David Walker Street Art: Female soul in paintings

David Walker is an artist who managed to catch the fascinating phenomenon of female soul into his unique paintings, presented to wide public not only in art galleries, but also in the streets, when he makes his artwork on urban walls, in publicly accessible places, including vast paintings on houses.

His women are completely lively, deeply thinking, watching the distant horizon, and revealing the modern weakness of all females: they are thinking too much. Using their deep creativity and high imagination, they are able to plan their lives, careers and goals with ultimate precision, but too much thinking also awakes many bad feelings in them, often preventing them from living in the present, from fulfilling their dreams.

David Walker Street Art - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsCurrent world brings many hard challenges for all of us, and pressure on modern women is immense, as they try to follow that shining vision of a modern woman, published in female magazines, and this vision is hard to achieve. No wonder, that many women feel that they are failing, they often live in unsatisfying relationships, but still keeping their girl’s dreams about a prince on a white horse, who will reveal their internal treasures and who will decide to dedicate his honorable life just to them.

Media propaganda is ruthless, it always was – but to free yourself from all that pressure, it costs great courage and bravery. But who goes his own way, he or she often goes alone – and most women are social creatures, in constant need of human companions, to satisfy their high emotional needs. And then, the circle closes, and it has often that sad result in incomplete families and rise of the single mothers in society.

David Walker Streetart - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsBut all that female dreams are firmly written in the eyes of David Walker’s models. He is a magician who is able to transfer female soul onto his paintings, preserving female beauty, youth and beliefs forever, so it can shine for all of us, inspire us not only artistically, but also to make correct life decisions, not to miss our lives by eternal thinking, without possibility to rest and to see everything from a broader angle of view.

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