Elite female operative Denise still missing, with all secrets

It’s one of the biggest and most discussed mysteries of the world history. Thousands of pages were written about this particular person by hundreds of experts, journalists, writers, politicians, conspiracy theoretists and common citizens, and every of the contributors has a clear view of her eventual fate. However, the truth is still waiting to be uncovered: and some people say, that it should rather stay buried forever, both the truth and the famous missing operative Denise D., because the consequences of such revelations could be disastrous in many senses.

“Some secrets should stay buried forever, for our own good, I am telling you,” the mayor of the Stechovice village declared his opinion firmly, and this man really knows what he is talking about: the famous discovery of so called Stechovice Treasure from 1945 turned the whole village upside down (the Special Forces of the Czech military called it Operation Aztec Gold). This attractive media event became a prelude to others, much serious: namely the public announcement of The Device, and its first operational use, in so called Operation Irrevocable Justice (described below).

But there is a widely suggested connection between both operations, and also between Czech Military and The Corporation: one particular woman, who is known only as Denise D., or “The Asset”, probably an elite operative of Military Counterintelligence, or a Special Forces soldier. Although a favourite conspiracy theory claims, disseminated by the corrupted tabloid media, that this woman never existed, and it’s purely a fabrication, made to “hide the dark, filthy secrets of The Corporation”, there is some concrete evidence and also testimonies, confirming, that not only this woman really existed, but she also participated in the most substantial events of world history.

Some people say, that she is a poor victim of the circumstances, who was sacrificed by the state in a matter, which was lost in advance, and she was sent to certain death in a high risk operation. Another voices oppose to this opinion and suggest, that she is the only entity, who was ever able to cheat The Corporation, and she stole all their secrets, making them vulnerable and exposed, if they will ever cross the lines. In any case, she was the first person, who entered The Device, and who was exposed to its influence, with vast consequences for her life and for the whole world.

Originally, she was allegedly sent to infiltrate The Corporation, when all previous attempts by the Military Counterintelligence failed and all sent operatives changed sides voluntarily, to the deep shock of the high military command and Ministry of Defense. As her predecessors were males, and ultimate female love was used as an offensive weapon against them, it was decided to change the strategy: to send a woman, who won’t became another victim, but on the contrary, a culprit, using an offensive chemical to promote and protect her against the ruthless adversaries.

And it really happened: at first, The Corporation broke her mind and soul, using unknown PSY methods during the interview, but later, they chose her to become their Asset during so called “Operation Naked Truth”, the biggest PSYOP in human history, where they pretended that The Device is a time displacement machine, and they sent the first Intelligence team to the year 1945, to investigate an old war crime, right in front of eyes of the stunned world (Operation Irrevocable Justice). However, there are many disputes, whether The Asset was able to sustain the mind washing: if yes, then we may think, that she was able to continue with her mission in the name of the state, but if she failed, then she became a puppet of The Corporation. Or is it exactly what the state wanted? Was she used as a pawn?

The Czech military and The Corporation always denied any official connection, claiming, that they are in a simple relationship between supplier of the defense industry and customer. However, the following official document, released to the public recently, suggests another possibilities.

Read the document: Missing Soldier

Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy
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