Dominika Myslivcova: The Ambassador of Islam

Some infidels could say, that it was a mistake, a coincidence, a miracle, whereas a devoted Muslim would comment the event as simply the will of Allah: when a shining young female, a blonde Czech celebrity called Dominika Myslivcova, equipped with large breasts indeed, visited the Islamic Czech city of Teplice for the first time in her life, allegedly for the innocent purposes of another photo shooting, but she met Islam there, as there is a massive and quickly growing Islamic enclave established, and she returned to her pink luxurious home as another person, who had to dedicate her life to Islam, succumbing to the ultimate power of Allah: she had no other option, because any woman needs Islam.

Indeed, whoever comes too close to Islam, he or she won’t stay unaffected for too long, including the opponents: even in faithless Czech Republic, there was well known previous examples like Daniel Landa, Marketa Maryam Korinkova, Michaela Homolkova, and Dominika Myslivcova is the latest, and most fascinating addition to this Islamic collection, which means complete paradigm shift in the growth of Islam in the Czech Republic, and Islamic victory in these kaffir lands.

The extreme speed of her succumbing to Islam is rather surprising, but it only confirms, how Almighty Allah is extremely powerful: once you step into His light, your world changes, and you simply have to accept Islam as a firm part of your life, serving to Islam, regardless whether you present yourself as a follower, or an opponent.

Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsDuring her stay in Teplice, allegedly only short and random, she visited a local shopping mall, just to “have a lunch, because I was hungry”, without realizing, what extremely substantial life event is awaiting her: meeting her Creator.

In her initial shock from the meeting with her destiny, Dominika Myslivcova immediately shot this fateful video, without realizing, how the Islamic experience will change her life. The combination of a postmodern Western “Instagram” bitch with chewing gum in her mouth, and veiled Persian Gulf women around, plus the consuming environment of a shopping center, is indeed funny, but the consequences, which came to light later, are much more serious, and her girlish commentary is quite a prophecy (English transcript follows):

“Ciao Miau, darlings! Today, I had a photo shoot near Teplice, and because I was hungry on the way back, I decided to stop here, to have a lunch.

Well… I was quite horrified.

I have never been in Teplice before, and honestly, when I arrived here, I didn’t believe, that I am in the Czech Republic anymore, because it’s so many Muslims here, that I am really shocked.

I recorded the experience for you, to see, that I am not lying, and to make your opinion, how it looks like here. (she adjusts her hair: Jesus Maria, I am looking terribly!)”

(The collection of heavily veiled Islamic women with hijabs follows, both in “Galerie” shopping mall and Sanov Park, where hundreds of Muslims from Persian Gulf from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Emirates are meeting every day, during summer months, as they are visiting the local spa, and some takes of Arabic writings on main pedestrian zone are added, including Turkish restaurant, Sultan Café and Istanbul Kebab, whose Islamic crew watches blonde “bombshell” Dominika with interest)

“I am telling you, I am not fabricating, they (Muslims) are absolutely everywhere!

So, I am sitting here for a coffee, just like that, and look (=three Muslim women are approaching to her table), only Muslim women are everywhere. I marvel here completely.”

A written statement follows:

“It’s terrible how for we got… almost every week, there are terrorist attacks, and we still keep our national borders open, allowing immigrants to come in, like if nothing happens?

I WANT A PINK FUTURE FOR US, NOT A BLACK ONE!” (=Dominika Myslivcova’s distinctive sign is the pink color everywhere, to look like a Barbie or what)

On her Facebook profile, she stated, that “if anyone knows, what to do with the (Teplice) situation, come up with ideas”, indicating, that the Teplice experience hit Dominika more, than anyone would expect. Even a Barbie has emotions, it seems, and she succumbs to fear easily, as any woman, regardless if “famous” or not.

And to the utmost surprise of the Czech public, several weeks later, Dominika Myslivcova (21 years old) officially announced her full-scale entry into the big politics, in connection with some right-wing foolish political party with anti-immígration programme, and the blonde expressed clear interest to sit in the Czech national Parliament (200 seats).

Of course, that many fools laughed to this decision, mostly, when the video of a stylish blonde Dominika besides some older common folks was released, when she spoke about her candidacy, as she really shined there, always presenting herself as a dumb blonde (her social brand, to attract attention, gossip and tabloid media).

Some Czech journalists said, that cooperating with Dominika Myslivcova will be a disaster for the right-wing scene, some defined her bold step only as a part of her endless effort, to be presented in the media, to be a celebrity, to have publicity.

But all these kaffir considerations are inconsequential.

The most important was her public and open announcement, that she is willing to connect her “pink life” with Islam. And this is exactly what the Czech Islamic community needed, and the whole Ummah profits from her step: and she pleased Allah indeed.

All those people, who stand against Islam, are in fact servants of Allah, and Islam, bringing more attention to the Islamic world, culture, society, values, based on the only complete and perfected religion, and way of life.

One day, and soon, she will become a high-profile convert to Islam, and she will be extremely valuable Islamic asset, which other thousands of kaffirs will follow, as her social influence is extremely high. She will simply find in Islam, what is right for her.

Although Islam forbids idolatry (=worshipping idols), Islam is about good examples, and such example can affect thousands of other Czech young girls, the whole generation, who follow and admire Dominika Myslivcova today.

She was bringing them the shiny celebrity world… and now, she brings them Islam, packed in extremely attractive and seducing package.

Praised be Allah, that He created such fine, and wise female creature, who will lead others to peace, freedom, happiness, destiny, morality, purity and truth, which can be found only in Islam!

We Muslims are blessed, guided and protected by Allah, we don’t fear obstacles and sacrifices… with the help of Allah, mosques will grow here, with tall minarets, muezzins will call for prayer around the Prague Castle, and an Islamic President will take the responsibility, leading people back to Islam… soon!

Women of Islam: Message of Peace, Freedom, Destiny

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