Eman Ghaleb: Czech Woman Against ISIS. Honest Muslim Girl, or Master of Islamic Deception?

Without any doubt, it takes great personal courage to stand openly against omnipresent, extremely violent terrorists from Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL), which never hesitates with devastating revenge, both against unbelievers, the enemies of Allah, and even against moderate Muslims, perceived by ISIS as Islamic apostates, renegades and traitors.

The ISIS terrorists can hit anywhere, without regards to any borders, walls or boundaries, far away from Syrian and Iraqi deserts, where they originated, as the ISIS transformed from common armed guerilla to a worldwide criminal organization, with clear effort to get firm and deep roots in all countries, even acquiring useful contacts in police forces, using sexy barmaids, bribery and extortion of female tennis players, so no airstrikes and military incursions of international coalition can defeat the terrorists any more, and the world is disappointed, that this threat wasn’t contained, even with massive arsenal and manpower of NATO and the world.

Islamic State Enters Professional Sport To Get Control Of Western Resources. Primary Targets: Female Tennis Players

But who laughs, it’s weapon manufacturers, developers and merchants, as those rats need eternal world war, as it means big military spending, filling their coffers, so 9/11 was blessing for them. Also, many rats from military-industrial complex are happy, knowing, that their future will be bright: they will have certain jobs, as the security branch will flourish, pampered by all states, and they will be paid well, all those “security experts”, “developers of new defensive weaponry”, and “private contractors”.

So, why should all those rats want the end of war with ISIS, if they would lose so much money and promise of fully sustainable future, guaranteed by persistent terrorist threat? No, there is no will to end this war. ISIS serves just well to postmodern states both from East and West.

And ISIS is not only war: it’s also politics, it’s big political opportunity for many aspiring players, including Muslims. In “verbal” war with ISIS, you can get many points, almost without any risk, and you can serve to Ummah, the Islamic community, or to “alternative interests” you represent, just well.

It happened just before Xmas time, following December 2016 terrorist attack in Berlin, Germany, executed by an IS symphatizer of allegedly Tunisian ancestry, who obeyed the IS appeal to their fighters at the West, to use widely available cars instead guns against so called soft targets, to terrorize their enemies, and create the atmosphere of fear in the society.

The Czech state, alhough not directly jeopardized, reacted mercilessly, sending heavily armed Militarized Police commandos and APCs (armored personnel carriers) into the streets, where the heroic and bold Czech policemen presented their new shining gifts from generous Czech government and Ministry of Interior: military-grade assault rifles G36C by Heckler & Koch, loaded with 5.56mm splintery ammunition, to cause more devastating injuries, became a proper symbol of upgrading police firepower.

G36C assault rifles flooding the Czech streets, allegedly for “safety”

The citizens were pleased, celeberating Xmas happily, shopping like mad… until Czech Concerned Muslims (CCM), alleged Jihadi clique from highly Islamized Teplice region, not only started criticizing deployment of police forces, allegedly to “deter people from Islam by threat of using militarized violence”, they also announced their Lawfare campaign against Xmas, calling for general ban of Xmas decorations in Teplice region, as it allegedly insults Muslims, and several incidents of vandalism occured in Teplice city, regarding Xmas illumination and tree.

Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM)

But these alleged Wahhabists were not the only voice, resonating from Teplice loudly.

Eman Ghaleb, a young female Muslim student, originating from Yemen, who recently acquired Czech citizenship, and whose influence in the city and general Czech Islamic community is rising steadily, rumored to become the next (first Islamic) city mayor, as she has general support of local population, both Islamic and infidel, sent really shocking open letter to ISIS terrorists, condemning the attack sharply, and ISIS too, even cursing them.

Women of Islam: Eman Ghaleb. Czech Islamic Elite
Eman Ghaleb Yemen Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs 3

Although Czech sheep applauded her effort, the Czech CounterIntelligence service (BIS) and Czech Militarized Police were not pleased, calling it “dangerous partisanship”, as this move could attract undesirable ISIS attention to peaceful Czech lands. But politics is a nasty game, you have to play with all cards you have, and hit your enemies with everything you have.

Marketa Vselichova Kurdish Kurd Syria crusader Islamic State V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsDuring the summer 2016, when reports of anti-ISIS killing spree of Marketa Vselichova, alleged Czech Special Forces assassin in Northern Syria, leaked into the world media, the ISIS launched devastating revenge for death of more of 100 of their fighters, which the woman allegedly eliminated ruthlessly, using her famous “Syrian Shark” high-caliber sniper rifle, loading with High Explosive bullets, to “send proper message to the terrorists”, although some evil voices claimed, that Vselichova is rather mentally unstable and her endless thirst for war and blood is universal, not related only with ISIS terrorist threat.

Islamic State Conquest of Prague terrorist czech assault ambush - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAnyway, in their full-scale, shocking armed counter-assault, executed allegedly as retaliation for Vselichova’s combat successes in Syria, the terrorists hit Czech Republic right into her heart: conquering the Old Town city of Prague and demolishing Old Town Hall with famous astronomical clock, using a suicide bomber, and neither heroic defense of combined elements of Czech Special Forces and Militarized Police couldn’t prevent this horrible destruction of a memorable historical landmark (fortunately for the local tourism industry, the Town Hall was quickly rebuilt by corporate sponsors, and dumb tourists don’t recognize any difference, so the visitors can admire beautiful Prague again).

It must be reminded, that the Jewish community has very long and deep tradition of wide presence in this key quarter of Prague, even perceived as the most powerful and influential in the whole Europe nowadays, and the local Jews, mostly owners of local jewellry shops, all with wide military experience from Israeli Special Forces, they even organized local Jewish militia, an armed paramilitary clandestine organization, to defend the local Jews against any possible attacker, be it right-wing extremists, or Islamic terrorists.

Also, it’s very important for Jewish diaspora in Europe, to hold this last remaining fortress of visible Jewish influence, as Jews are slowly expelled from all Western cities, following vast pressure of local Islamic communities. And the Czech state will never stand openly against Israel, their most precious ally, as the United States crumbled after lost military adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So, the only voice, calling for disbanding and disarmament of this illegal Jewish militia loudly, are the mentioned Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM) from Teplice, where also Eman Ghaleb lives, and where the factual center of Czech Islam exists, as Prague and Brunn Islamic cells are fragmented, divided and deeply infiltrated by Czech CounterIntelligence service (BIS) assets.

The relationship between CCM Jihadis and Eman Ghaleb is rather one-way. Unofficially, the CCM perceives Eman as a half-Islamic apostate, who allegedly knows almost nothing about Islam, but they are willing to tolerate it, as she serves well to their interests, it means getting real political power in the city, so they support her both loudly and covertly, persuading her, to run for the mayor.

But the girl has other interests now, as she is just finishing her high school studies, and she is not willing to be connected with the alleged Islamic extremists and Bosnian Wahhabis anyhow, she doesn’t need them anyway, as her powerful sponsors from Saudi Arabia are providing enough of support of her, so she completely ignores CCM, avoiding them at all opportunities and spending time with her infidel friends, to improve her social brand yet more, and to be perceived as a shining example of well-integrated, moderate Muslim, which deserves to be elected into an office.

So, both sides remain in some kind of tolerating each other, at least temporarily, to help the local Islamic community and interests to grow, but their opinion of Islamic State differs massively.

Whereas CCM claims, that Islamic State is established and orchestrated by Western infidels, to disrupt Ummah and to damage Muslims, so they are rejecting to comment the issue any more, Eman Ghaleb is known as real, very devoted opponent of these Islamic terrorists, which she allegedly hates from all her heart, as the letter confirmed, even surpassed all expectations.

Indeed, the content of the Eman Ghaleb’s memorable anti-ISIS letter surprised many, how much hatred and denial is concentrated there. Even infidels, priority targets for ISIS, have never published something so strong and emotional, like Eman’s letter. Thus, many of the infidels feel someting treacherous and not natural in the letter, not believing in honesty of Eman Ghaleb, who is suspected to be a master of Taqiya (purposed relaxation of Islamic beliefs when facing persecution).

So, whereas many Czech people are celebrating Eman, and her anti-ISIS effort, other voices are warning: “This is, how Islamic conquest of infidel lands works. One part is radical and violent, other condemns them loudly, to collect perks, to be the ‘good ones’, to get more influence in the society, to defeat infidels silently, from below. Beware!”

Regarding general opinion of Czech Islamic community about Eman Ghaleb, the problem is division between flourishing Teplice, and declining Prague and Brunn Islamic communities, which were badly damaged after April 2014 Police Raid, never completely recovering from humiliation by police dogs, and blamed to be too weak, as they were never able to assert minarets for their mosques.

The Forgotten Raid: Militarized Police Against Czech Mosques. Shooting People for a Book?

Moreover, all oil money from Saudi Arabia are now redirected into Teplice, and it creates a lot of problems for Prague and Brunn mosques, provoking anger against Teplice’s CCM, marking them as radicals deliberately, even suspecting them loudly from possible links with Salafi terrorist groups, to achieve their (desirable) suppression by Czech Militarized Police.

But Eman Ghaleb seems intouchable by all sides, and surprisingly, even ISIS terrorists reacted quite differently, than expected, when she attacked them mercilessly, even promising them undetermined revenge. But the content of the letter raises many questions, and doubts about Eman, her Islamic beliefs and real agenda.


(Note: Czech language level of the letter is generally poor. It sounds like complete desperation or even result of very bad psychic shape, close to collapse, as Eman is known as bright student with very good school grades. However, it’s surprising, how many violent words like “killing” she uses in the letter)

I don’t intend to start my letter with salutation “Al-salam aleykum” (Peace be upon you)…
(=sic. Proper “full” version is AS-salāmu ʿalaykum, so it’s surprising, that an natural Arabic speaker makes such mistake in transcript?)

… but with curse, which I call into heaven every day, with every prayer.

I won’t greet you with “peace” nor “good”, because you are carriers of evil and hatred. I won’t greet you or speak to you as humans, because you simply don’t carry a piece of humanity inside you. This fact can’t be disproved, because of you and because of those, who stand behind you. But please, stop writing the names into the list of victims, which granted a lot of good to me, who granted me freedom, who were tolerant and just to me more, than you. Stop being fear for them!
(=not a single word about Allah, her alleged master)

You try to convince the world, that your war is the war of Muslims against infidels, by killing Muslims in the name of “Muslims” every day in the Islamic states. Sorry (=sic), but about which war are you talking about? How for God’s sake (=sic) you want to explain your “war of Muslims against infidels” to me, if 90% of victims of your terror are Muslims? How will you convince me, that you wage a war against infidels (although no thought of war against infidels exists (?), although what you do can’t be called as war, but as an attack), if you can blow yourself up in the states with 99% of Muslims. You choose markets (=as targets), places with highest concentration of people and mostly mosques – your most favorite place for bomb attacks are mosques. Whose war is that then, please? And against whom? Against humanity and against (=its) values.
(=not a single word about Allah again)

We Muslims were forced to get used to your killing spree, but we can’t sustain killing and haunting of innocent people in our name, in the name of our religion and in the name of our Book (=holy Qur’an). By those innocent people, I mean my European fellow citizens, friends, neighbours etc., and not only Europeans, the whole human kind, which doesn’t accept your barbarian mindset. After any attack you commit, I remember this verse from Qur’an: “If anyone slays a person, it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.” (5:32)
(=there is NO such verse in the Qur’an. Verse 5:32 has completely different meaning, and it’s related to “Children of Israel”= Jews:
“On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a person – unless it be in retaliation for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew all mankind: and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all humanity.”

… and I ask myself, are you even Muslims? This verse is in the Qur’an (=it isn’t), in the book, from which you allegedly extract, haven’t you read this verse? What does “the man” represent for you? For me, it’s every person in the world: Muslim, Christian, Hinduist, atheist, homosexual, etc. So, in what do you believe? What book do you read? Do you know about a statement of the Prophet (=Muhammad, peace be upon him), which says, that it’s better to demolish Kaa’ba, the most sacred stone in the most sacred place of all Muslims, rather than to shed innocent blood? You really don’t know that, although any Muslim knows (?). OK then! Demolish our Kaa’ba, but stop killing!
(=???, the girl seems to be really losing control of her strange ideas here)

You defend your actions with religion all the time, and that you are the right Muslims. All the time, you consider us Muslims, who condemn your thoughts, as renegades and apostates, you are killing us with the worst methods, and you announce “victory of Islam” loudly. What victory do you imagine, if you can blow yourself up in the mosques between hundreds of praying believers? What kind of victory is that, if you committed attack against the most sacred place of Muslims, in the middle of Mecca, during the most sacred month? But mostly, what victory do you imagine, if you tarnish the public image of Muslims all over the world and you present everything out of context, to achieve, what you want?

You made the scream of death from “Allahu Akbar” sentence. You made it from the exact sentence, which I say, and not only me, five times a day during every prayer. Why?

I will never stop to like my best friend, which is a Christian. I won’t ever forget that Jew, who offered his hand to shake with peace. I will never forget the people, who supported me in the hardest moments of my life – by the way, it was mostly atheists. I can’t watch their fear. I have to calm them down and persuade them after any crime of yours, that I am not like you –  a terrorist. I don’t want to see, how children are afraid of me becaue of you. I don’t want your name, I don’t want your deeds.
(=the Qur’an, which she quoted earlier, clearly forbids to take infidels as friends for believers, except purpose of infiltrating their kafir society, but such friendship must be fake and not honest. See verse 3:28:
“Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers. And whoever [of you] does that has nothing with Allah, except when taking precaution against them in prudence. And Allah warns you of Himself, and to Allah is the [final] destination.”)

I will wish Merry Xmas to my friends, although you tried to steal the joy from them. I won’t forget to wish them and give them a present, I won’t forget to sing Xmas songs with them.(=repeated paragraph)

I don’t want to beg you to stop, although I let go my dreams and I feel, that my future is spoiled, every time, when you commit something: in my name.
(=this paragraph sounds really desperate, after all that Eman’s previous righteous anger, denial and hatred? Anyway, Xmas wishes and any act of celebrating them is strictly forbidden for Muslims, as it supports “shirk”, the most serious sin in Islam, denying oneness and uniqueness of Allah)

Now, it may seem, that people are afraid of you, that they are confused and they can do anything for their safety, so they are willing to give up their values, which is your main goal. But believe, that a day will come, which is not so far by the way, when all the sides, professing good, humanity and values will connect right against you: against hatred, against evil! You now very well, how “popular” you are between that 1.6 billion of us – not only 0.01%, or even less?

You should know, that you won’t scare us, by ramming into a crowd with a heavy truck, you are not heroes and you won’t be heroes. You will lose soon and good will win against your evil. The hands of all those, whom you have hurt, and Muslims will connect against you at the first place, and I will be between the first of them.
(=this sounds really bold. Does Eman intend… to hurt somebody? To travel to Syria with a sniper rifle, like Marketa Vselichova, even without state authorization, perhaps? And isn’t such proclamation, which could be translated as threat of physical violence, punishable by infidel penal law, which she defends so much? Her bold female predecessor “fought against terrorists” so long, until she ended in prison, marked as a terrorist herself… and being praised as a hero by people really didn’t help)

My name is Eman, which means “faith”. Always there will be faith inside me, in good people, in justice, in values, humanity, in love and in good. In conclusion, I want to thank you, that you made hell from lives of not only mine, but many Muslim males and females. The same way as I started the letter, with cursing, the same way I am going to finish it now: I am cursing you, I am cursing the superpowers supporting you, who sponsored you or gave you media space to spread fear, I curse everybody, who is standing behind you, and everybody, who is silent about your deeds.
(=this is really powerful juice! It reminds similar incident, when several months ago, a Czech high-profile female opponent of Islam, Klara Samkova, publicly cursed the Turkish ambassador in Czech Republic, and Islam. Is it some kind of fashion between females from both sides, this cursing?)

I didn’t know, what language to use when writing this message, as I can’t find a common speech with you, but maybe my words will reach you.
(=here, if she would be a Muslim indeed, Eman should add “Inshallah” – “if Allah will permit”, as Muslims believe, that Allah has control over everything He created.
Also, notice, that she hadn’t used the word Allah once in her lengthy speech. Why is that?)

Fortunately for Ghaleb’s effort, the letter actually reached the ISIS headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, as contemporary world is without borders, where all distance are only relative, and not only one, but even two different responses arrived back into the Czech Republic. Surprisingly, none of them was violent, none of them contained an explosive attachment, as expected.

The first response, undersigned by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the terrorist leader himself, states:

“Your deep faith made lasting impression on us, sister. We forgive you, with the permission of Allah, that you cursed our Jihad, that you stand against us, as it was your ignorance and lack of real knowledge, which led you to this stance.

We want to remind you, that there is only one Islam. So, if you want to make your own direct opinion about our sacred Jihad, not only from corrupted Western media, then we challenge you, to take an Islamic pilgrimage and to come to visit us at our Caliphate, to discover your home, where you belong as a Muslim, as you will certainly realize.

We greet you with good and peace, sister, as your infidel friends learn you, that evil needs to be replied with good.

See you soon at Raqqa, if Allah will permit. The forward sentries at the perimeter will recognize you and let you in. And the rest is in Allah’s hands.

Peace be upon you.”

The second reply was yet more hilarious, as it was the anti-Islamic movement in Czech Republic, “Blok Proti Islamizaci” (Anti-Islamization Bloc), who published it:

Last week, the most reputated Czech female Muslim Eman Ghaleb wrote a letter to Islamic scholars and mujahedeen. It was the leader of Islamic State Dr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, PhD, who replied her. We managed to obtain his letter and to translate it. Dr. Baghdadi won’t please young Eman too much…

Even if we would wish very much, that Eman’s interpretation of Islam would be true, unfortunately, she is not right, but Dr. Baghdadi Ph.D. is. And he can prove it on exact citations of Qur’an and sunnah (=second key source of Islamic jurisprudence).

Sister Eman!

Our brothers from Czech Republic translated and sent your letter, which you addressed to the Caliphate – Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Your text proves, that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), he was right, when he said about women, that their mind is inferior…

(In his very extensive reply, the terrorist leader patiently explains to Eman, what Islam means, that she denies the whole basics of Islamic faith with her statements, and she is not a Muslim. For example, the final paragraph:

You are not a Muslim, because you write, that you believe in “good people, in justice, hmanity, love and good”. By saying this you pefectly described the world of infidels! If you were a Muslim, you would believe in Allah and His prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Now, Czech people need to make their opinion about the issue:

Is Eman Ghaleb a pure, good, well-integrated, moderate Muslim, which all that state-sponsored NGOs promised, which bring good for the countries, offering them new home? Although these countries are inferior from Arabic angle of view: infidel, corrupted, filthy, decadent, full of sins?
Or, is Eman an elite Islamic operative, playing big deception game against filthy infidels, after she executed hijra into infidel lands?

The Czech Islamic community may seem weak, but it’s not so long time ago, when that highly controversial Christian Mass Incident happened, and it put similar question: was it an act of goodness and mercy, inter-religious support, or aggressive act of projecting Islamic power against Christians, by infiltrating their house of worship like an offensive army of Islam?

Was it an apostasy, or a perfectly executed strike to promote Islam? Should that Islamic commando, led by Romana Cervenkova, be condemned, or appraised?

And it must also be reminded, that the general mindset of Arabic women is really hard to understand and much different from the rest of the world, as Islamic Romance suggests.

The Czech enemies of Islam, BPI, seem to have very clear opinion about Eman. They don’t believe her sweet lies about cursing ISIS. They seem to know Qur’an and sunnah better, than her, which is utmost irony, that in the European space, many opponents of Islam know Islam better, than alleged Muslims.

But maybe it’s the purpose of the ingenious operation: to force enemies of Islam to study Qur’an, to let Islam soak into their filthy skins, so one day, they will simply switch their coats, becoming devoted Muslims, and allies will become from enemies, a perfect “fifth column” will rise.

If that is right, if Eman Ghaleb plays a half-Islamic apostate to provoke the enemies of Islam, if she is willing and able to deny her faith in the name of higher Islamic interest… then she is indeed an inspiring carrier of the message of Allah into infidel lands.

Rise of Czech Islam: Bohemia Belongs To Allah

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