Elite European Aristocracy: Countess Joy du Lau d’Allemans

She is one of the most fascinating, impressive, but also mysterious and secretive figures of the modern European Aristocracy. An internationally recognized top fashion model, who married a descendant of famous Napoleon Bonaparte bloodline, Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans is truly an inspiration for all modern women worldwide.

She earned all her success by hard work, modesty, always positive personality and helping others. Her unique style and shining charm make her a firm part of the U.S. luxury market, and her deep experience from the global fashion world make her expertise and insights highly valuable for top fashion companies, like Chanel, Rolls Royce and Louis Vuitton.

Entering famous Mensa club for the most intelligent people at 17 years old, Joy clearly declared her many talents since the young age. Since then, she was trained with a series of private tutors who schooled her in the arts, history, philosophy, political science, art, etc. She is also an active violin player, who participated in a number of public recitals.

Due to her impressive height of 6’1″ (183cm) and very slender figure, she was fully qualified for a career of top fashion model, and her life changed completely since she signed with the Ford Modeling Agency. She moved to New York, then Paris, where she met and married the great great grandson of Napoleon Bonaparte. They were married in his castle, Montardy.

Countess Joy du Lau d'Allemans 3 - NUSHI.eu Fashion Magazine - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsToday, she is very active in international commerce, art collecting, investments, real estate, fashion, but she never forgets to support many charitable causes. Her sport activities include yachting, tennis, skiing, horseback riding, and the game of polo.

Joy likes to share with others. “My life’s experiences have been incredible, but have taught me that nothing in this world is as important as being and feeling truly happy with my inner self. To laugh, love and live everyday as if it were my last. Never forget that life is not a game, it’s a gift.”

She is very rarely seen in the public. One of few exceptions are polo events, for example in September 2014, when Joy participated in 2014 Miami Beach Polo World Cup in International Polo Club Palm Beach, due to her wide contacts with Alex Webbe, president of Polo Consultants international business company.

In July 2015, Countess Joy du Lau d’Allemans accepted the offer to be a honorary patroness of NUSHI Fashion Magazine, and promised to share unique insights from her world with our readers.

In May 2016, Countess Joy became a template for one the fictional figures of ‘Tales from a Mosque’ artistic series, aimed at Islamic Affairs. Described as Countess Von Laubringen, willing to stop Islam in an Austrian city, but in reality, she expressed her deep respect to the religion in an interview, made at Palm Beach, Florida, where advantages of Islam for Western people and women’s rights issues were discussed.

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