End of Girlish Dreams: Marry an Illuminati, Be a VIP Star

Three generation of modern females, working in Fashion Industry and Czech media celebrities, owners of reputated Woman’s Destiny brand, backed by mighty Chinese and Islamic Saudi Arabia… it all begins in Prague, at famous Parizska street, full of luxury shops, the world of fulfilled dreams, playing big games, and it all ends in the Middle East, in Syria, where the last battle for the family interests will be fought, and maybe all girlish dreams will become the reality.

Jitka Cvancarova

Suzanne: Jitka Cvancarova

Suzanne (40), the oldest of three, but once, she was young and hungry too. Owner of a fashion boutique. Divorced, living in a glamorous villa, she has a daughter, Anna.

Anne (18) was once a romantic student of a high school, reading Prévert’s verses, but an unexpected event in the mountains forced her to become a woman too soon. Converted to Islam secretly. Her daughter Nicole is born to change the world.

Nicole (18 at 2033) is one of the millions young girls, a successful fashion model, but she will prevail between them all. She will survive, anything happens. She will always make the good decision, and that makes her Grandma proud.

This work is written in Czech language. Partially described in English:

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Overview: Divorced Suzanne has a fashion boutique in Parizska street, but she is not too successful, even close to bankruptcy, and her alcohol addiction is getting stronger. Her daughter Anne (18) returns from a holidays in mountains pregnant, but she denies to reveal the identity of the male suspect, so Suzanne starts her own investigation.

After she discovers a clue, she finds, that the potential father is a former soldier, serving in Iraq ten years ago, today a highly positioned business executive in a multinational Wu Corporation with deep ties with China, involved in a high-profile theft of a classified military project, particularly stealing construction plans for advanced U.S. laser weaponry, Avenger, and still a collaborator of Special Forces of the Czech Army, executing the most sensitive and delicate tasks in utmost secrecy, including false flag operations.

Suzanne feels the opportunity to use this situation to her wide benefits, so she approaches the man, discussing options of mutual business, but his company wants to have control, offering her financial support and promotion in China, in exchange for certain special favors. Suzanne tries to push the man against the wall, using his possible paternity, but this decision has serious consequences: she is detained by the police, suspected of being a Chinese Intelligence operative, as the corporate people have very long fingers, and they don’t like to be extorted, to have their worldwide interests in the value of billions of USD jeopardized.

Several years later, when Anne’s daugher Nicole is a cute, shining and bright schoolgirl already, Suzanne’s family is approached by female operatives of the Islamic State, and Anne is persuaded to convert to Islam secretly, together with Nicole, without Suzanne’s knowledge. When Anne finds, that Suzanne keeps a love relationship with (alleged) father of her daugher, even considering marrying him, to reinforce the position of the family, to get more protection and influence, as he is connected to powerful Illuminati as Chinese clandestine operative in their high ranks, she is not pleased.

When Nicole is 18, and she conquers the fashion world as an elite fashion model, she decides for a marriage with a French aristocrat, with 800 years of proven peerage and top Illuminati position, but during the wedding at a French medieval castle, she disappears without a trace. A large search operation is launched, without regards to valid law or state borders, and later, clues are found by Suzanne in her old diary, who could be behind the kidnapping.

Whereas the whole world is searching for her, Nicole does everything necessary to survive in the new environment, helping other kidnapped girls.

Nicole’s (alleged) father and now Suzanne’s husband uses ruthless violence to get the culprit’s name, meeting and interrogating an old terrorist leader he met in Iraq 30 years ago, and using the Chinese military support, he prepares a Special Forces assault on kidnapper’s lair in Syria, lying in the Islamic State controlled territory, but both Chinese and Russians have their own interests there too, and everything comes to a surprising finale, when old links from the distant past will be connected, and buried truth revealed…

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