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“Woman is a fine creature by Allah… so don’t worship her, worship only Him.”

It’s Allah who creates this world and all its content with perfection. One of the most impressive miracle, and also the most dangerous one, is a creature called woman, who was equipeed with special psychological features by Allah, not only to counter the male physical superiority, but also to be able to lure and seduce a man, to make him to lose sanity and to become obsessed by her, so she will be able to persuade him to serve her, protect her, mate with her, and to take care of her offsprings, without regards, whether they are biologically his, or not. As the old Latin proverb says: “Mother is always certain: but father most uncertain.”

For this special purpose, making the genders equal, a woman possesses plenty of miracles, both in physical and spiritual sense, which can make literally any man completely mad and obsessed. Her body is round and well defined, covered with extremely soft velvet skin, luring to touch, and she promises plenty of excitement and pleasure, not speaking about her loving care she can provide.

Even the most ruthless, strong and decisive man can be easily lost in this soft seducing nets of a female spider, and without Allah, a man can become a slave of women, who are not innocent angels, but programmed for gain access to various resources, so their offsprings can be taken care of effectively. And men are a tool for this important purpose, providing protection, food, shelter, and physical work.

Although the postmodern Western society changed this trait, and many women are “independent”, making money, taking care of their needs themselves, the game remains the same. If you are weak, if you are not under the most wise command and protection of Allah, you will be misused, you will become a slave of others: and for women, who are inclined to be capable psychotic manipulators, a weak male sheep becomes the most attractive prey, so a woman can feel, as a queen, healing her complexes and low self-confidence.

Indeed, many weak, soft infidel men of today even like this change of women, when they adapt the male patterns of behavior, and those “modern” fools like to be enslaved and ruled by women, like if they would have to apologize for the centuries of previous times, when the genders were not equal, and women were enslaved by men, limited in rights, forced to marriages, raped in wars, etc.

It reminds the situation with refugees, as many postcolonial countries, like Great Britain and France, plus Germany, feeling guilt for the attrocities of the last world war, feel some need to “compensate” previous sins, with being extremely hospitable and accomodating, making large concessions.

But for any woman, a concession is a sign of a weakness, and she will ask for more, and more. And the decadent Western society plays for her interests, persuading men, that they should be gentlemen, let women go first, simply being their servants, as it’s “good” and “expected”.

And indeed, these infidels, non-believer men are slaves not only of the society, but also women, making fools of themselves, being oppressed and misused voluntarily, not able to break these chains of voluntary slavery, supported by the social pressure and expectations.

But from all oppression of life, there leads one way out: it’s submission to Allah, and Islam.

For any man, Islam is a chance to acquire the strength he lacked, simply by replacing all that false gods and vicious masters with the only one entity, that deserves to be worshipped: Allah, and this change makes any individual free.

But this way to freedom, speaking about liberating from the seducing influence of women, is really difficult, as they provide endless temptation, at least in the Western society, who allows them to walk undressed, to show their skin and bodily qualities openly. Fools then watch their exposed breasts and other attractive body parts like hypnotized, and this is the moment when, they are weakest, even despised by women.

It’s an irony, that women respect only men who ignore them, as it indicates them, that such a man is firm, has values and qualities, is balanced, stable, is not obsessed with sex, and most importantly, he could mate with better women, than she: in that moment, she becomes interested, to gain access to his sperm, and resources.

And she knows, how to lure a man, so he can forget everything, even who he was, even Islam, and Allah.

There are many small details about a woman, who are literally killers of male sanity, balance and faith, like Dimples of Venus, Thigh Gap, Abdomen Line, and others, perceived as the proofs of extreme female physical quality. If she has such features, and if you live in the decadent naked West, how can you stop thinking, that exactly she is the woman you need, to be happy, to have the love you always dreamed of, if you are highly satisfied with her body? But it’s worshipping a false god, a weak mortal, who is nobody and nothing in comparison with Allah, the Creator of all.

And this obsession makes you a slave indeed. It’s another confirmation of the fact, that the Islamic society, who inspires women to be veiled, is much more healthy, and more easy place to live, not to be always distracted by omnipresent sexuality, like in the decadent West.

Dimples of Venus - Lower Back Dimples - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsDimples of Venus is the highly reputated, appraised and admired feature of a female body. These two small dimples between her lower back and buttocks remind some kind of ancient, classic beauty from the old paintings, and it looks simply perfectly, in combination with her round, soft hips, and round sexy butt… and how can you resist such a body, indicating ultimate quality of her gender? But Allah doesn’t recommend you to see such things, and He knows the best, why: because you can easily get mad, forgetting what is really important, to serve Him, to worship Him, as this is the purpose of your creation. With Him, you are never lost: with her, most easily, as she always plays games with you. It’s in her nature, to test you, to estimate your quality and resistance, so she can eliminate the weak ones from the mating selection. Indeed, she can’t allow just anyone between her thighs, if she is wise.

Thigh Gap - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsThigh Gap is another source of male obsession, and a clear proof of female beauty. But when you see such things on the streets, will it help you, to live more successful life? No, it only makes you distracted, losing aim of your life goals, and you turn to commit sins, which take you away from peace, happiness and most importantly, freedom. Oh, Allah, why do You create so much temptation, for us poor men? Maybe You inspire us to return back to you, to keep only You in our thoughts, not seeing and ignoring this dangerously exciting details, leading us astray.

Female Abdomen Dividing Line Muscles - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThe visible dividing line on a female abdomen’s muscular structure (above navel) is a matter of perfect genetics, rather than a fitness, but many voices say, that it makes her an ultimate woman. From this thinking, it’s really close to start worshipping a female, and her body, instead of Allah, and this bad thinking has vast consequences for any man, as the Western fools, succumbing to their desires and worldly pleasures, clearly confirm. These are the slaves of sexuality, and Islam is the only way out of this curse.

Allah knows the best, why women should be veiled and covered, so the males can be saved from distraction, and the society and relationships suffer then. This is also the reason, why both genders are segregated during the mosque prayers: not to discriminate women, but to protect both genders from distraction, so they can concentrate on worshipping Allah.

Allah should occupy your mind, Allah should be praised all the time: that is the only way, how to stay balanced, stable, secure and successful in life.

Only Allah can protect a male from being seduced and made a slave. To be a servant of Allah, it’s the right thing: but to be a slave of a female body, it’s foolish, it’s even dangerous.

But as the Western men are so exposed to this temptation so widely, even extremely, at any minute, anywhere, in the streets and in the media, they can hardly resist. So they lose, and their civilization crumbles. Weak men, absence of Allah in their minds, and naked women, it’s indeed a fateful combination for the West.

The infidel fools are rejecting Islam, without realizing, that it’s their only hope for salvation from their demons and weaknesses, slavery and oppression. But Allah is the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, Ever Forgiving, and Ever Accepting Repentance… and with His permission, the mankind will be brought back to Islam.

Path of Islam: Towards Peace, Freedom and Destiny

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