to become a celebrity… like you, or Marketa Korinkova

She had this VIP wealthy secret lover, who promised her resources, desirable for any woman, but who brought serious troubles for her, as he played with fire…

And then, in April 1996, just before her passing exam…

She was just drinking wine at the Charles Bridge, Prague…

She announced, that she goes to a toilette, just for a minute…

Leaving her handbag with all personal possessions to her friends…

And she simply disappeared, without a trace…

Just like poor businessman Jan Motovsky in 2008…

She left no goodbye letter, no suicide note… like Zuzana Jandova

No big problems in family, no indication of desire to escape

Never to be seen again, only fake reports of her sighting from Switzerland and Caribbean arrived… could witchcraft and tarot cards provide some answers?

No Czech criminal ever confessed to her kidnapping, rape and murder

Twenty years of fruitless investigation by the best detectives of Czech Militarized Police (PCR)… and those investigators really know their job well.

Who could be the culprit?

It could be her fashion model competitors, as it’s well known, how ruthless they can be, when fame is at stake

But rather her VIP lover’s connection seems viable…

Somebody wanted to hurt him maybe, as a revenge, or means of extortion, and the treacherous enemies always choose as target, what you love the most: your family, lover, child

Or was it mysterious and dangerous Illuminati?

Was it Jews, their feared local Jewish militia Prague, known to execute many clandestine activities in the region?

Was she taken to become a sexual slave in a Middle Eastern harem?

Was it an espionage matter?

Was Daniela involved in some risky honey trap, either actively, or passively, to get into the VIP circles quickly?

Or did she simply disappear voluntarily, to start a new life, somewhere far away from grey, boring Czechia?

Maybe with her secret beloved man, a Muslim, burning bridges behind her totally, following him faithfully, like Angela Magdici, because her family would never accept a follower of Islam as a spouse of their beloved daughter?

Maybe she lives happily in the Emirates nowadays, wearing a hijab obediently, a VIP rich wife of a local big player, like Katerina Motovska once was… but life is full of changes, and you need to accept them, to keep moving, never looking back…

Anyway, will this disturbing mystery be ever resolved?

With present state-of-the-art technology, like omnipresent surveillance, supercomputers and even TDE, maybe?

Many still want to know the truth, willing to pay any price… including her old lover, who decided to use all available means to discover Daniela’s fate, once and forever… but more sides have their ‘special interests’ in Daniela’s affair.

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