Dark Secrets Of The Past Revealed: The Last Witness (1945)

It’s generally well known fact, that many of the war criminals from Second World War (1939-1945) escaped justice eventually, from many reasons: they were not identified, they disappeared in post-war chaos, the world forgot their crimes through time, or they were even well used by the new regimes as spies and Intelligence assets.

Right after the end of the war, a new conflict emerged, between East and West: the Cold War, and old enemies could easily become new friends, old spy networks were revived, often using confiscated Intelligence files, convicting many persons from various sins during war. These human assets were persuaded by the new masters most easily, to continue in their “special” line of work, by simple blackmailing or motivation with money, appreciation, family reunification, emigration to the West, etc.

Even over seventy years later, there is still many movies and books about Second World War produced, and many people, researchers, historians and journalists are even obsessed with many secrets which still wait to be discovered, or they will be buried forever. But only a few exceptions exist, when something, lost many years ago, was really found: except wreckages of airplanes, ships or submarines.

For example, the world was astonished by finding of fake British pounds from Austrian Toplitzsee, manufactured in a concentration camp to disrupt the British economy, and of course by pretended discovery of Nazi secret files in Czech “Black Lake” by domestic Counterintelligence Service “StB” in 1962, to achieve several critical goals in that everlasting spy game against Western Germany: to delay the end of Nazi war crimes prosecution, and to discredit several highly positioned West German politicians, to disrupt the credibility of the West German government.

This “Operation NEPTUNE” turned out to be completely successful, although her execution was amateurish and risky. Too many entities, including “friends” in Moscow, knew about the fake nature of it, and the crates, found in the Black Lake, were allegedly empty, as Moscow was in delay with supplying some original German documents, to persuade the world about critical nature of the discovery, and its authenticity, of course. However, without any doubt, we could say, that Operation Neptune was a classic example of an INFOOP, Information Operation, executed against the West.

But many years later, something much bigger, hundred times more complex happened. The world hasn’t recovered from this shock yet, and there are doubts if any recovery is possible, ever, as this matter is continuos, more and more chapters of it are added steadily by the unknown directors, forcing us to ask the basic questions for the millionth time: who or what is behind The Corporation? What is her purpose?

Now, another questions are surfacing, and very thorny this time: to what interest was serving that famous Operation Irrevocable Justice? Why the Intelligence team, sent allegedly into the past, didn’t go to investigate some high-profile crime with vast consequences for the world, but quite a marginal incident, which happened on 8th May 1945 at Prague’s Masaryk Train Station?

This inexplicable discrepancy is the riddle which causes many researchers to sleep very badly and many long time marriages to disintegrate. Many theories exist, but no definite answer was found. The Corporation was asked this simple question many times, and they seemed to have no problem answering it. But the reply puzzled the matter yet more.

“One member of our international scientific team, who contributed to contructing The Device very widely, had personal interest in investigating this bygone, long forgotten crime. So we decided to fulfill this wish. That is all,” the Executive Manager of The Corporation said.

Now, what could that words “personal interest” mean? Without any doubt, that unknown scientist could lose somebody close to him during this incident, and from a strange reason, he wanted to find the culprit after seventy years, even with very low probability that this person is still alive, and prosecution can be made, to punish him for his old crimes.

But there is also another explanation, and very original. “The Corporation needed some low-profile incident deliberately, so there are no existing witnesses, who could contest The Corporation’s charade,” some criticizing, pessimistic voices say.

The team of Prague’s Charles University researchers acquired the list of known victims during the incident, and they tried to locate the particular scientist, using publicly available registry of all Czech citizens. But they found nobody suitable in all 54 family trees of the victims. “It means, that either The Corporation is lying, or it could be some more distant, or indirect relative. It doesn’t have to be a son or grandson, a part of bloodline. There could be some family tale, and this person. son-in-law, girlfriend, acquaintance, just wanted to help their relatives or friends to have more calm sleep or something,” the leader of the team concluded their research with deep disappointment.

It’s no coincidence that Charles University has her “special interest” in the affair too. The reason is, that long lost original insignia of the university, allegedly from 1348, lost in 1945, could be found during the Stechovice Treasure discovery, or Operation Aztec Gold, as the Czech Military calls it. But they still didn’t release some info about the content of the discovery, because they “need more time to analyze it”.

“Without any doubt, there is a very clear connection: both Treasure and Incident happened in May 1945, and they are related to the last days of war,” the famous Czech tabloid magazine Heavy Slander noted. Incidentally, this mag has very special position in Stechovice affair: his chief reporter and two of his colleagues were the only witnesses of the discovery, during that clandestine military operation near Lhota village, 15 clicks southeast of Prague. They allegedly got a tip from an informer, who was a soldier or a civilian employee of the Czech Military.

“I can’t believe this coincidence: near one Lhota village they found this questionable Treasure, and near another Lhota they lost their most valuable asset, that famous operative Denise… they are simply joking. Nobody can believe this gigantic charade anymore!” the chief reporter wrote in a complex article, trying to find the truth about the current events, but he also reminded to the readers, that there is over twenty different Lhota villages in the Czech republic. “It’s very common local name. Both events could still be incidental,” he admitted in the end.

What is known for sure, and confirmed by witnesses, that the incident was commited by members of SS division “Viking”, which executed ruthless and completely pointless counter-insurgent operation at Masaryk Train Station area, just before German forces retreated from Prague. “Such pity, that no known witness of the crime is still alive. He or she could provide crucial answers. But the last person who was present there died in 1994, as far as I know,” a reputated historian, who is specialized in Prague Uprising, which took place between 5th and 8th May 1945, commented in a TV program “Cold Trails”, dedicated to find the truth.

“By the way, this witness is very interesting,” he resumed his presentation. “There is an old tale, narrated between railwaymen at Masaryk Train Station to these days, about one of their colleagues, who was there on that sad day in May 1945, who saw the execution of his friends and colleagues, and he waited to the end of his days on the same platform, where it happened, with hope, that he will recognize the culprit, who will pass through Prague by an international train, for example. He saw his face, and he was the only witness later, when all his colleagues left the job or passed away.”

“Then it’s clear why we couldn’t find the scientist. This is a public tale, thousand people could hear it in the past, and they are mostly unrelated with the victims,” the TV host reminded the previous futile search. “The culprit was never found. So somebody decided maybe, many years later, to give justice not only to the victims, but also to this brave railwayman, who dedicated his whole life to find this criminal, and he failed eventually: his own departure stopped him. He was there, he saw how this officer selected people, to be executed immediately, by the wall by the third platform, without any court. And he didn’t deny this responsibility of a key witness. He did what he could, and maybe he inspired somebody else, who was allegedly working on The Device. The the circle could be closed, if we would believe the explanation of The Corporation, however.”

But let’s move to the present, or to be exact, near past.

As a critical part of Operation Naked Truth, The Corporation manufactured the whole evening, when they announced The Device, very precisely. And to persuade the world most convincingly, they allegedly sent the first Intelligence team into the past, to find this particular culprit from 1945. The content of the show was allegedly pre-recorded, using CGI (computer generated imagery), but it was extremely persuasive, using “first person view”, including breath and heart beat of the operative, which completely hypnotized many worldwide viewers.

We could stick to the common explanation, that it was all fake. The Corporation never revealed the exact nature of The Device, they only said, and repeatedly, that “it’s yet better than a time displacement machine”. But there is one big problem, which complicates finding the truth further: the leaked surveillance footage of The Facility, publicly known as “Tape 863B”, taken allegedly in the time of armed assault of unknown origin against The Facility, with clear goal of the enemy, to get his hands on The Device, or to discard it from operation, forcing the defenders to use the self-destruction procedure.

Although this footage is heavily edited, there is one really disturbing event clearly visible: a masked woman of unconfirmed identity in a military uniform entered The Device, and apparently disappeared. And many people say, that it was The Asset, that she really visited the past, that she was fooled by The Corporation to enter The Device physically, and to test the real time-travelling, not only the virtual version of it.

“I don’t believe this explanation. Why should they send her alone, and dressed in a modern battledress? It would make her presence in the past very difficult, this could spoil the mission completely,” a security analyst absolutely disagrees. “The only problem is, that she can’t provide any answers. She is missing, as we all know. And many people even doubt that she ever existed. In any case, The Corporation can be very glad that she can’t provide any answers to the public. Or… didn’t they get rid of her intentionally, by sending her as a part of a lightly armed SPECOPS team against overwhelming armored force of the enemy?”

And there is yet one ultimate riddle. During a Parliament session several weeks ago, where the Minister of Defence attended, somebody took a hi-res picture of a top secret document in his possession, partially exposed between another files of extreme importance. Although only a fragment of text was visible, the content is more than shocking.

“If this paper is true, then… well, everything in our world would be changed,” the chief reporter of Heavy Slander magazine admitted. “It’s some kind of a modern golden cow. We saw it from the distance, and our imagination makes the rest. We all are inclined to live in our sweet dreams… but rather don’t think what could happen, what consequences this event could have for our past. Nobody should play with time machines, ever… we can see that now. But if this description is real, and they have the footage of a real Intelligence mission in the past… well, then this is the breaking point in the history, and The Device should be even worshipped.”

“Asset was delivered into Revolucni street, exact location 02-83, in time T-25 before the incident… heavy machine gun fire… physical collision with grandfather of (redacted)… he noticed patches on her sleeve, serving as an evidence… he stole one cartridge of modern 5.56mm ammunition from her, allegedly to reverse engineer it and to make money… reported to local Military Counterintelligence headquarters… Asset continued with the mission… got rid of her modern clothers and weapon… search party (15 men) was sent to intercept her, led by Captain (redacted)… met him again… she decided to eliminate him as an inconvenient witness… told him of his future grandson and his own past, which she had known from the future grandson… he believed her and let her go… got to the train station just in time… approached the target… boarded the train to stay close to him… partisan ambush on the tracks near Beroun city, railway tracks disabled by an explosive… all enemy units eliminated… she acquired the crucial data… in risk of immediate death by partisan hands, she decided to…”

In that point, the picked up content of the document unfortunately ends, so we don’t know whether The Asset survived, and what she made to save herself from certain partisan’s revenge against the whole crew of the train. But probably she discovered the identity of the enemy officer, who commited that particular war crime.

When journalists asked Ministry of Defence about it, the reply was strict. “It’s a cheap forgery, by someone who only wants to confuse the public. We never had such document in our possession,” they denied its mere existence.

“So many secrets and unaswered questions,” the chief reported sighed at the end of his article about this issue. “The Corporation promised us, that secrets of the past will be revealed, and now we see, that there is only more of them. Or does it all need time? But human life is so short and we are so impatient, we want everything right now, without waiting… I just hope that I will live long enough to see the truth behind all this. Was it only a charade? Or how much of it was truth? Who can tell? The only witness is gone and we can just speculate endlessly.”

At least we can hope that The Asset fulfilled her mission and somebody has better sleep these days, after seventy years of waiting for justice. The question is, whether this all confusion worth it. As the Pope of the Vatican said, when asked for his opinion about the issue: “We should forgive our enemies. I guarantee you, that your sleep will improve immediately and forever, without any necessity to catch some culprits who hurt you long time ago. Forgive, forget, and you will heal yourself instantly.”

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Alan Svejk